Monday, April 30, 2012

Excerpt from letter to Lyndel

 Yes, I've been counting down the days till I get to call you all. It seems like I'm the only missionary that knows mothers day was in two weeks from yesterday. It's weird how fast the time flies. I was looking at old journal entries and just laughing my head off at some stories. It feels like they just happened yesterday but they were four months ago. Everything that happens to us is just so funny but I always seem to forget to tell the family everything. I even write stuff down so I'll remember but I still forget some stories. That's why I'm excited to talk to everyone. I can tell you all things I forget all the time and answer questions you all have for me.

   This week we went to ASB and brought nail polish and painted all the old ladies nails. I painted Frau Klugers and I got a fabulous picture with her. There was a man there too who said he wanted his nails painted green so I painted two nails and then he obviously was done with that because he wiped the nail polish all over me to get it off. A bit strange. Sad story though, this fabulous picture of me and Frau Kluger will not be sent home to you because Sister Openshaw accidentally deleted all the pictures on my camera. Luckily it was only from my time in Halberstadt. So all the pictures I have sent home are the only ones I have so please keep and collect them for me.
   So we go door to door or tür zu tür and we get a lot of funny excuses. This week we got, '' I'm not wearing pants'' and ''I have to go to the bathroom!!'' haha :) 
-Ariel Nell

Getting warmer

   This week started at 13°C and we finished at 32.5°C. I actually sweated yesterday!! No one in Germany has air conditioning so you're living like we do. Everyone just leaves their windows open and usually sit around in their underwear. It makes for interesting contacting when we go door to door. This week we had someone answer their door and say that they weren't wearing pants and another older lady answered and said she had to go to the bathroom and then shut the door again. Its too funny :) We got the bikes fixed on Monday and were able to pick them up on Wednesday. We've been riding them ever since and it is fabulous! I love riding bikes.

   We had probably the best lesson we've ever had with XXXX this past week. We taught the Word of Wisdom and Law of Chastity. We began by talking about a picture of the temple and what we would do to it, such as drawing graffiti on it or smoking inside. And then asked how our bodies were like temples and he sat there and thought for a minute and then goes, "Because it's Holy!" It was so neat to watch his understanding for a commandment go to a deeper spiritual level. He was really able to apply the concepts to his life and was really open with us. It was great! Frau XXXX is in Alma now. She told us she only got to listen to one CD last week. She has no idea that she is doing far more than most people. It's wonderful. Her face was so precious as we read to her 2 Nephi 2. She loved it!

  We get fed every Friday by Schwester Munke because she loves us and every Sunday their are five members that rotate feeding us for lunch. Dinner is not a big meal in Germany plus we just don't eat dinner in our mission so that we can get more work done.

  You said that you feel like you are receiving blessings because of me. How? Missionaries talk about all the time how their families are being blessed by their service. I just think you guys are wonderful, I think you are just seeing the blessings more because I'm gone maybe. What do you think?

   We went to ASB and painted the old ladies finger nails and they loved it! One old lady asked me how much she needed to pay me and I told her it was a gift. She was just too cute!

    We had 6 investigators to church and 2 kids. It was so wonderful having so many people at church. The ward was so very excited. Sister Openshaw and I bought some small candies for the kids that came and photo copied some coloring pages for them during the sacrament. I love talking to kids in German. They are non-judgmental and just love us for talking and being interested in them.

Have a wonderful day and I can't wait to talk to you in 13 DAYS!!!! I'm not counting or anything ;)
(Ariel gets to call home twice a year - Mother's Day and Christmas. We are very excited to hear from her)

-Ariel Nell

View from my desk

Hey, voice memo for you!

Ariel's response to Andre's voice memo

Work is going well. We had 6 investigators at church on sunday plus two little kids. We basically doubled the ward and it was fabulous! Its kind of hard juggling everyone around but our ward is really wonderful at helping us in our work.All our appointments pretty much fell out this week. That always stinks but we have 7 progressing investigators so we have more time for them then. This week we have a lot of finding time so we're hoping that we will be able to find some new people who are interested in learning too. We got the bikes fixed and have been riding them around like crazy. i just LOVE it! excep bugs keep hitting my face as i ride. I need to make sure i ride with my mouth closed otherwise I will get an unpleasant treat sometime.

