Monday, August 27, 2012

What was that flying past?

Hey Mumma,
I loved your busy week.

   Transfer call on Saturday: Sister Tidwell and I are both staying. The next transfer call is on Andre's birthday. By that time I will have been here for 9 months. Crazy Huh? The ward was really excited to know that I will be staying and they all had a good laugh over how long I've been here. I'm grateful that Sister Tidwell and I get to be together as she makes me laugh everyday and helps me to see the many little miracles in our lives each day. I love working with her and being her companion.

    This past week we got into contact with XXXXXX again. He is out of the hospital. He said he had too much protein in his pee so that's why he went to the hospital. We set a new baptismal date for September XX because he started smoking again when he came out of the hospital. He was stressed that we weren't able to get in contact with him while he was gone but come to find out we had the wrong cell phone number. He got a new one and forgot to tell us. He is very excited to be baptized and is really looking forward to it! As am I! We contacted a lot of old investigators from years ago and were able to make out three new appointments with them. We will be meeting with them this week so it'll be good to see if we can help them progress. One had a baptismal date and then seemed to have gotten scared and dropped the missionaries all together.

   We heart attacked Schwester Mußmann this week with hearts in her mail box. It was amazing to see how a few words of kindness can change a whole persons attitude. Do you have any ideas what I can get Andre for his birthday? I'm not sure what to get a married man with a house. He seems so grown up now.

   For FHE we talked about Helaman and the 2000 strippling warriors and how because of their faith they were able to fight with the Lord on their side. We made Shields of Faith and Schwester Mußmann drew a picture of the temple on hers. I thought that was really appropriate. The temple should be our shield of faith and should help us strengthen our shield each time we go.

  I hope this week at school isn't too stressful. I love you very much and I am so grateful for your love and support Mumma. Have a great next week.

-Ariel Nell

Schwester Mußmann and her shield

Sister Tidwell and Bruder Lau

Me and Schwester Mußmann working

Hello from Dad August 26 2012

Hey Dad,
 That's crazy that the Sister Missionaries were moved from the area. The Elders will do just as good of a job. I hope the ward will come to love and appreciate them too. How is it having all the youth firesides? Do you like switching between our house and the Fishers? Do you get to visit young men and young womens a lot or no?
   We found out this week that we will have a ''zone training meeting'' on the 4th and I'm not sure if we all have to go or not. So if the package gets to Berlin by that time and we all have to go then I'll get the first package. Otherwise you can send the second. Its up to you. Transfer call was Saturday and Sister Tidwell and I will both be staying in Halberstadt. I will have been here for 9 months at the end of this transfer. That's half my mission! The Lord certainly needed me here. I'm grateful to get to stay and to continue working with the people I love so much and care for everyday. 
   It's neat that your ward council jumps on ideas to serve so very quickly. Sometimes I wonder what it would be like to be a missionary in Georgia in our ward. It just seems like it would be too easy to get joint teaches or help or service assignments. It's a blessing that the ward is so big in Atlanta. Let me know how the food storage program goes with the church across from Brook Run.
   How have you been getting people to rate you (with stained glass)? Are you on Angies list or something similiar to that? Dad, you're doing such a great job at being bishop. I wish I could have seen you your first time around. I love how proactive you are and how your jump up to the plate to do the Lords work. You have no inhibitions and that's what the Lord likes!
  I can't believe how HUGE Eli is. I left him and he was just barely as tall as Mum and now he is TALLER than her, by at least a head! I also love that his teams colors are purple and gold. I'm a fan :) Has he started playing any games yet? Is he still loving practices?
   So this past week we sat down and tried to figure out how we could help a lot of our ward members. It seemed that a few of them were on the brink of inactivity. So Tuesday Sister Tidwell and I made hearts and wrote all the things we loved about a member, XXXXX, on them and put them in her briefcasten or mailbox. She originially wasn't going to come to FHE that afternoon but she walked in the blazing heat and was SOOOO Happy. It showed us that by helping others see their divine character and letting the feel the love from their Heavenly Father that the message of the gospel can change anyones opinion. At the end of everyone appointment we ask if there is anything we can do for our investigators or members. There was one who we knew he needed something but he just kept saying everything was fine and he didn't need anything. Well Friday we got a call and he said that he really did need help and we were able to help him. It's interesting how for some people asking for help is like getting a root canal. The Lord doesn't expect any of his children to go without and thats why he has servants on the earth. We should take advantage of their services and allow them to fulfill their callings by asking for help when we need it. 
   Sister Tidwell and I were doing doors earlier this week and this 4 year old girl had eyed us and then came over and asked us what we were doing and why we were klingeling everyone. She invited herself along to door people and even pushed the doorbell for some. It was cute to talk to her. Her grandma wasn't too happy when we door into her nor did she have interest. :)
   Well I hope you have a fabulous week Dad. Thanks for your thoughts. I haven't been able to read them yet, but I printed them out. Thanks for the pictures! Love you!
-Ariel Nell

