Monday, February 25, 2013

Caving Survival by Eli - February 24th

Hey Dad!

   OH my goodness that was just hilarious about the kid peeing his pants! Too funny.

    If it wasn't for seminary I wouldn't have the testimony that I have today. That's something that is really important when teaching people. A lot think that just because we were born into families that already have the gospel that its natural that we will stay active and think that it's true. But actually it's not that at all. Yes, for a time I had to rely on you and Mum and what you two would teach me but it comes a point where I have to figure everything out for myself, get my own testimony and conviction to live the gospel. Seminary was one of the greatest tools to help with that. I honestly was more excited each year for seminary to start again than to go to church. Yeah it was early in the morning and yea, I usually only got 5 hours of sleep each night in high school, but it was so worth it.

   Sister Jensen did a lot of dooring and talking to people on the street this past week. We did manage to find a lady who knew a little bit about the church because of Mitt Romney. She was interested in getting a Book of Mormon and said that we could come back and see how she was doing with reading because she said she wanted to read the entire book through. By all means. XXXXXXX is progressing in reading in the Book of Mormon. We had a very serious discussion about baptism this week. Her faith in Christ is definitely growing and she has made the decision to come to church to have a church tour and visit our meetings. She is scared of strangers and so she won't allow us to bring joint teaches. This next step to go to church will help her so much in learning that everyone here is here to help her and to love her and not judge her.

   Margaret Postum sounds familiar. Do I know her? That's super cool that Parker Frost is in California like Robby was. Is he in the same mission? Is he in our ward now? I thought he was in Peachtree Corners.

    We are coming down to one month before this man that we have been preparing to go to the temple can actually go and be sealed to his wife. They are both so excited and he is so very humble and ready to make these next steps to grow closer to the Lord. I've heard through the grape vine that XXXXXX'a wife, XXXXX ( the man I taught in Halberstadt that got baptized just after I left) has a baptismal date. She originally didn't have any interest in the church but after XXXXXX got baptized she has been coming to church with him each week and when XXXXXX was taught about missionary work he made plans with the Elders to start teaching XXXXX and now she is getting baptized too. How neat is that?! I am so excited for their family. You know, while I was there we would buy her flowers and bake cookies and just let her know how appreciative we were for her and those seeds of kindness really helped her coming unto Christ.

   I hope you have a great week Dad. I love you. Remember to keep your head up and that you've always got your amazing family backing you up. Thanks for all the support and advice. Love you!
-Ariel Nell

The long and winding road

  Ammon cutting off the arms is awesome! Ha! Not if it happened to me but it's a good story and shows that when we serve others that's often when they become more receptive to hear the gospel message. I'm glad that you and Dad get to read the scriptures together. We visited a less active family this week and we committed them to read and pray as a husband and wife and also as a family. It's so very helpful to study and pray as a companionship in a marriage but also just a normal one on the mission. If you don't have the Lord guiding the two of you it's very difficult to know what to do.

   Sorry Eli is being a little crazy teenager but just know that one day it'll all calm down. You're doing a great job and he really is a good kid. Don't forget we all were (and still are) crazy and hormonal. He sent me an email and is really doing a great job talking to friends and his teachers about the church. He talked to Frau Alexander about the church and she said she likes Mormons because her first neighbors in the US were Mormons. Who would of thought? Whether you recognize it or not Eli is learning lots from you and Dad and doing really well.

  How did your lesson go in Relief Society? I'm glad you got to talk to Auntie Jean.  Sorry the apartment hunt for me is so hard. I'm glad that we have Annette though. She is a talented lady and is great at getting the job done. I'm excited to get to live with her next year. The pioneer trek sounds so fun. Isn't Andre doing it too?  Make sure to take some fabulous pictures.

   Sister Jensen and I are slowly finding our working rhythm. It's hard when the language is still a barrier for her but last night we spent time labeling things in our apartment so she could learn those words. She can speak a lot more than she can understand so we've got into this routine of me translating the questions people ask into English so that she can also participate when she wants. The best would be to talk to her all the time in German but I fear that will just put a rut between the two of us and not help her have an enjoyable start to the mission. Everything is so delicate.

   I REALLY do love my angel lady. I have here standing next to the pictures of the family sitting on my desk. I thought she was a missionary lady too taking the gospel to everyone so we were on the same page :) Thanks Mumma.

  Well this week we went to Bremen and did a street display with the 4 Elders there as well as some members from the Bremen ward. There was a taxi man watching us as he sat in his car across the street. Sister Jensen pointed him out to me so I grabbed a Restoration pamphlet and she and I went over to him. We talked to him about his beliefs about Jesus Christ and then explained to him the restoration and that God and Jesus Christ appeared to Joseph Smith. His eyes got so big and the spirit was so strongly testifying of what I was saying was true I about started crying which I don't seem to do too much on the mission. It was such a neat experience and the man said after that that he just loves Jesus. We made out an appointment with him and gave him a Turkish Book of Mormon as well as the Restoration pamphlet. We went back to the other side of the street and that man stayed in his car for the next 30 minutes or so just reading the Book of Mormon. I'm really excited to see what happens with his appointment with the Elders next week.