   Did you ever have eating appointments that just wasn't yummy? Sometimes I think I'm getting blessed just for the things we have to eat at peoples houses. Germans really like quark. Its just the bacteria from milk that is in a yogurty form but not yogurt. Anyways, the FDA does not approve of it and its illegal to sell in america from what we've heard and we eat it all the time at peoples houses here. 

Tuesday, April 24, 2012

A German, Sebastian Vettel, won the Formula 1 race today...yo​ur fellow German's should be proud!

Excerpt from Ariel's email to Andre

 I am doing fabulous! The weather is still cold and very rainy the past couple of days. We have been very blessed that every time it down pours we are inside. Every time we go out and see people soaked through but we're very dry :) Our investigators are doing well. We have a small family that is progressing and we just found the grandmother from this family yesterday. Hopefully we can bring them all to the church. Most investigators seem to have something they have to over come. We were supposed to have 9 investigators at church yesterday and two came. I am grateful that  the two came but I just feel like someone broke up with me. Sister Openshaw wants to text everyone who didn't come Mormon 6:17-20. Not really, but we would like to.
    Our schedule is going to be super busy this week! So tomorrow here is our schedule: 8 am personal study, 9 am comp study, 10:30 Schwester Mußmann, drive to Thale, 12 Holgar, finding in Thale from 13-15:30, drive to Halberstadt, 16 FHE for the ward, 17:30 Frau B and Frau B, 18:45 Herr S, 20 Language study.
    Our bathroom has our washer in it. We have a normal shower but it never drains so you're usually standing in a pool of water by the end. I think we have a water heater, I have no idea. Our sink in the bathroom usually has colder water than the faucet in the kitchen so we fill up our water bottles in the bathroom. We have a toilet and a heater in the bathroom and that's it. Pretty normal :)
   I'm starting to be missionary tired. You know where you go and go and go all the time so when you sit down for a few seconds you could pass out? Always tired. I've got lovely bags under my eyes all the time.
    Let me know how the Hawks, Les Mis, and the Symphony goes! I am quite jealous of you two! Love you! Thanks for the email and I can't wait to talk to you on mothers day!
-Ariel Nell

Monday, April 23, 2012


   Sounds like everyone had a busy week! Dad, I really liked that quote you sent from Elder Hallstrom too. We actually played his talk for a family home evening spiritual thought. There were a few members that really stood out to me that this talk would be good for them to hear. I think activity in the church is something we tend to have more often than activity in the gospel. Sometimes I feel people are converted to the church and over time to the gospel. Our job is to help them do both.

   So XXXX is 16 and the son of Thomas who was baptized a year ago in June I think. They have an interesting relationship. The father doesn't want to push his son to do anything because he says his son can choose for himself, which is true. But it is important for a parent to show their children what is important to them so that it can be important to their kids. The father was raised in an orphanage and so has no experience being raised by parents. The son, XXXX, was supposed to come to church yesterday but didn't because he was tired and wanted to keep sleeping. We were supposed to have 9 investigators to church yesterday. All were 100% committed and one by one they all cancelled or just didn't show up. My heart was very broken yesterday. It is the saddest thing for people not to keep their commitments.
   Frau XXXX is wonderful. I tried buying her flowers before our lesson on Saturday. But all the shops shut at 12pm. How was I supposed to know? And why do they all shut at noon? So on our way there I picked two tulips, making sure no one was watching, and then continued to her apartment. When we got there we asked her how she was doing. She said," How is a person supposed to be doing when they're blind?" I told her wonderful because I brought her flowers. Then her attitude completely changed and she was much happier. We read with her 1Nephi 15-20. Almost done with 1 Nephi. She loves the Book of Mormon. We invited her to church and she said she was not ready. That's fine. We want her to feel very comfortable. She used to be able to see and it seems something happened and now she is blind. I'm afraid someone may have attacked her. She has a lot of scars and scar tissue on her face. She is a lovely woman and always says ''thank your for the flowers'' when we give her a complement so that was another reason we wanted to give her flowers.
    Mum, So I took your idea about blowing bubbles with that talk from conference and we bought our FHE group bubbles and did it as well. It was a hit and so fun to watch all these older members remembering what it was like to have fun as a kid. I'll attach some pictures from it. When we went grocery shopping last Monday, I found the ''Spirit of Georgia'' in Germany. It was funny :) We have an investigator XXX, who said I was Amish because I wear a black coat. Ha! Bruder Schwabe explained to us that in the DDR a pair of pants cost 200 marks and a coat was 400. So you only bought a new pair of pants every 15 years or so. Thats just crazy! It's interesting to learn about everyones life under the DDR. Schwester Munke said she didn't get a telephone until 1990.
  Oh! Transfer calls were this week and I am staying in Halberstadt with Sister Openshaw until at least June now. This next transfer ends June 3rd. We are both so very excited and so is the ward! I'm hoping I can stay maybe two more transfers so that I'll get to see two of our investigators be baptized. The work in Halberstadt is booming! This next week is just full of appointments. A lot of them are new ones too! We're really excited to see what happens :)
   I love you all and am grateful everyday for the support you offer me
-Ariel Nell
The Spirit of Georgia