Hi gorgeous girl

 You are too funny. That's really neat that you're now working on the coca-cola account. What do you guys do for them? Do you just do advertising for them in Atlanta for all your clients or all around the country and world? I'm glad you got a fabulous yellow rain coat. I'm excited to see it! Rain coats are a great invention but they don't work when riding a bike. I learned that in Celle.
  The investigators are doing okay. We got into contact with XXXXXX this past week and that was awesome! He is out of the hospital and turned out we had the wrong cell phone number because he got a new number and forgot to tell us. He was really upset about that but we told him it was okay. We set a new baptismal date for September 23rd. I'm excited and so is he so keep him in your prayers please!
  Yeah the Anthro skirt is AMAZING! Thanks so much for it.  I thought the hand sanitizer was like my Big Fat Greek wedding too. It made us laugh so hard. Yeah, Elder Ott had an ingrown toe nail that went crazy and had to get an 8th of his toe removed. So the same thing as Andre just not as bad. The other Elder said he wrote a return angry Epistle. We're excited to get it on Wednesday at district meeting. Its sad the humor we have on the mission but it makes us laugh so that's all that matters.

   I didn't get transferred this Saturday. I'm staying in Halberstadt for another transfer. Yes, I did set a record for the mission for being the longest in one area. I think there was an Elder years before me who stayed in Halberstadt 9 months as well. The Lord definitely needs me here and I'm grateful to be able to keep serving with Sister Tidwell. She is so wonderful and we work well together. The next transfer call is Andres birthday and then My year mark is like two weeks later. Is that just crazy or what?
   I sent your birthday package last Monday. The pens are for Bryan, I didn't have a sticky note with me when I sent it to tell you that. I hope you love your gift! Now I'm stuck trying to figure out what to get Andre. What do you get a married man for his birthday?
   The weather started off hott at the beginning of the week and its cooler now. Fall should be starting soon. I'm in tights so its cool enough for that. No coats yet luckily. No we don't ever get conned into watching TV at members houses unless it's the Testaments, the Restoration, or Finding Faith in Christ films. 
    This week for FHE we taught about Helemans 2000 strippling warriors and how they fought with shields of faith metaphorically speaking and then we cut up a cardboard box in the shape of shields and covered them in aluminum foil and then drew on them things that represented our faith. Sister tidwell drew the Halberstadt shield and then wrote WWJT "Was würde Jesus Tun" or "What Would Jesus Do" in German. It was a fun activity and our old people enjoyed it. 
    Have a great week Lyndel. I love you very much and I'm so grateful that you are my Sister! Thanks for everything Lyndel. Love you.
-Ariel Nell

Me this past week

Sister Tidwell's shield

Don't Worry Be Happy!!! :-) hope you enjoy my singing!

Excerpt from Ariel's email to Andre
I love that Matt wore a sear sucker suit. Way to go! :)
Awww I'm so proud you didn't get kicked out of the game and that you scored a goal!
Whats the name of the hurricane thats coming in?
  We got into contact with XXXXX! So I think on tuesday I just decided to try calling XXXXX one more time and I tried his house phone. XXXX, his wife picked up and handed the phone to XXXXX. He is doing really well, had just gotten out of the hospital and was upset that we couldn't get in contact with him while he was in the hospital. We found out that he got a new cell phone number and forgot to tell us so we made sure to get the new one. We set a new baptismal date for September 23. He was so stressed with no contact with us and having to miss his baptismal date and going to the hospital that he started smoking again. He is only at 15 a day again so thats good. Thats why the new date is a little ways off. 
I am sleeping better, not like a pro but much better, like actually getting some rest. Being senior companion is a little different, especially that Sister Tidwell looks to me for a lot. I try to get her imput on all that we do so that there is not such a divide of who is senior and who is junior. I think the most stressfull thing is deciding what to do when appointments fall out. Sometimes its hard to see what would be the most productive activity with our time. 
    I did ride a short bus :) Sister Tidwell is dying laughing. I hadn't told her I rode a short bus. She said thanks for sharing that story so she could hear it. 
Thanks for singing to me andre, you're funny :)
   There wasn't anything too crazy or exciting this week. We did have transfer calls and Sister Tidwell and I are both staying in Halberstadt. I've set a record for the mission of being in an area the longest and by the end of this next transfer it will be 9 months. Thats so crazy to me but I'm so grateful to stay. These people and this area mean a lot to me and I need Sister Tidwell. Our next transfer call will be on your birthday! What would you like for your birthday? I'm trying to get a package together. If you can think of anything you'd like let me know otherwise I'll find something fabulous :)
  Have a great 3 1/2 day work week. Thanks for all your love and support Andre. Miss you and love you!
-Ariel Nell

Monday, August 20, 2012

Email 2 of 2, listen to this one too....lov​e you!

