Wednesday, November 9, 2011

Excerpts from snail mail to Lyndel

Today (Nov 1st) is really cold and really wet. There's SNOW on the mountains and it was sleeting earlier. We got to go to Gym today, I ran a mile and then did some chair dips and an abs work out with all the Sisters in my district. I've never been more hungry than I have at the MTC. There are no snacks. So just 3 meals and I am hungry! The food is scary looking sometimes which makes us settle for salad. We probably burn more calories eating it than what it actually gives us.

My companion is taking a nap and she snores. I have yet to be able to sleep through the night so I'm getting used to not running on much sleep at all. It's stressful here. We don't have any down time and it's always go go go. One of the sisters that I share a room with is in my district and had to go to the hospital last night cause her body is freaking out under all the stress. She said it was weird to drive around in Provo, outside of the MTC. Another sister hasn't been sleeping well either and the second day here she woke up screaming. It's hilarious to reminisce about now, but it's still a serious issue. And then a Sister I don't know fainted outside our room the other day, but that's because of some medication she took. That's all the drama for now :)

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