A close up of The Spirit of Georgia

Me and Thomas blowing bubbles

Me in my new Easter blue dress! Thank you :)

Chilly Spring Time

Email to Lyndel

  It's the little things in life that make us happy! I got your photo album this week! It came on the 20th, a month after you sent it! I'm not sure why it takes forever for things to get here. Letters can take anywhere from 4-7 days but packages is like getting a bomb in. So the way the mail system works here, if you get a package they'll leave you a note and tell you which post to go to. In Halberstadt we only have one post to go to. Anyways I got the slip that I got your package on Friday and we ran to the post only for the lady to tell me she had no package in the computer for my street which probably means the truck hadn't come back yet. So Saturday morning we go and the same lady says the package isn't in the system so then she actually goes to look for it and then finds it in the letters section. Silly post lady, packages are for me! Anyways, Sister Openshaw and I enjoyed reading all the commentary to the pictures and looking at them on our lunch break in Thale. Sister Openshaw loves the chandelier in the dining room. She says if you're going to throw it away she'd be more than happy to take it :)
   All the old ladies at ASB still are sick so no picture of Frau Kluger, good news is that I am staying in Halberstadt until at least June 3rd ( the end of this next transfer) and I'm staying with sister Openshaw. We are both very excited and so is the ward. Because the ward is so small transfer of missionaries is like someone is dying. They get really sad and it throws everyone off for a bit. Since our ladies weren't there we went to the other floor and played a German "Sorry" game with these two really fast ladies. It was hard to play with them they played so fast! And I felt dumb for having to count spaces because they could quickly move their pieces to the right spot. I tried doing that a few times but I usually counted wrong, oh well :)
   We had a branch activity this past Wednesday. It was games night and it went really well. We played soccer outside on the side of our building afterwards. It was so much fun. And I'm pretty good in a skirt! My shoe went flying with the ball at one point though and hit a member in the face. Oops! 
   Well I love you! Have a wonderful week! I love getting your emails and hearing all the random things you've been up to. This next Thursday I'll be down to a year. Crazy how time flies huh?

-Ariel Nell

Tuesday, April 17, 2012

Happy Tax Day!

Excerpt from Ariel's email to Andre!
You know, I knew there was something special about yesterday but I couldn't remember what it was. Thanks for reminding me :)

This week we had zone conference in Hannover. From there we did exchanges and I went to Bremerhaven. I tried contacting this old couple on the street who were driving those scooters that people can drive in Walmart when they can't walk. Well the lady stopped and then kept going but her husband just blew his horn a bunch of times and kept driving off. It was super funny. Like, I can't hear you, my horn is going off...

Then yesterday we went to Hannover again for Stake conference. It was so lovely to see all the members from Celle. They remembered me! So nice :) Sister Stewart, or Priscilla, came back to visit since she is still in Germany for a bit before she heads back to the states. It was so exciting to talk to her again and see her.

So driving betweent Niedersachsen and Sachsen-Anhalt there are signs separating the two states. Well when entering the Niedersachsen side it says, ''Niedersachsen, immer eine gute idee'' (Lower saxon, always a good idea). Sister Openshaw and I have been collecting things that are always a good idea, like cereal. Well, a member told us this past week she lost her false teeth in her Bra, immer eine gute idee (always a good idea) :)

Monday, April 16, 2012

Hello there!

I got the most hilarious picture for Schwester Mußmann. She is the one who gets bent out of shape playing  the game, Uno. The ASB ladies all had diarrhea so we weren't allowed to visit them :( Schwester Munke told us she didn't get a phone for her home until 1990, crazy communism. She also didn't have colored pictures until then. It's crazy what they lived with under the DDR.