Ariel's Email to Andre

   We haven't been able to have contact with XXXX or his wife, he doesn't have a new baptismal date and no he never got interviewed for baptism.

       Curtains: So in Germany it is a MUST to have curtains in all your windows. You can tell if someone really doesn't live in an apartment because they'll have no curtains but most of the abandoned buildings still have curtains which makes them look super sketchy.

    Things going with us? It's been rough this week. We have had a lot of fallen out appointments, we're having a really hard time getting in contact with people and we're down to 3 progressing investigators. This week we have a lot of time for finding and hopefully we will be able to find those people who are looking for the gospel just don't know where to find it.

     Sister Tidwell and I are doing great. We wrote an angry epistle for an Elder in our district and it definitely gave me a new appreciation for Alma 54 and angry epistles. Moroni is just so sassy and funny. We were laughing way too hard.

The Concentration camp is more a memorial. I went to one in Prague already, Terezin. We went to the city where the memorial is but couldn't find it. We were also getting followed by some scary man as we were putting our cards in peoples mail boxes so we got out of there fast. I've attached a picture of me in an alley we found in this town. It was REALLY hilly. We talked to a man who was taking a break walking up the hill.

   This week we got into contact with a less active man in our ward. We were able to talk to him for an hour and it was really enlightening. When we came home we looked at the records kept on him and it just made me want to sit all the past missionaries down who had contact with him and have a chat. We can't just hit people over the head with the gospel and expect them to accept it. We HAVE to be patient and just show love for these people first and help them to progress. Everyone will progress if you let them. It just really showed me how important it is to teach with love and the spirit and really think of the needs of the investigators or members first. There is one less active lady here that we visit each week and she calls us often. She told me that I am like a little mother to her and I think thats because I let her explain her concerns and worries and I try to help her through them instead of yelling at her becuase she is inactive and knows what she should be doing. She already knows, it doesn't help to beat the dead horse.

  Okay, I'll get off my high horse now. Thanks for the long voice message and thanks for feeding the sisters! Have a great week at work. Love you guys!
-Ariel Nell

Hello my dear sister

Hey Lyndel,

  I'm excited for Michael to start his first full week of school! Is he excited too? I was thinking about you guys and Anita and Peter and the girls this week knowing that they were going to be sealed. I am so glad that everything went well for them and that they were able to have a wonderful experience. All the fun exercising you've been doing is making me jealous! I really miss swimming and wearing pants. 
   This week as been another difficult week. We haven't been able to get into contact with Holger or other investigators of ours. People have been missing or dropping their appointments. We are now down to three progressing investigators. This week we have a lot of time for finding so hopefully we will be able to make out some new appointments and find some people who are really ready to accept the gospel in their lives. The ward is doing good. There is still a lot of drama but it is slowly dying down. We had a lesson on keeping the sabbath day holy from the teachings of George Albert Smith yesterday and how the Sabbath is a day of rest and comfort and for us here its probably the most stressfull day of the week. The Lord definitely means rest from our worldly cares and to take care of his children. 
   So I got bit by some mutant mosquito this past week on my arm. It got really puffy and swollen. So I showed Schwester Munke at our dinner appointment Friday night. She left the dinner table and ran out to get the ''best remedy'' she said. She came back, rubbed it on my arm and then let me look at the bottle. It was hand sanitizer. It just made me and Sister Tidwell giggle. 
   Our district leader had to get a small surgery two weeks ago so it meant he was going to be bed ridden for a few weeks. We asked his companion what they were going to do while they were stuck at home and he said,''What are we NOT going to do?! Probably write angry epistles to Lamanite Kings.'' So Sister Tidwell and I spent this past week putting an angry epistle together for him. We gave it to him at zone conference and he looked like a little boy at chirstamas. It was soo funny. It definitely gave me a new appreciation for Alma 54. Thats such a funny chapter. Sister Tidwell and I were crying with laughter. I'll attach a picture of what we wrote. It's adapted from Moroni's letter. 
   Well I hope you have a magnificent week. We have transfer call on Saturday. These weeks are flying by. I can't believe it. I Love you bunches! Thanks for everything Lyndel!
-Ariel Nell
My district at Zone conference