    I hope you have a great week Mumma. I love you and am so very grateful for your support! Don't forget to smile! You're looking great! Especially when sporting that Purple and Gold :)
-Ariel Nell

Springtime in February

Hey Lyndel!
   I'm so glad that you and Michael have been able to help the missionaries out so much. I really would like to be a joint teach for them when I come home. I really loved going out with the sisters before my mission in Atlanta and the Elders in Louisiana. Teaching people about the gospel is really amazing and one of the best parts is seeing it change their life. I'm glad Margaret still remembers who I am, I plan on sending her another letter this week. XXXXXXX is booking it through the Book of Mormon. We called her Monday evening and she told us she was in Alma 11. She is so touched by the testimonies of the prophets. We had a serious conversation about baptism and she said that she knows she needs to but the first step is that she needs to come to church. Sister Dean was able to call her and she told Sister Dean that she was going to go to church and have a church tour. XXXXXXX is scared of strangers so the fact that she is pushing herself to take these steps are amazing.

   Sister Openshaw, or Kylee went home in November. I still keep in contact with her. She is having a blast teaching little people in an elementary school for her last semester of student teaching. Sister Stewart, or Priscilla is also student teaching Art to 4th graders. Sister Tidwell is double training right now in Dresden, and Sister Dean is in Marzahn. I actually have had companions that I had a hard time getting along with but I just worked through it. Some days I thought I would go crazy but in the end you learn to love everyone you serve with. It's not so much weird training someone as it is stressful. I have the strongest desire to work at full throttle until I come home, I want to be the best missionary I can but with someone new you have to ease them into the work. Sister Jensen is tired a lot and sometimes just doesn't have the desire to go out in the rain or snow or cold and talk to people. I can totally understand that. What normal person does? So I try to make sure to give her little breaks here and there to ease her into the work. At the beginning of the week she wasn't dooring and yesterday she was! We're making progress and she is doing a great job. I really love all the things that I am learning from here. She has a lot of new and fresh ideas.

   You don't make me trunky, no worries. I've been excited to come home since the day Mum and Millie dropped me off at the air port. I miss the family but the more I come to the end of my time the more I understand that I'm going to miss Germany and the people and the members and the language. I need to find a bunch of Germans in Georgia and just hang out with them and eat rotkohl (red cabbage) and potatoes.

   Thanks for helping out the other missionaries. I look up to you Lyndel and I'm really grateful for all that you've taught me and continue to teach me! Have a great week! Love you!
-Ariel Nell

It's almost MARCH!!!!

Hey Andre!

   One of my favorite things is to share my testimony through music. It is such a powerful medium and not only do voices resonate but also the spirit.

     Week this week was hard but good. We have been doing a lot of finding. The first couple days I just felt really burdened down with the area. I almost cried after talking to a lady who just tore me down saying that I didn't know the gospel because I didn't have the Lords' prayer memorized. It's a stupid thing I know, but it was just rough. I think it was mostly hard because everything is new for Sister Jensen and so she is a little scared to do things. At the beginning of the week she didn't door at all and yesterday we were doing every other door. So she is making a lot of progress. Her German is improving everyday which is a lot of help to her and to the people we meet with. Our investigators are doing well, sort of. XXXXXXX is just the We called her Sunday and she was us to Mosiah 7 and then we call monday night and she had read all the way to Alma 11. Sick huh?! She is loving the Book of Mormon and sees how it is so important to follow Jesus Christ. We had a really wonderful lesson with her this past week where she just explained her thoughts about Christ and his atonement and how very humbling it is to know and think about all that he did just because he loves us. It was a touching moment to see her testimony of Christ just bloom.

    Sister Jensen is slowly getting accustomed to the culture here. It's a bit of a culture shock for her as she had never seen anyone smoke, or drink, or dirty shops around town before. She has never traveled outside of the United States so it is a very new experience for her.

  Thanks for the quote Andre. It's way true. It's like that phrase where it says give a man a fish feed him for a day, teach a man to fish, feed him for a lifetime. Christ gives us the tools we need to fish each day. In church, Bruder Pitari gave a talk about how our life is like the German driving tests. There's the theory portion that you learn in a classroom for several weeks and then the praxis where you apply what you have learned and use it on the rode in an actual car. Church is our theory class and the world is our praxis where we take the things we have learned and practice using them. Christ is the teacher. I really related to it because I had to take that darn theory test 3 times. Sometimes we don't get it the first time around, but once I passed I nailed the praxis.

    How is all the schooling stuff going? Thanks for all your help Andre! Love you! Have a great week!

  -Ariel Nell

Tuesday, February 19, 2013

Happy President's Day!


 You're just too sweet :) i'm glad that you treated Ellen to a great dinner and some lovely gifts on valentines day. I actually forgot it was valentines day until I saw an elder give President Kosak some flowers and chocolates. It was too funny. I think in germany they just give each other cards but nothing bigger than that. I'm not quite sure. I'll ask. Its not so big here as it is in America.

   Training is way fun. I'm training Sister Jensen. She is from Orem, Utah. Before her mission she took chinese so German was a big shock for her. She is really a great missionary filled with AMAZING ideas. Its so neat to see how strong the spirit is with her and the excitement she brings to the work. When I was brand new they used to call us ''goldens'' because we had this golden power in teaching and our missionary work. I really have seen that with Sister Jensen. Whenever she opens her mouth to teach in german the spirit is so strong behind every word she says. It even happens during planning. Its cool. The ward has been super warm in welcoming her to Germany and people have been speaking the little german they have that i didn't even know they had.

