Tuesday, November 8, 2011

MTC - Week Two

Hey family!!!
So I thought I’d share some odd or funny stories that have happened so far while I’ve been here. Let’s start with the first day. So as soon as you run around and get registered and meet your district they hold this huge welcome meeting for all the new missionaries. There were, I think, 450 missionaries that came in the same day I did. I've been told 300-600 missionaries come in and go out every Wednesday. Anyways, the MTC president, President Brown asked for all the sisters to stand, so we did, and then he asked for all the sisters to stand who left boyfriends back home.....and it was me and one other sister. There were 450 pairs of eyes staring at us and all the Elders start making noises like booing coming from Death Valley when the Refs make bad calls against LSU. Needless to say I was beet-red in the face. Welcome to the MTC, we're going to call you out!
   On Saturday mornings we do our service projects and Sister Noyes and I were assigned to clean the bathrooms on the 5th floor of a building here. We were doing our last three bathrooms when an Elder began to walk into the Men’s restroom. I told him someone was in there and we were almost done. Then he asked if he could use the Women’s restroom and again I told him we were almost done if he wouldn't mind waiting a bit. He goes, "COULD YOU JUST WAIT LIKE 30 SECONDS SO I CAN GO TO THE BATHROOM!!!!" Crazy Elder couldn't seem to hold it. He ended up walking away with him companion. Sister Noyes and I think he's crazy.
   Sister Noyes had to go to the doctors for a check-up this week and I have to say it was the best experience of my life here. In the doctor’s office they have a "companion waiting room" and guess what’s in there??!!! PUZZLES!!! So I got to sit and do puzzles as I waited for Sister Noyes to return. When she was done I told her to go back in because I wasn't done with the puzzle. I was working on a Lake Powell puzzle. It wasn't very pretty but it was a puzzle :)
    Mumma! Thanks for the new cardigan. I wore it the next day with the Anthropologie skirt that Dad gave me for my birthday. The Sister missionaries asked if you made that skirt too, as most of my fun things you have made, and I explained that Dad bought it for me for my birthday. So be proud Dad! All the Sisters complained and said that if their Dads picked out a skirt for them it would be a hideous brown tarp! Ha ha.
On Saturday I thought I would set my alarm for 6 instead of 6:30 am so that I could get up a little earlier to make my hair look nice for Sunday. Sunday morning I woke up at 6:00am and got to spend the 30 minutes in the bathroom all to myself without a bajillion sisters running in and out. I went back into our room and another Sister told me that it was daylight savings so it’s actually 5 in the morning! So with the intention of looking nice on Sunday I missed out on another hour of sleep, oh well :)
   This week has been downhill as far as my health is concerned. I have a head cold that makes me sneeze like there’s no tomorrow, have lots of snot in my nose, not sleep (which isn't anything too new) and this morning I woke up really nauseous. Good thing its P-day so I don't have to sit in lots of classes. I'm hoping I'll be able to catch a nap at some point today. Last night we had a fireside from a man who is an attorney for the church. He talked about how the Lord has a hand in really getting the missionaries into all the countries they need to. He showed lots of graphs. One explained that 70% of the countries in the world do not allow religious freedom. That’s crazy! It was nice to hear a talk from a different kind of perspective than gospel lessons all the time.
   On Thursday my district got to meet Marcel (our investigator) as Bruder Pederson (our teacher). It was kind of like meeting a celebrity. It’s funny to see him laugh and joke around when in our lessons he rarely gave input and was so down it was just depressing to teach him! Today Bruder Hill, our other instructor, will be playing 5 different investigators and we will be practicing door approaches. We'll see how this goes! We got 5 minutes to see if we can set up an appointment to meet with them.
  (Ariel was told about the LSU football game that happened over the weekend) Andre, what the heck! How does no team score a touchdown and it be a good game? What was the score?? And yes the Elders are impressed when I say I go to LSU. I think they're jealous ;) So what is going to happen next with them? Will they go on to the championships??
Eli, you've got a letter coming so look for it sometime this week! Mail takes a ridiculous long time to come and go from here but know it’s out there :) Well meine Familie! Ich habe Sie alle lieb und Ich bin sehr dankbar for ihnen! Thanks for all your love :) Be good and have fun!! Catch me up on everything!
Love you,
Ariel Nell

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