Our epistle before we rubbed dirt on it and burned the edges

Me and Sister Tidwell in Veckenstedt

Hello from Dad

Hey Dad,
  I just tried listening to the memos but it wouldn't play for some reason. I'm sure it was fun to make a recording of doing a stain glass job. I hope WABE takes it and uses it in their sounds of Atlanta segment. Way to go for not having to talk on Sunday. I'm sure that was a relief from last Sunday when you had to talk for 30 minutes.
    We have been having a relly hard time getting into contact with XXXXXX or many of our other investigators, there is a lot of ward drama and tension and now we're down to 3 progressing investigators. This week Sister Tidwell and I will be working really hard to find people who are looking for the gospel and just not knowing where to find it. I asked our district leader for a blessing and he was able to give me one on Wednesday. He said in the blessing that I was an anchor to many of the people here and that the Lord was supportive of me in this work and I am where I need to be. That helped a lot to bring some peace of mind. So I'm doing okay Dad. I'm not upset with myself, I actually am really liking the person I am becoming and the things I am learning. I am very grateful I followed the prompting I felt at 8 years old to go on a mission because it's the best decision I could have ever made for my life.
   Thanks for sending the package. I probably won't get it for another transfer. We are only having zone conference every other transfer now. We just had it so I'll probably get it in October or November. Thanks! I'm really glad Eli has Mr. Donegan. He was the best teacher there and I never had the chance to have him but all my friends loved him. He really made Social Studies a lot of fun.
    I finished the Old Testament this week and started the new. I really love how Matthew is such an Old Testament scholar and points out where all the past prophecy has come to pass in regards to Christ. Especially since I just read all those scriptures. It's neat to see them in context now. I also am in 3 Nephi in German. The German language is so literal that there are some words that really stand out a lot firmer than they would in english. The verb lassen, means to let. there are many other verbs in german that are attached to this one because you have to let yourself do something. And Christ said to the people in the Americas, come and let yourselves be saved. I'm not sure if it comes across the same way in English but it just really struck me how it is our choice whether we are saved or not. Agency plays such a bigger role in the whole plan than I think we often realize.
   Well I hope you have a great week at work and church. Keep being amazing Dad. I Love you, Thanks,
Ariel Nell

1st week down, 34 to go!

Hey Mumma,
  I love all the stories about your kids. Poor Max, I'm right there with him. Peanut butter should always be allowed in a room. I did have Frau Alexander. She was a really good teacher but moved really fast for me so I wasn't as good at German as everyone else. Now I probably am :) Mr. Hilte is the math teacher that revolutionized math for me. I was having a REALLY hard time with math. Again, just being behind all the other kids. I stayed after school one day and he spent time with me just working on how to do distribution and then he made math really fun for me. I remember him playing the song ''one is the loneliest number'' when we were learning about prime numbers. I believe he used to fly airplanes in the Air Force. He is a really great teacher.

   Thanks for the Winnie the Pooh quote. ( 'you're stronger than you think and braver than you believe' ) That's something I definitely need to remember. I'm excited to read the memories that you have of Papa. I don't have too much time right now so I printed it off.

   I'm kind of afraid I'll be moved too but there is a lot of things unsettled right now in Halberstadt so moving would be really inconvenient. But if I have to move I know its because I'm needed somewhere else.  You should make lasagna for the Sister missionaries on Tuesday or squash casserole. Mmmmm, I miss your food.

   This past week we had Zone Conference and Sister Kosak picked apart Psalm 23. When I read it a few months ago I didn't really like it but I remember you saying that it was Grandmas' favorite scripture. It was interesting sitting through this lesson. It really opened my eyes and I don't think I really ever got it until Zone Conference. I really needed to hear verse 4 talking about walking through the valley of death but fearing no evil because the Lord is with us. Those Valleys of Death can be our personal Gethsemanes but the Lord is always there leading us through them to our greatest joy. Sometimes he is even carrying us. And then in verse 6 how it says ''Surely'' so it's definitely going to happen and at the end'' I WILL dwell in the house of the Lord forever.'' It's something that will happen for sure. That brings a lot of comfort. As we are doing what the Lord needs us to do we will find our greatest joy in the end.