    She is a great teacher even with her limited german (all of 9 weeks). And she has no inhibitions. Our first evening here was a little crazy trying to get home but a man helped us and she just began teaching him the gospel, first day in germany. She's a boss :)

    When I get her to start the lessons then I can give my imput and let her know the direction the lesson is going. If I talk all the time its hard for her to keep up and follow the conversation. So we are working on a good balance. Sometimes I have to explain to investigators. We stopped by XXXXX and taught her about how she is like jospeh smith and has faith in trials. I called XXXXX that evening and she asked what Sister Jensen was trying to tell her because she didn't quite get it but had been thinking about Jospeh Smith the whole day. Haha :)

   Health wise I'm doing good. I got a nasty cold this week (claudia says I'm the mother ship of bacteria) but Its almost gone, just some coughing and sneezing, and a stuffy nose. Good luck to Ellens dad!
 Andre, I'm grateful you married Ellen too. She is perfect for you and our family! I already do love her and am sooo glad you got yourself a missionary woman! :) Kudos to you!

    Have a great week andre nicholas! Thanks for all the help that you are with my schooling and such. I love you big!
-Ariel Nell

Monday, February 18, 2013

February 17th

Hey Dad,
  I'm sorry that I made you almost have a heart attack. I immediately thought of you all and how it was Tuesday night so you wouldn't find out until Monday and then have a week to sit on it. It really was not as bad as it sounds and yes the mission President was the first to hear about it. He called to make sure I was doing okay and wanted me to call after the hospital visit. I don't have the actual police report but I have the police report number and the address of the police that made the report. I have the address, phone number, name, license plate number, and car type of the person who hit me. I have been working with the insurance company this past week. I had to fill out a questionnaire and draw a picture and have been talking with their representative. He said that I just need to submit the receipt for my bike repairs and he will send me the money. The hospital report from the x-rays said that everything was fine and the doctors wanted to take the x-rays just in case so all the 7 x-rays have been submitted to the police report as well as the doctors note, which I also have a copy of. The people who hit me are at fault. Their insurance has been raised and I believe they also have to pay a fine. In Germany we have special bike lanes and pedestrian lanes so we are legally allowed to ride across intersections and on the roads in our special bike lanes. I don't think I should have any problems later on in life due to this accident. The doctor said that the clot, if it was still hurting two days later, that we needed to come back. But it feels really good, it doesn't hurt any more, and the bruising has turned yellow. My knees are the only things that are sore so I try not to kneel on them. The one being still sore from my first accident. The pain from when I fell on the iced rode was much worse than getting hit by a car.

    I do have my new companion. Her name is Sister Jensen and she is from Orem, Utah. She studied Chinese in high school so German was a shock for her. She is doing a great job though and has so many gifts of teaching the gospel in her limited vocabulary. I have really enjoyed learning from her and working together to help her grow.

   I was able to share your experience with the photo as we taught Bruder and Schwester XXXXXXXX, the couple that will be getting sealed in March. It was a wonderful example to show that the Lord prepares ways for his prepared children to get his work done. Have you been able to submit the names yet? The missionaries working with XXXXX sound really inspired. It's so neat that they knew exactly what to ask; the same question he was asking himself.

   Lyndel said there are a bunch of missionaries out from our ward now. Who is out? I only know of me and Belen and Aubree. The picture of Bloomingdales is very cool.

  So this week was actually really productive considering we had less time to do missionary work in Bremerhaven due to traveling. We are have trouble with Bruder XXXXXX as he is suffering from many problems that he struggles to come to terms with and it's hard for him to reach out for help. We have one girl on baptismal date but she keeps canceling all our appointments. It's frustrating. I'm not quite sure how to give her a desire to learn more. That's the point though, I can't. She has to do it but we can help her feel the spirit. Maybe Sister Jensen is the Key.

   I hope you have a great week Dad. I love you very much!
-Ariel Nell

I believe there are angels among us........

   I'm sorry everyone had a conniption fit. It really wasn't as bad as it sounded. We are legally allowed to rid the bikes across the intersections here because there are special bike lanes. That's why the car is at fault. My body was more sore from shock and then my legs but other than that its fine. This week I came down with a cold as did Sister Dean but it is almost gone so no worries.

  Getting to Berlin WAS an adventure. So Wednesday we went to our district meeting in Bremen and then continued later that day on to Leipzig where we spent the night with the Sisters there. It was so much fun to see a big city and to help the other two Sisters teach a lesson that evening. Thursday morning we continued on to Berlin where we had training for the trainers and then met all the new missionaries and were assigned with who we would be training. I have been blessed with Sister Jensen from Orem, Utah and she is just a boss. We had quite a difficult time getting home Thursday as there was a train accident in Bremen so no trains could travel through or out. So from Berlin we rode to Hamburg, then Hamburg to Bremen Obenneuland ( the stop before the main Bremen station) and then from there took a random bus to a Straßenbahn to central station then a bus to Bremen-burg. Then a train from Bremen-burg home and a member came and picked us up. We didn't end up getting home until 11:00pm (so 7 hours of traveling). A really nice gentleman began helping us as we had to get on the first bus and he ended up helping us all the way till we got on the second bus. Sister Jensen immediately began talking to him about the gospel and just started teaching him. No worries that she was super jet lagged she just went ahead and started fulfilling her calling. It was a really neat experience and set a wonderful tone for the rest of our time together.