  I saw a lady in church whip out  fan and fan herself for all of the meeting. I thought to myself, "Menopause is in Germany too!" We're in the process of cleaning out our area book. I've attached a picture of the mess. 
   We set a baptismal date this week for August with XXXX. He is 16 and the son of a member that joined the church a year ago. We are really excited and hope that we can prepare him to be a missionary too! Then he'll be the first one from our little branch. 
   We have to drive to Hannover tomorrow to get our tires changed. I'm getting tired of driving but luckily we found a Disney CD in our car so that helps to sing along to to stay awake. :) Thanks for picking out the dresses with Mum for me! I've gotten into wearing little belts with my skirts and i'ts quite fun. I like the belt with the dress. Very Snazzy!
-Ariel Nell

Mess from cleaning out our Area book

Schwester Mußmann


Hi ya!
   The baptism of that man in the ward sounds awesome. I am so glad that the Aspers and the Goldens both were there to support him. It will help him a lot to be always surrounded by those who support him. Speaking of baptisms, Sister Openshaw and I set a baptismal date with XXXX , XXX (who has been a member for almost a year) son. That's the first baptismal date I've set on the mission! It is for August and Sister Openshaw and I are hoping that we can then help him to prepare for a mission and then be the first missionary from the Halberstadt Branch. I am so excited for him and to turn this little family into a gospel family. XXXX is a little worried about his father staying active but we told him it was up to him to set the example and raise his family in the gospel. I think it will be a great way for the two to come closer together.

   We almost set another date for baptism with Frau XXXX on Saturday. We were talking about prophets and she said it made complete sense to have prophets today because God is the same yesterday, today, and forever. We then taught her about Joseph Smith and the Restoration. When she learned that we have the restored preisthood authority of the earth she shouted ''Pries den Herrn'' (praise the Lord) and Halelujah, and Woo-hoo!! I agree Mum, everyone should have those kind of reactions to the gospel. Why don't they? This is the true church, we have the restored priesthood. Man, I'm right there with Frau XXXX saying ''Pries den Herrn''. Frau XXXX even told us the baptismal prayer and motioned with her hands of having the arm raised and then the person going in the water. It was so amazing! We then invited her to be baptized when she felt that everything that she learns is true. Then the tables turned. She got really upset and told us we needed to try being blind for 8 hours and try crossing a street. She thinks she needs to be healed of her blindness to be baptized so she can see it. It was so painful to hear her say these things and not understand us. She told us the Book of Mormon is important  and she wants to finish reading it before she makes a decision (she has listened all the way up to Alma by the way). I tried to help her know that she isn't blind spiritually and because she isn't she is more recepive to the spirit and to recognize truth. We have a lesson with her today so hopefully it goes a little better.

  I don't have any callings in my ward. I didn't have any in Celle either. As missionaries we really just fill in the void where ever they need it. We do a lot for the ward though since thats our job. Before Sunday School we always give a spiritual thought, every Tuesday we hold FHE, and if there isn't the normal pianist I play. On Sunday I have to give a talk, uh oh! I better get started!

   I did get the parcel on Thursday! Thank you so much for the dresses and the pillow case and the peeps and the pero! I get excited every night to sleep on my Easter pillow case. I wore the blue dress twice already, and the black one to Church yesterday. I'm going to take some of the peeps to XXXX this evening because he loves anything american :)

 The motherland is wonderfully cold. They say its spring time here but I think its a conspiracy theory. I was at a members house this past week and saw Spongebob in German. It was hilarious! Squidward sounds really weird.

      Dad ,Thanks for completmenting the Sister missionaries in your ward :) President always says at zone conference that the elders can sit on the front row when they do as much work as the sisters, ha! Really, we all do the same amount of work.

         Sister Openshaw and I are getting on lovingly. She makes me laugh a lot. This week I was crying because I was laughing so hard. That's always fun. Transfer call is this Saturday and we are convinced we will stay here until we both have to go home. I love this ward and all the silly people. The members love us dearly and look out for us all the time. XXXXX always prays for us and our families. This past week we had a Tausch. I went to Bremerhaven which is right on the west coast of Germany. I didn't get to see the ocean but I did see a giant huge cargo boat. It was interesting working in the west again and being able to make out new appointments like if you just asked someone if they breathe oxygen, Yes! I stopped one man on the street and talked to him. He was not interested so I gave him our card. He took it, tore it in half, and then threw it on the ground an kept walking. I told him to have a good day. It definitely was a sting to my heart to watch that and then I thought, I got 2000 more cards where that came from, no worries! :)

 -Ariel Nell
Me eating a bratwurst und brötchen in Innenstadt. It's only 1,60 euros

Our TaufTermin (Translated text says: There are new baptism dates in Halberstadt (Sisters) and Groitzsch. We see miracles...)