   Bruder Schwabe told us yesterday that we needed to find more ''normal'' people. That really hurt. All of these people are children of the Lord. He isn't a respector of persons and so neither am I. I hope that he can see the divine nature all the people have and that they are all children of Heavenly Father and his siblings. Sometimes changing mindsets is the hardest thing to do.

   Well I hope you have a great week Mumma. I love you and look forward to hearing from you every week! Love you,
Ariel Nell

Monday, August 13, 2012

Hello from Dad

 Thanks for all the pictures. I'm not sure what kind of instrument that is. It certainly is related to the oboe but not sure what it is. Maybe you could ask Lara. It's so crazy to me to hear about Eli changing and becoming a man. It's exciting but sad to think that he won't be the same little kid that he was when I left. 

    Way to go on filling up 30 minutes of sacrament!  I gave a talk in church yesterday as well - on understanding the purpose of this life through hard trials. I think it was more for myself than anyone else but I needed to write it and share my testimony of it. 
    There is nothing you can send anyone to further the work here but you could give me some ideas of how to get less actives or basically completely in-actives to church. We meet with quite a few regularly. We have been teaching them about the blessings of church, about some gospel principles, and about putting the Lord first and then the rest will be taken care of. This last week we asked one why she was keeping herself from the blessings that Heavenly Father has for her by not coming to church and participate in the sacrament. She couldn't really give us an answer. It's frustrating but I know that if we just stick it out and slowly push through it with her that she will eventually come around if that is what she wants. Patience is always a good thing to have.
    I'm not sure how interested the branch will be about President Monson's birthday and most don't have internet but we can suggest it. 
    This week we had a bit of time to go door to door and we doored into this 92 year old woman. She let us in and told us all about her life. It was really an amazing experience to hear from here of what life was like in the 50's and 60's in East Germany. She wasn't really interested but I think the Lord leads us to some of his children just so they can feel his love and know that he thinks about them. She is all alone, has no living relatives and lives by herself. Sister Tidwell and I are thinking about going by again ad bringing her cookies. She was a cute little lady.
   Well I hope you have a fabulous week Dad! Thanks for all your love and support and inspiration. Miss you and love you!
-Ariel Nell

DeKalb County = Back in the Saddle

Hey Mumma,

  I'm glad to hear that you're back at school and that Eli is about to start Middle School! That is so weird to me! It's neat that Mr. Coile is still teaching at Chamblee Middle. It's funny to think that so many little kids I babysat since they were really little are going to school now. I think the new for strength of youth booklet will be great for family home evening. Thanks so much for buying Schwester Munke raisinettes. She'll be really excited. This past Friday when we ate at her house we had Vanillian Sosa with our dessert. It's just a vanilla flavored sauce that they put on their ice cream or any dessert you can think of. She made us jello and we put it on top of that. We explained to her that we don't have Vanillian Sosa in America and she asked us in all honesty how we lived without it. It was soooooo funny. She gives us chocolate at the end of our eating appointments and always tells us that it's for our souls. She definitely has a sweet tooth.
    I remember Sister Sharp telling a story in Relief Society once that she would write a card to one lady on her visiting teaching list each month and it wasn't until years later but the lady became re-activated and told her that it was because of the cards Sister Sharp sent she was able to get through all the hard times to help her get back to church. In our FHE group this week we talked about Ammon and how he had to serve the King Lamoni before the King was ready to hear the message of the gospel. We explained that the way we react to situations can be the biggest sign for many people how the gospel has helped our lives.

    I hope you guys get to celebrate with Bryan. His favorite cake is a German chocolate cake I believe. It's German something and has coconut I think in the icing somewhere? I think anything fresh and homemade he would enjoy. I'll definitely send Auntie Isobel a letter this week and thank her for everything.

    Well I love you mum. I hope you have a great day at school today with all your little people. Miss you bunches!