   Training has given me an insight of what Sister Stewart had to do and what kind of missionary I was at the beginning of my mission. It's a humbling experience for sure.

   I'm so sorry that your friend died. That was way sudden but I'm sure Heavenly Father REALLY needed her. How are her students doing? I can't imagine that would be easy for them at all. Especially as a little person

   Thanks so much for my package this week! Because I was in Berlin on Thursday I got it right when it came! How fantastic is that? The skirt is soooo comfy and probably the best skirt to wear while riding a bike because it's stretchy but doesn't ride up and flash people. I wore the blouse to church yesterday and I'm wearing the cardigan now. The goats milk lotion has me converted. Who knew I liked goats milk lotion? And the Hershey kisses are almost gone. Thanks for the pillow case! I love all my pillow cases :)

     Have a great week Mumma and keep pushing strong. We're headed to Bremen today for a zone P-day to play a bunch of sports. No worries! I'll be careful! I love you and am so grateful that you're my Mumma!
-Ariel Nell

Almost the end of February and it's finally getting cold like the winter!

Hey Lyndel!
   Michael is so funny. I'm glad that he treated you to a home made dinner for Valentine's Day. It sounds lovely. The mission president was the first to know about the accident last week and the accident wasn't super serious so I'm assuming that's why he didn't call to tell any of you. I immediately was able to get up and walk so it was more just bruises and a sore conscious.  The lady has gotten in trouble with her insurance. They have to pay more car insurance now and their insurance company is paying to repair my bike. She was just calling because she was really nice and wanted to know how I was doing.

   XXXXXXX is doing great. She's in Mosiah 7 and thinks King Benjamin is a boss. We're working on getting her to church. We had a serious conversation about baptism last night and she said she has been trying to decide when she should get baptized. She said she knows she needs to but is not sure when to commit to it. She was REALLY sad when she had to say goodbye to Sister Dean, like she cried a lot. But she has taken really well to my new companion.

   I am training Sister Jensen from Orem, Utah. She is really a wonderful missionary. Definitely cool, not lame. She has so many great ideas and isn't afraid to just jump into the work. She is a little nervous to do doors right now but I'm just trying to lead by example. I explain how to do things, demonstrate them and invite her to do them. She didn't want to on Friday, but it also was only her second day in Germany so this week for sure. She is a pleasure to study and work with and her German is such a real miracle that the Lord blesses his servants with the gift of tongues.

   I tried contacting the girl at the bus stop but she didn't answer her phone. This week though. Keep her in your prayers! I've got no random stories this week. Maybe...I was dooring and talking to a man at the door, he said he wasn't interested, so I asked him if he knew anyone who would be, he said no, and then I wished him a good evening and he goes,'' Just leave already, go, bye!'' Poor guy, he found me just a little annoying :)

   I hope you have a great week and enjoy bunco with your girlfriends. I love you bunches Lyndel!
-Ariel Nell

Thursday, February 14, 2013

From the Mission Blog

"Thank You Trainers! You set the tone, you raise the standard, you build up the mission, even for the months and years after you will go home. Excellent Trainers"
Ariel is now a trainer!

Wednesday, February 13, 2013

New Missionary Training

All the new trainers (I'm in there too!)

Sister & President Kosak, Sister Jensen and me!

Monday, February 11, 2013


My fabulous new hair cut

Snowy home this past week

Oh yeah, here is the finished puzzle :)

Me and snow

Happy Valentine's Day!

  I love that you know just how stressful Sundays are. I don't think members really realize how stressful Sundays really are when you are a missionary. They're like game day. Gotta have our game faces on! I'm super excited that you, Ellen, Lyndel, and Michael will be parents to the youth as they do their trek.
What a fun trek they'll be from the capital to the Temple. That will definitely be a life changing experience for them. When are you all doing it? If it'll be going on when I'm home I'd love to help! Let me know if I can!
  Thanks for taking care of all the LSU stuff.
   Transfers were way good. I am staying here in Bremerhaven and will be training and sister dean is headed to Berling-Marzahn to open a new area for sisters and will be training there. I am excited to train and for the change just a little nervous about training. The first companion always makes a big impact on the way a persons mission goes so I hope I can help her have a great start and a teach her some good habits :)

   This week I got into a car accident, Mumma has the story as well as dad. I got my hair cut Monday, we had district conference yesterday and that was good. We got dropped by an investigator. We went by for our appointment and when we showed up he came out to meet us and said that he didn't want any relationship with any church and gave us back the Book of Mormon. He was more concerned that we would take it personally. That's always a let down. Hopefully this week we can find lots of new people. We need them.
   Have a great week Andre and I'll be sure to send prayers your way. I love you! Be good this week :)
-Ariel Nell

Ward Conference Sunday

  Your experience with that photo is amazing! That's so neat how the Lord works through all his children to take care of all his children. Way to go to listening to the spirit. It was definitely no coincidence. As I've been out on my mission I have really come to learn how the Spirit talks to me and teaches me. Before my mission I could recognize the large promptings of the Spirit but I noticed yesterday as I was sitting in our district conference that I can really feel the little promptings. The ones where when we aren't paying close enough attention we will miss. It was really a great experience and I was very grateful that Heavenly Father has the patience with me to teach me.