Zone Conference in Hanover

Monday, April 9, 2012


It snowed here on Saturday and was 3 degrees on Friday. I just want the sun to shine and the wind to stop. One day. There is a German phrase that goes,''April, tut was es will'', which means April just does what it wants. The members were explaining to us that the weather in April is always crazy but in May it will/should be warm :)

  I kinda missed the normal Easter Sunday here but because we weren't able to watch the last session of General Conference, they show it the week after so that's what we did yesterday. They give us the sacrament and then we watch conference. I think that's the way we should do it at home too :)

   The Easter package hasn't arrived yet but because of the holiday everything was shut on Friday and Monday so it's all a bit behind. I will let you know when I get the package and thanks for sending one!! :) 

 I found a lot of the conference talks spoke about families. It made me realize just how hard Satan is working to rip apart the family and to lead the world in sin. It also made me wonder what is going on in the outside world right now to trigger all those topics. It is so weird to not know the news that is going on and all sorts of things. It's very disconnecting. I guess that's the point, duh. The inspiration I received was mostly how I need to raise my children, what kind of mother I want to be, and what investigator needs to hear what talk. I really enjoyed Donald L. Hallstroms talk. He talked about how you can be active in the gospel and in the church. That there is a difference. I feel like I see that a lot. It just clicked in my mind and I enjoyed his call to be converted to the gospel. Elder Christoffersons was very interesting I thought. I like that he said the prophet is only prophet when he is acting as prophet. It just shows that the Lord can help you magnify your calling when you feel in adequate. I really enjoyed Elder Eyrings about blessings from adversity. We definitely all need to be looking at our life experiences as blessings instead of trials.And last I really enjoyed Elder Perrys talk. His was in the last session and so we watched it in German. It's hard to listen to conference when it is dubbed because you can still hear the English but also the German talking over it. I have to work really hard to focus on the German, my mind naturally wants to go to English but then you can't hear all of the talk. Anyways, I saw that the Lord really helped me to prepare to hear his talk because on Saturday we just taught a lesson using Mosiah 24 and I had just read bits of Mosiah 20. If I hadn't done those things I would not have gotten the same message. It was just a neat blessing to recognize and I was very grateful that the Lord prepared me. 

  Well news from me this week, I killed a bird driving on the autobahn to Braunschweig. It just ran into the front of the car as I was driving and there was a small thud and then when we got out there were some feathers attached to the front. I felt really bad :( I couldn't do anything though. I got my visa two weeks ago and so this past week I got to Anmeld, register, in Halberstadt. Now I'm official :) We met up with Herr XXXX this week and watched three different conference talks with him since he wasn't able to make it to conference last week. The last talk we watched was President Monson. Herr XXXX said about President Monson, ''Er muss ein Prophet sein!'' (he must be a prophet!) How cool is that!!! It was so amazing to feel the spirit in the room and to hear his testimony of President Monson, and that was the first time he ever got to see him live or hear him speak. It was really amazing. 

   Bruder Lau told me this past week that there is a concentration camp that is located maybe 10 minutes outside of Halberstadt. Its called Langenstein. I believe, if I read his book correctly, 10,000 Halberstadters were held in that camp and a lot went to Auschwitz too. Yesterday was the anniversary of Halberstadt being bombed and 82% of it being destroyed. Sister Openshaw and I found the remnants of a Hugonot church this past week. It was ruined during the bombing but they keep the one remaining wall standing. 

  Teaching Frau XXXX this week was amazing. She gets so into the story of the Book of Mormon and gets so angry with Laman and Lemuel. Whenever they do something bad she curses and goes, 'Nein, nein, nein!'' If only everyone could recognize the blessings of keep the commandments like she does. She is a wonderful example to me. 