Another day, another dollar

Hey Lyndel,
  I really missed you this week. It would have been really nice to be able to call you and go out and do something together.
     Sister Tidwell and I got to H&M some Mondays but not all. I think she wants to go again today so we'll go. Our FHE lessons -  we come up with all by ourselves. There isn't any book that suggests activities that's why sometimes its so hard. This past week we talked about Ammon and how he had to serve King Lamoni before King Lamoni would be receptive to the gospel. Most of our members are the only members of their families that are members of the church. We explained that they need to follow Ammon's example and serve their families to prepare them for the message of the gospel. Something that is most important is how they react to situations. Ammon was a boss and collected all the sheep and chopped off the robbers arms doing it. That shocked King Lamoni and that's why he chose to listen to Ammon. We taught our members at FHE that they need to react to situations that will help their families recognize how the gospel has helped their lives. This week we'll be talking about Helaman and the stripling warriors. We don't have an activity planned yet. Hopefully we can think of something soon. And then next week is Samuel the Lamanite. I was reading that story in the Book of Mormon in German last night for my language study and it just hit me how cool Samuel is. He is preaching to all the people, some are like, ''Oh, we need to get baptized!'' so they go to Nephi and get baptized and then he's up on the wall and people are trying to hit him with stones and arrows and the lord protects him and then more people are like, ''Oh wait, the Lord is protecting him, we need to be baptized!'' Everyone is just a boss in the Book of Mormon. One day I'll be like Samuel the Lamanite. 
   No, we don't get to watch the Olympics and Germans here don't really care about it. I haven't heard anyone but our Branch President say something about it. XXXXXX's Baptismal interview was a no go. His wife Rosie called the morning of and said XXXXXX had to go to the hospital. There was something wrong with his kidneys. We're going to try and see if we can find out what hospital he is in and go visit him. 
     Something I try to do as I write in my journal is to write as if I'm talking to my future children. Just like the scriptures were written for the prophets, children and us, I want to write to my kids so they can know that mum wasn't perfect but that she always tried to do her best and that she has a testimony of this gospel. It may be weird, but it helps me to keep a focus as I write. 

     So funny tid-bit about me as a missionary. Every time I leave a message on someone's answering machine I want to say, ''In Namen Jesu Christi, Amen.''  at the end EVERY time. I have to be careful it almost slips out like every time! It reminds me of when I was little girl and answered the phone when Val Pyers called and I said ''Dear Heavenly Father''. I think I have the urge to say "In the name of Jesus Christ Amen" at the ends of messages because I'm just talking and saying our thoughts for whatever problem we have at the moment. It just feels like a prayer. It's something I gotta work on. 
   Have a great week! Love you!
-Ariel Nell

Sister Tidwell and I this past Saturday sitting in our car eating lunch.


We sent Ariel a picture of Eli, all ready for a new year at school. 
This is the picture:

Her response,
Oh my goodness! can we say HANDSOME!?

Sooooo tired! :)

Excerpt from Ariel's Email to Andre

 You're funny. I'm glad you didn't forget to talk or email me.
   This week has been a rough week on the mission. Tuesday morning we got a call from XXXXXX's wife. XXXXXX had to go to the hospital and so our appointment that day was canceled which was the appointment the District Leader was coming for so that he could be interviewed for baptism. We haven't been able to get into contact with him so he is still in the hospital so there was no baptism this week. 

   Everyone seems to be on vacation this week too so yesterday at church we had 5 members there but luckily 6 visitors. We almost didn't have anyone to pass the sacrament but then one of our visitors that came has the priesthood so that was handy. I feel like in larger wards we take advantage of the power of the priesthood but when its hard to come by you truly appreciate it. I think we should know to appreciate it always. I read the talk Elder Bednar gave in the priesthood session of last conference titled The Powers of Heaven. I thought it was really great talk on the importance of the priesthood and the power that all men have to help Gods children. You should read it if you get a chance this week.

    With Frau XXXXXXX  we read about Korihor in the Book of Mormon this past week and when it describes what Korihor taught Frau XXXXXXX just kept saying it was crap. It was really funny but 100% true. He said a bunch of crap, just some people couldn't recognize it. 

    Well I hope you two have a wonderful week. I love you both! 
-Ariel Nell

Monday, August 6, 2012

Hello from Dad

Hey Dad,
  Sorry I just read my emails in the order they come so I've already sent Mums email :) So you get your own. So to tell you who everyone was in the picture. The guy with the loose tie is Bruder Lau, a ward missionary. Our ward mission leader didn't come. The young guy with the earring is Gernot. Schwester Munke is the little lady - me and Sister Tidwell are standing next to. Schwester Mußmann is the white/grey haired lady, Thomas is in a blue suit I think behind me. And the while haired man in a white shirt in the back is President Pawelke, our branch president. Sister Bush is a sister missionary that just finished her mission and was touring the country with her family and we ran into them outside the temple.

   From serving in Celle to Halberstadt there is a drastic difference in peoples beliefs. Celle is in the West where most people still have some kind of faith and it's more normal to have a faith there. In the East, or Halberstadt very few people still believe in God and it's a laughing matter when someone does. The ways the cities are built is also indicative of the kind of government they were under. In the East the people learned a lot of Russian and the West they could choose. One less active member told me that they didn't know what a lot of drugs were until the wall came down because they were just isolated from it. People in the East didn't have colored photos until after the wall. There are lots of little differences.