   What was your experience in teaching XXXXX. You didn't share what happened but I am so excited that he wants the Elders to come back and talk to him more. He is such a humble man and truley ready for the gospel. You're a great example to me Dad! Thanks!
   I had no idea that Aunt Francis died. Did that happen this past week? I was actually telling XXXXXXX about Aunt Francis this past week. I'm glad that you were able to visit with your cousins and to celebrate the life of Aunt Francis.   

    Well Tuesday night I got hit by a car while riding across the cross walk. Here is the story: I was riding my bike Tuesday night crossing a main intersection that is not too far from our apartment. Sister Dean rode across before me and I was behind her a normal distance. I saw the light was green and that there was a car waiting at the cross walk for us to cross. Right as I was in front of the car the car started going again and drove right into me and my bicycle. I naturally was hit to the ground with my bike. This time I hit my right knee, my right elbow, and my left calf. The passenger of the car got out and began yelling at me as I was picking myself up. Sister Dean heard me scream as the car hit me and ran over immediately to see if I was okay. She was asking all the important questions like if I hurt myself and was I alright and the lady was still yelling. Sister Dean told the lady very politely that we wished her a nice evening in hopes that she would leave. Sister Dean then called the police and they arrived and questioned everyone and directed us to go to the hospital so I could be medically examined. The driver and the passenger had to stay a little while longer with the police. As we were leaving the police were taking ´pictures of the front of the car so I guess I dented it and marked it up with my bike. Sister Dean and I went to Saint Josephs hospital. There I had my bloody knee cleaned up. In my left calf I had a lump of blood that was swelling and hurting and had already bruised my leg. The doctors just put some cooling gel on it and then wrapped my leg. We then went upstairs and I got 7 x-rays taken of my legs (3 on my right and 4 on my left) and then the doctor said I just needed to not walk on my leg the next day and to rest. So we went home. I was feeling okay Tuesday evening but Wednesday I felt sick all over. My whole body just ached. After I was hit by the car I was shaking really bad. Sister Dean asked if I was cold and I said I wasn't sure and she said she wasn't and it wasn't cold outside so I was probably just shaking from shock. Anyways I'm doing much better, My knee is almost healed, I'm walking, and just have a bunch of little bruises all over. The lady who yelled lots called us Wednesday morning at 8:30 to see how I was doing. She said she couldn't sleep the whole night because she was so worried. Since then she has called two more times to double check on me and my health. Very nice of her. Now I've just got to fill out insurance forms so that the car drivers insurance company pays to fix the minor damage to my bike. The Lord really does protect his servants!  I'm doing much better now so no worries!

   Thursday night sister Dean and I were waiting at a bus stop laughing with one another when a girl came up to us and asked, "Are you from America?" and then noticed our missionary badges and said,"You're Mormons! I want to go to church! What time does it start?'' Her name is XXXXXX and she had done a year study abroad in Utah. She never went to church when she was growing up but when she lived with a member family in Utah she went every week, even went to girls camp with the young womens and did a Trek. She absolutely loved going to church there and is way excited to visit us here. It was such a miracle and certainly someone that we wouldn't have been able to find without the help of Heavenly Father.

   We had transfers and found out that Sister Dean and I will both be training. She is leaving and will be opening up a new area in Berlin-Marzahn and I will be training in Bremerhaven. I am excited but also a little nervous! I will be traveling to Berlin Wednesday and Thursday and will pick up my new companion on Thursday. Then the two of us will ride the train back the 5 or so hours to Bremerhaven. The poor girl is going to be exhausted. I'm excited to get to know a knew person and help her develop into the missionary she wants to be.

   I hope you have a great week Dad! I am so grateful for you and your example. I miss you tons! Love you,

Sweet Valentine!

Hey Mumma!
  It's so wonderful to hear from you. Sometimes I wish that I could just call you and check in everyday like I did in college!

   The Lord definitely qualifies everyone for the work. In D&C 4 it talks about faith  hope and charity, an eye single to the glory qualifies us for the work. When we believe in the Lord, and hope it be better, show love for others, and focus on the lords goals he will make up the rest. Don't forget that. We had district conference this week and that was really wonderful. I really enjoyed hearing from the old district President and the new one and also our mission presidency. Something that one of the counselors said is that we don't have to wait for the blessings of the restoration, we can receive them when we seek for them and as we follow the Lord. Our sins can and will be forgiven as we love others, serve others, and share the blessings of the Gospel. That is a restoration of who we are. I guess I never thought about that as a fulfillment of prophecy that there must be a restoration of all things but it makes sense. We must restore ourselves in order to be the lords and that comes through our lives as we live righteously.

    I am not sure what kind of place we will live in. Annette just asked me. I told her I would ask you guys and asked her if we could look for a place when I'm home in May or will she go ahead and do it before hand. I'll have to send her another email. So the architecture program at LSU is immediately a 5 year program. Right now she is doing a year study abroad in the United Arab Emerites. So my junior year will be the last year for her at LSU. She has a friend from home that I met when I visited her family, Jess, who is thinking of coming to LSU to do her masters. Jess is also a very good kid, very religious and has great standards.