   I found out Saturday night that a man I taught in Celle died. That was really sad news to receive and I've been thinking about him lots. At least we were able to start him on the path of understanding the gospel. 
-Ariel Nell
How they sell corn here

The Hugonot church

Me in front of the Wernigerode Rathaus

Hi there!

Ariel's letter to Lyndel
 Easter is huge here! Everyone gets a week out of school and then everyone gets off work Friday and Monday. Friday is called K Freitag for kruez (cross friday). And Monday, today, is easter Monday. We've been asking lots of people why they celebrate on Monday and no one can seem to tell us. Everyone puts out vases full of cherry blossom branches on their tables and then  decorates them with the Easter egg ornaments. Also, if people have plants or trees, or bushes outside they will hang eggs from them too, kind of like the Christmas ornaments Mum does on our trees in the front yard for Christmas. I took a picture of one for you. Today we have an eating appointment with a member to eat Falsches Hasen ( or fake rabbit). I really do hope its fake. It's some type of meatloaf is what we have understood.

  I saw Frau Kluger just as we were leaving Friday. She had gotten her hair cut and was wearing a fat huge orange necklace just like Nana would wear. I'll try and get a picture of her this week.

  Yesterday we decided to bake cookies and makes little Easter cards and drop them off by all the less active members in our ward who still allow contact. It was really successful and we were able to make out a lot of new appointments with less actives. One of the people is a man that works at the old people home we serve at every Friday where Frau Kluger lives. Small world! Hopefully we can help people get excited about coming to church. We had two investigators and a less active at church on Sunday. I can't begin to explain just how much of a difference that makes!


Happy Easter!

Ariel's explanation of Easter in Germany to Andre

In Germany the Easter tradition is everything is shut on Friday and Monday but open on Saturday and Sunday. We're having Falsches Hasen today for Mittags which translates to fake rabbit. I really hope it is. Whatever it is, it is served in a meatloaf style. They decorate little bushes with eggs and usually the all have to do intense home cleaning to prepare for Easter. The kids do Easter egg hunts and I think sometimes they get baskets left outside of their doors filled with yummy treats. A lot of people celebrate Easter but don't believe in God. They don't seem to recognize that their whole lives revolve around Jesus Christ. Why do they clean before Easter? Who made us clean? Why do they have work off Friday? The strange thing is, on Sunday things are open this past weekend when normally nothing is open on Sunday. No one seems to be able to tell us why they celebrate Easter Monday. Someone said it was to be like America? I'm not sure.

Monday, April 2, 2012

General Conference

Excerts from Ariel's email to Andre

I got to watch conference in English, and Elders Uchtdorf'ss talk is not spoken by him in German it is someone else translating. I loved conference. It was such a great refresher and edifying experience to have after being the one who teaches all the time. I love to get taught!

Lyndel sent me a picture of the four of you after the color run. Ya'll look beautiful! Such a colorful family :)

This past week was really busy and there wasn't much time for finding. I am hoping we can find some new people this week who are interested in learning and who we can bring into this small branch to help support and strengthen everyone.

Have you ever read the talk, ''Lessons learned at liberty jail?'' Its by Elder Holland. Look it up some time if you never had. Our district leader spoke about this talk this past week and how we need to continue in the hope of our callings so that we can be the most successful. Its a wonderful talk.

Excerpt from letter to Lyndel

     This week I learned lots of things. First winter hasn't ended. Even though we get to go a week with no tights or coats or sweaters and even start sweating a little winter is still here and it snowed a little yesterday. Nice huh? Second, no matter how long your skirt is the wind will still manage to make you immodest. There has been like gale force winds this past week and no matter what we were wearing the wind would get under it some how. I had to pull out my Michelin man jacket again to keep warm. The third thing I learned, is that when you have two eating appointments in one day that's called you're a saint. Man talk about a food baby. Normally, Germans like you to eat when everything is gone on your plate and then a little more but our first appointment the plates were so huge the member told us we could just eat until we were full. Thats probably the nicest thing I have heard!
   General Conference was amazing! We will see the last session next Sunday during church. I LOVED Uchtdorfs talk as well. just Stop It! Too cute :)
  On Tuesday we go to Schwester XXXXX house and teach her temple prep. This past Tuesday when we went in she had a German version of like Little House on the Prairie on TV. It was hilarious. The pub lady in her typical German durdril was asked by the scruffy man if he could come over to her house that evening. It was really funny. 
Love you,
Ariel Nell