     That's funny that Elder Giddens knew I'm on a mission. I'm sure he took a look at the plaque.
    I liked your testimony that you gave. We have to be willing for reprove and chastisement in order to get ourselves closer to God. I gave a talk on repentance a while ago and that was a point that I made. I used a scripture in Jeremiah and also the brother of Jared. He was chastised by the Lord for three hours so that the Lord could use him as the tool he needed. I hope everyone caught on to the point you were trying to make.

   I'm so glad Eli has been enjoying football and that you were able to do some stain glass jobs. I'm glad you and Andre get to ride around of Harley's again. Its a neat experience that you two get to share. Our transfer call will be on the 24th of August and then the new transfer will be on the 27th. It's crazy how fast time is flying.

   This week we got to go to Hannover for Presidents interviews. It was nice to talk to president about my concerns for the area and things that we can do to fix them. I was able to pick up my international license on Wednesday and handed over my Georgia one. It was sad to say good bye to my beautiful Georgia license but I'll just get a new one when I get home. I think having a license for life for Europe will come in handy.

   XXXXXX will be getting interviewed and baptized this week so keep him in your prayers. I'm so excited for him! This will be a really wonderful experience for him and I hope will spark an interest in his wife, Rosie to learn more. Thanks for all your love and support Dad!

-Ariel Nell

Mission President Interviews Zone Hannover August 2012

District Braunschweig (Ariel on far left next to Sis. Tidwell)

No kids for us...dogs are enough!

Excerpts from Ariel's email to Andre


  Congratulations to Ben and Yara! In German, Luke is Lukas so thats neat :) Make sure you help Ben out and offer the support you can. I'm glad that you were able to give him a blessing.

  Ooo! Soccer! Andre, what the heck. DO NOT DIE OR GET SICK. That's a commandment. Tell your siatic nerve to get on the boat and stop hurting or I'm going to come and punch it in the face. Don't mess with me nerve.

   Minnesota Viking. A defensive lineman? Is he going to be the man that pushes the others guys out of the way so the quarterback can run the ball or throw it?

   How did you enjoy babysitting the little girls? Uh huh! I prayed to Heavenly Father that everyone's wombs would be shut until July. So don't you worry, I've already thought about all this. Heavenly Father is on my side :)

     Well this week we had a lot of fun teaching lots of people. Thursday evening we were sitting on the door stoop of a member's apartment building when these four little kids came up to us and asked a whole bunch of questions. They wanted to know what we were doing here in Halberstadt. We explained that we are missionaries and we teach people about God. One of the 9 year old girls asked me, ''Is there really a God?'' It was such a cool experience to be able to tell this little girl that God exisits and that she is his daughter and he loves her. I wish I had more opportunities to teach the children. It opened my eyes to why Jesus Christ spent so much time teaching the children.

    At ASB, the dementia home we do service at, we played a game with the old ladies and one of the questions asked was,  "Were your parents believers?" It's assumed that no one believes in God and it's like an annomally if peoples parents believed in God too. It's like its a joke or something. I just found it really interesting the attitude even the older generation has to faith and religion.

   This week XXXXX has his baptismal interview on Tuesday and then his baptism on Sunday. I'm sooo excited! I'm so proud of him for the progress he has made. I kind of feel like I'm sending my baby out into the real world now.

   Well I hope you two have a fabulous week! I love you both and I'll talk to ya'll later. Thanks for all your love and support!
-Ariel Nell

Hello hello

   It's crazy all the things that you and Michael are up to. I hope you guys have fun at the temple this week. Enjoy your time together and with the Lord!
   I think these next few months are going to go by way fast. It kind of scares me but also excites me to think of the adventures I will have. Oh! I have to say thank you so much for the skirt and the oboe stuff package! The skirt fit perfectly and is the best bike riding skirt ever! I wore it this past week and a less active commented that I got a new skirt. Even she noticed :) Thanks so much. Please do give my anthropologie coats some love this winter. Whenever I think of the clothes I have at home it makes me sad because they're all so lovely just sitting there having no fun. I'm glad you can take them out on the town every now and again. 
   I'm glad you're loving work more and more! It's really neat how far you've been able to go in the big people world. Super cool! You do seem to get the lessons no one wants to teach but also probably because you're the best at teaching it. I think its funny you weren't able to talk about anything specific. That's where people get confused and it causes problems. I just like being blunt and honest, then you know no one is confused or misunderstood anything. 