   I'm glad you were able to talk to Brother Kane yesterday. Well I hit my right knee this past week in a car accident. Here's the story: I was riding my bike Tuesday night crossing a main intersection that is not too far from our apartment. Sister Dean rode across before me and I was behind her a normal distance. I saw the light was green and that there was a car waiting at the cross walk for us to cross. Right as I was in front of the car the car started going again and drove right into me and my bicycle. I naturally was hit to the ground with my bike. This time I hit my right knee, my right elbow, and my left calf. The passenger of the car got out and began yelling at me as I was picking myself up. Sister Dean heard me scream as the car hit me and ran over immediately to see if I was okay. She was asking all the important questions like if I hurt myself and was I alright and the lady was still yelling. Sister Dean told the lady very politely that we wished her a nice evening in hopes that she would leave. Sister Dean then called the police and they arrived and questioned everyone and directed us to go to the hospital so I could be medically examined. The driver and the passenger had to stay a little while longer with the police. As we were leaving the police were taking pictures of the front of the car so I guess I dented it and marked it up with my bike. Sister Dean and I went to Saint Josephs hospital. There I had my bloody knee cleaned up (it was just scraped). In my left calf I had a lump of blood that was swelling and hurting and had already bruised my leg. The doctors just put some cooling gel on it and then wrapped my leg. We then went upstairs and I got 7 x-rays taken of my legs (3 on my right and 4 on my left) and then the doctor said I just needed to not walk on my leg the next day and to rest. So we went home. I was feeling okay Tuesday evening but Wednesday I felt sick all over. My whole body just ached. After I was hit by the car I was shaking really bad. Sister Dean asked if I was cold and I said I wasn't sure and she said she wasn't and it wasn't cold outside so I was probably just shaking from shock. Anyways I'm doing much better, My knee is almost healed, I'm walking, and just have a bunch of little bruises all over. We spent Wednesday at home to I could elevate my left leg and rest. The lady who yelled lots called us Wednesday morning at 8:30 to see how I was doing. She said she couldn't sleep the whole night because she was so worried. Since then she has called two more times to double check on me and my health. Very nice of her. Now I've just got to fill out insurance forms so that the car drivers insurance company pays to fix the minor damage to my bike. He only managed to break the chain protector and bend a piece of metal on my bike that I have no idea what its supposed to look like normally. The Lord really does protect his servants! Don't worry, I'm doing okay now. And Yes, We are very careful as we ride our bikes but I can't control what the cars do.

    I got my hair cut last Monday and now it is super short and I LOVE it.  XXXXXXX was a bit upset that I didn't save my hair so she could glue it to her head and have more hair, ha! We had transfer calls this past week and I found out that I will be training in Bremerhaven. A brand new missionary. That's really strange! I'm excited but a little nervous too. I hope I can help her have a great start to her mission. Sister Dean will also be training but in Berlin where she will be opening a new sisters area!

   I love you Mumma. Have a great week and try to be a little less stressed. I wish I could be there to let you have a break from craziness. Thanks for all your love and support!
-Ariel Nell

Rainy night in Georgia

Hey Lyndel!
  You guys are horrible to that poor new missionary, although thats hilarious! No, not too many pranks get played. The Elders are meaner to each other than the sisters. I only hid in my friends closets in the MTC and jumped out when they opened it up. That was funny, but from what I have heard there are no pranks amongst the Sisters. 
   I got your package yesterday with the two other madwell shirts. Thanks soooo much. This week was way busy. XXXXXXX is doing well but we gotta work on getting her to church. She has a fear of strangers. She had to put her dog joy to sleep this past Wednesday. Well, Wednesday I took a nap because I was feeling way sick and woke up after having a dream about her dog Joy. I knew Joy was dead but I saw her anyways. I called XXXXXXX to tell her about my dream and she said that she had been praying to God all day to know if joy got to him safely or not and that my dream was her answer. She was very emotional but very happy to know that I saw her in my dream and was able to put her at peace. 
  I got my hair cut on Monday and the lady who cut my hair told me thanks because she had such a fun time. XXXXXXX was sad that I didn't bring the hair home to her and let her glue it to her head to give her more hair. HAha!
   Sister Dean and I met a girl at the bus stop this past week who loves the church because of a study a broad she did in Utah. She is really excited to visit the church here and we are very excited to start teaching her!
  Sorry this email is short but I'm running out of time. I got into a car accident so be sure to get the story from Mum.  Love you!
-Ariel Nell

Monday, February 4, 2013

All quiet on Super Bowl Sunday.

Hey Mum!

    The Producers wasn't offensive to me, but funny. But I think the people here would be very offended since Hitler was an Austrian and not a German. Hence the animosity between the two countries.

    That's so fun that you all get to spend Spring Break with the Alders again and that David will be coming as well. I've been thinking about Cape San Blas alot lately. I'm sorry that you feel like its not right to go without the whole family. That's so neat Eli has taken up long boarding and is so good at it. I feel like he is just full of talents. I had a dream last night that you were having Eli again and that it was taking too long and I was getting anxious. It's like what really happened. It was taking too long so I went to bed ( and he was only born at 10:36pm so it really didn't take THAT long). Ha :) It's cool that Eli uses the long board to travel all over the place. What a fun thing to do.

   Mum we are really safe, don't worry. The extreme situation is not as scary as you think it may be. I'll just explain everything when I come home. We are working hard at finding new people and a little frustrated at times because its like the weeks are taking crazy pills now instead of the people. For the first time in my mission we weren't there for sacrament meeting because of an emergency with one of our investigators during church. We brought two members with us and they really helped us a lot. Members are so important to missionary work its impossible to describe. Sister Dean and I had a neat experience contacting a less active family right after their home teacher who was with them mentioned us and then voilà, we appear. It was a really neat experience for everyone and hopefully we can now help this family come back to church.

    My knee is feeling better just still sore and definitely not ready for me to kneel on it. My nerve endings weren't severed just whacked so hard I killed or stunned the ends. The doctor missionary said they will come back, that it'll just take a while. My wrist hurts doing yoga whenever I had to do the downward dog thing or other moves where your arms support you. All the pressure goes to my wrists.

    XXXXXXX has been really sick this week and so we weren't able to meet with her at all. Bruder XXXXXX is having ups and downs. Lately he has been in a very big down and it causes problems with his progression. People have to want to progress before they can. It's heartbreaking sometimes.

   Oh! Annette contacted me and asked if I'd like to live with her at school as well as a friend of hers. I told her I'd talk to you guys about it. I think it would be fun a really good environment to live with Annette. She is really good. And I would not send any more packages. The last time I'll be able to pick up a package is in the end of March  and then the next time I come into contact with the office mail is when I am in the office to go home.

  Thanks for all the love and support that you offer Mum. And thanks for reading the Book of Mormon with us. I really appreciate that. Have fun teaching your class with Dominique and have fun at school! Love you!

-Ariel Nell

Another week done

Hey Lyndel!
  Your Young Women's lessons always sound awesome. I'm so proud of you and love bragging to our members about my awesome family :) In a good way of course. That's crazy you haven't cut your hair in so long. My hair is nasty and I plan to cut it today if we can find a not so scary salon. I'm so sick of long hair. So many people keep saying it's so pretty but I just keep thinking of Geoff and Jenn Frost and wanting to visit them so they can make my hair short and normal again. Speaking of what people say...three times this week from three different people I was told I look sick and that I need to put some blush on my face. Man if anything, that's causes the opposite reaction in me. I was so angry. I told one of them that if the sun would shine I wouldn't look so sick. Bah! Sister Dean said she doesn't know why people think I look sick. What a great companion she is :)

   I'm excited to get letters from the Sandy Springs ward. Whoever sends me letters I always write them back so hopefully they'll enjoy all the return letters. XXXXXXX was REALLY sick this past week and so we only visited her Monday. She blazed through Jacob. She said Jacob 5 was the best chapter she had ever read. That she say it playing in her head like a movie and wanted to tell the servant to do things to the vineyard or not. And she thought the story of Jacob and Sherem in Jacob 7 was AWESOME. She thought he was really dumb for fighting against the gospel and thought Jacob was a boss. If only everyone could have the excitement that she has about the Book of Mormon. It makes teaching her soooo much fun :) We hopefully will be allowed to visit her tonight and so then we can make out a church tour appointment. This lady needs to get to church!
    XXXXXXX got the Richard Simmons workout videos from her sister who lives in America so its actually Americans that still use them and not Germans, ha! :) You're so right about promises in our pratriarchal blessings. That's something that really helps me to get through hard times is when I re-read mine and am reminded of the promises Heavenly Father promised me as I endure in righteousness. It definitely gives me the strength to keep going. 
  We didn't tract into any new investigators. We seemed to have had a lot more lessons with members this week. It was also the end of the month so we were running low with money. We were able to pay one way to an appointment and then had to bike the 20 kilometers ( almost 12.5 miles) back to Bremerhaven. It was a wonderful ride and really opened my eyes to how ENORMOUS our area is. Pray for us that we can find those who are ready for the gospel this week. We sure are praying for it. We have about 35-40 members that come to church each week and maybe 70 that are inactive. We do have transfers this Saturday so next Monday I'll let you all know what the results are!

    Thanks for being such a help to the Elders in our ward. It really helps them continue in their work. I love you bunches! Thanks for all your help Lyndel. Have a great week!
-Ariel Nell

Barbie Doll was invented 1959

Hey Daddy,
  Thanks for all the funny jokes about missionary work. It's so true, the missionary bladder is an amazing thing. I've gone 10 hours without peeing once just because there was no bathroom. One p-day a week is very accurate ;) Thanks for all the anniversarys for today. Who knew today would be so special and important? We do have transfers this week. We receive the call on Saturday. I don't think too much will get changed because we're running low on sisters right now. I'm glad Eli has taken an interest in the Elders right now. He needs real live missionaries in his life to continue to give him the desire to serve a mission himself. I'm glad to hear that the Elders y'all have are really good workers.