   So exciting news this week.... We were dooring in Veckenstedt and came to this one door and two men across the street yelled to us that no one lived there so we said okay and walked over to them and started talking to them about the gospel. One of them was not interested at all and laughed at us but the other, XXXXXX really listened to us, enjoyed learning about the Book of Mormon from the pictures in the front and asked a bunch of deep, long conversation questions and so we asked if we could come back. He said YES! So we went back on Saturday and had a long but good discussion with him about faith and hope. At the end of our lesson we asked if we could come back and he said yes because God was with us and so talking to us he can know what God wants him to do! Super neat. I hope he'll listen more to us and take the advice we're giving. He read Alma 32 and LOVED it! Can you say new progressing investigator? I think YES! :)
    For FHE we've been going through the Book of Mormon stories. This past Tuesday was Abinidi. We talked about how even though fires of adversity come our faith can help us blow out the flames. We lit tea-light candles for all the things that represent our adversity and then blew them out. It was a neat lesson but they were having a hard time paying attention. Sometimes it's like teaching a bunch of 5 year olds, they all need your attention. This week is Ammon. We don't have an activity yet. Hopefully one will come to us soon!
     I'm glad Michael is getting all registered for classes! When does school start for him? Sister Tidwell and I find little successes each week. We are really enjoying working together and love to laugh at all the crazy things we experience. It's been fun. Thanks for all your love and support Lyndel. Have a fabulous week and have fun at work! Love you!
-Ariel Nell

Here we go again

Hey Mumma!
  I love getting your emails. Yesterday during sacrament meeting I just got this huge flooding of home sickness. Just one of those times where I wanted to be able to come home from church and tell you about what I learned and my day and help make dinner and set the table. Those are all good things but it stinks having home sickness when there is nothing you can do about it. Good thing we have companions. We can share our feelings with the other and they completely understand.

   I was bummed too about the temple experience or the rules there and so were our members but the experience has had a huge change on all of them. Thomas told us that going to the temple was the best experience on his life and he'll never forget it. Gernot said in his testimony that by going to the temple it allowed him to make more progress in the gospel then he ever thought he could make. It was so neat to hear! It is getting people excited about the temple. Bruder Lau is still furiously doing geneology and I'm hoping that we'll be able to organize a trip for the ward so they can go often and they recognize the need to go often. We are also going to start working on preparing people to recieve their endowments and Melchizedek priesthood.

   I'm sorry you may be doing double duty for a bit if they don't hire a new teacher. Good thing is that you and Tammy still get to be the dream team together and work with one another. Are a lot of people retiring because of the crazy no pay and horrible bosses situation in DeKalb county? I'm sooo glad Eli is loving football. Exercise does create endorphins so no wonder he is super stoked. When is his first game? Be sure to take lots of pictures of him in uniform and everything.

   Thanks for the news blurb. I'm glad they're finally building a food Wal-Mart down the street. All those poor people need a place where they can go shopping for FOOD and not stuff they don't need or is so expensive even we don't like to shop there. Did the City of Dunwoody throw a fit because a wal-mart was being built or is that little block not in Dunwoody? What are you going to do as Dad and Andre are away? What's Ellen going to do?

   Things are going really well with Sister Tidwell and I. She makes me laugh so hard almost every day I'm pretty sure I'm going to wet my pants at some point this transfer. She has made it a personal goal of hers so no worries. I just need to start carrying around an extra bottoms with me cause its bound to happen. This transfer has been flying by and its definitely because we have been getting lost in the work and having fun while we do it. We are absolutely exhausted everyday. But good exhausted not bad exhausted. We know when to take a breather so don't worry.

    Schwester Munke says she loves chocolate covered raisins (we don't have raisins here but she had them once somewhere else). Do you think the next package you send out with face wash and things you could stick a little box of raisenettes for Schwester Munke inside? She does so much for us I'd like to do something fun for her.

    We got to have Presidents interviews this past Thursday in Hannover. It was fun to sit and talk with President and discuss the concerns Sister Tidwell and I have for the area. XXXXXX will be interviewed tomorrow for his baptism on SUNDAY!!!! Woo HOOO!!!!!!! We are really excited for him and he is super excited. Hopefully all goes well in his interview. It's been really neat to watch him to progress to this point. I'm excited to help him keep progressing. We haven't been able to get into contact with Herr XXXXX at all. He won't answer his phone and we went by yesterday, when he was home and he didn't answer. It's SO frustrating sometimes!

   Anyways, we've been having fun and a wonderful week. Thanks for all your love and support Mumma. Make sure to have some fun at school this week and to remember to relax when you come home! When does Eli start school? Okay, Love you!
-Ariel Nell