   XXXXXXXX is from Lyberia and I have no idea what language she speaks. I don't think the church has the Book of Mormon in her native tongue or we would have already gotten it. We did order the Book of Mormon in English on CD this past week. The mission only gives them out in MP3 files because CD files are too big but XXXXXXXX's DVD player doesn't play MP3 files so we ordered her the CD's. They should get here in two weeks or so. 
    We have district conference this next Sunday. I'm excited to see all the members of our district and President Kosak. Because we're not a real stake President Kosak presides over the meeting. Neat huh? It's another good way to get to spend time with him. As to your talk I think talking about the joy that living the gospel brings is a great example. And I have a great story that you call tell everyone. So ever since I arrived here in Bremerhaven Sister Dean and I had been trying to contact the XXXXXXXXX family. We stopped by lots of times but never were we able to get into contact with them. Also not with phone. Well this past Saturday we had some appointments fall out and Sister Dean said that we need to go by on the XXXXXXXXX family so we rode our bikes to their house. It looked like they were home so we were excited. We rang the door bell and Schwester XXXXXXXXX answered the door. She happily invited us in and told us we could take off our coats. As we were doing that we heard familiar voices. Bruder and Schwester Pitari were there doing their home teaching. Bruder Pitari told us that he had just mentioned to the XXXXXXXXX's that there were Sisters in Bremerhaven and that he could send us by sometime. And then the door bell went off and we were standing there. On Sunday in Elders Quorum when Bruder Pitari was sharing this spritiual experience he said that it hadn't been 5 minutes later and then we klingeled. We had no idea that they would be there and Bruder Pitari was last at their house 2 1/2 years ago. He shared with the quorum that it showed him that when we truly are trying to do the work of the Lord that he guides and directs us and answers our prayers. It showed Sister Dean and myself that miracles really happen each day, we just have to make sure that we are ready to fulfill them. We thought it was simply a good ''idea'' to visit the XXXXXXXXX family but what we learned is that we were really guided a directed by the Spirit so that we could enter their home. Because we stopped by when we did we were able to have a wonderful discussion with Bruder and Schwester XXXXXXXXX and help them remember the reasons why they joined the church and the testimonies that they have. It brings us to much joy to serve people because thats the essence of the gospel of Christ. He served others. This experience also showed me how powerful member and missionary efforts, when combined together, really are. The missionaries can't do it without the members and vice versa.
    I hope that helps.  It was a neat experience for the both of us. I'm continuing to keep my focus. Thanks for the encouragement Dad. For employment when I get back. I would like to have a steady job and not just so many babysitting jobs, as fun as they are. I wasn't sure if Amy Orlin's animal business would have any openings or if Andy Orlin knew of anything. I thought maybe I could help out with German movees with Andy's company or just run around doing busy work. Whatever you think Dad. I'm really trying to focus now on strengthening my own testimony and faith as I grow to know Jesus Christ a lot better. This past week I had the opportunity to give a lesson in our district meeting. I chose to talk about Faith in Christ and something that I've come to see is that Faith in Christ is directly related to our understanding of the enabling power of the atonement. Elder Bednar gave a fabulous talk about it that was quoted in the April 2012 Liahona. I would really suggest it if you haven't already read it. Anyways, thats what I am working on to keep staying focused and engaged.
   Thanks for all your love and support Dad! Let me know what I can do for you. Love you!
-Ariel Nell

Super Bowl Sunday!

Hey Andre!

   I too was thinking about coming home as soon as I got into the MTC. I'm not trunky as Mum thinks. I just had a really hard week last week where it would have been nice to talk to someone from home. Missions aren't easy you know and then when you have those weeks that are like acids trips they're even more crazy. Anyways, I'm not distracted rather ready to see some people grow closer to their Savior. XXXXX got REALLY sick this past week. She finally called us last night to say she was feeling much better. The snow has finally melted so we are praying that we will be able to give her a church tour so that she becomes less scared of coming to church and has the courage to come. We are hoping to be able to visit her tonight if she is feeling up to it.

    Well last Monday, as soon as we were headed out to go do missionary work we got doored into by Jehovah witnesses. That was funny. Now I know what its like to be on the other side of the door. They gave us a book about what the bible really teaches but its scary looking so I put it in the recycling. Then later this week we were meeting with a lady and her door bell went off. She went to the door to see who it was and she goes,'' Oh, the Jehovah witnesses are here!'' I was so afraid that she'd let them in and then they'd fight with us. Sister Dean and I quickly got our coats on but then she told them she had besuch (vistors) so they just dropped a book off. They seem to be following us or something.

    I have heard about the new Come Follow Me program and I really love it. I think the best way to learn is through discussions. That's something I love about teaching XXXXX. She keeps her commitments so well that she has lots of questions and we can discuss the gospel as opposed to telling her the gospel. Do you know what I mean? When people don't keep their commitments it is so much harder to teach them because they didn't prepare themselves for the new information but XXXXX is totally excited to learn new information and READY for it. What does Eli think of the new program?    

Your soft investigators idea is a great idea. We quasi do it now and started to really kick up the gear of not spending so much time this past transfer with those who don't keep their commitments. It really does help when we do stop by because usually they prayed us there or had some spiritual experience that prepared them to keep going. Its neat :)

Transfers are this Saturday. We will have our conference  call at 9am and then I'll let you all know on Monday. I don't think too much will change because we are sort of on a low for sister missionaries right now. An area has to get closed for a bit.

    My knee is doing okay. It is still numb and sore but it is slowly going away. I don't kneel on it still and when I did on Saturday it got very hot so I stopped. Sister Dean and I were invited for tea and cake with XXXXX parents and her sister. We have seemed to make a huge impression on her family. Her Mum is reading in the plan of salvation pamphlet and said that we could call her today and set up an appointment with them. XXXX also gave us the name and number of someone she knew who was interested in meeting with us. We are praying for some new people to find and teach this week.

    We had a rough time with Bruder XXXX this week. He is at the point where he knows he has to do something before we can help him move forward. It is very hard to watch people make silly choices.

  Thanks for your love and support Andre. I'm working hard and plan to do it until the end. I love you very much!