Monday, September 24, 2012

I'm dreaming of a white Christmas

Thanks for all the pictures! I especially liked all the ones of La Place. I remember going to a YSA dance when I was out at school there. I'm glad that you're still playing tennis and that you and Dan are having fun at it too! I am also glad that you hit the priesthood hard with referrals. We ask EVERYONE we talk to for referrals and this week we got three for the first time ever. That was super neat. We rarely get referrals from Salt Lake. It's true, that if we don't address the elephant in the room its just going to make a bigger mess. Part of missionary work is being bold.

Make sure to take pictures of the ward trunk-or-treat party! I'll write Eli today and hopefully he can understand it. Thanks for encouraging him to write me:)

This week we got to the book of Ether in the Book of Mormon with Frau XXXXXXX. I'm so excited to be almost done with it. She is so looking forward to General Conference. She sobbed yesterday thinking for some reason that she wouldn't be able to go. We also found out in church yesterday that President Monson is coming to visit us and that we will be going to hear him speak the week before my birthday. When Frau XXXXXXX heard the news she clapped her hands together with joy. I wish more people could have the same reactions as she does to the gospel. We told a member that he was coming and they responded as ''yea, so?'' Its sad and frustrating.

This week we hope to be blessed with finding more people who are interested in meeting with us. We had some new appointments last week but they all fell out. We did a lot of putting Books of Mormon in peoples briefkastens since they weren't home. XXXXXX's baptism did not end up happening. The morning of he woke up with numb legs and couldn't walk. This week he is in the hospital and Sister Tidwell and I are hoping that we will be allowed to visit him. I got a package from Auntie Jean this week with a package of fantales inside. They helped us get over our sorrows Sunday night. It's been getting colder, 4°C yesterday. We have pulled out gloves and scarfs and coats now. Winter is right around the corner!

Well I hope you have a great week dad. Keep up working on Percy Graingers music. He is such a fabulous musician. I'm excited to hear the ''I'm dreaming of a white Christmas''. I really miss listening to Christmas music especially on the radio. I love you Dad. Be good and have fun this week!
-Ariel Nell

Happy day

Hey Mumma :)
  I'm glad you liked all the pictures. Some weeks the camera wants to let me upload pictures and other weeks it's not so happy to oblige. Good luck on your citizen test Mumma! I'll be sure to think and pray for you especially on Thursday. No worries, you'll schaff it. I like Eli's science fair project topic. I think that's super neat and I'm interested to see how bad of breathers the orchestra students are. Haha :) I don't think Halberstadt has any kind of harvest festival that I know of. Everyone just grows their own pumpkins and squashes and things. When will you guys head up to Burt's Pumpkin Farm? I've been thinking about Burt's a lot lately. Last time we went I was with everyone. Crazy how time flies huh? Make sure to take pictures!

   So this past week we visited XXXXXX on Tuesday and taught him about what it means to be numbered in the church of Christ and the blessings we receive from it. He loved the lesson and was super excited about his baptism on Sunday. Saturday we picked up the Elders from Halberstadts Bahnhof and then all rode together to Thale for XXXXXX's interview. The Elders were way impressed with his attitude and his testimony. XXXXXX was just so excited to have them there. He passed of course and we got all the last details down in preparation for his baptism. Sunday morning at 8am his wife called to tell us that both his legs were numb and that he couldn't walk. They would be calling a house doctor in hopes of getting him some help since they couldn't get him to a doctor and then today he is headed to the hospital. So his baptism was cancelled. It really was not fun letting everyone know that the baptism was cancelled. Poor Schwester Munke even cried. The whole ward had been praying lots for XXXXXX so that he could accomplish this goal. They all put a card together yesterday and signed it. Sister Tidwell and I want to go visit him in the hospital but it's not in our area. We have to call President today and see if he'll give us permission. So no baptism.

    Oh hey! Guess what Heavenly Father is giving me for my birthday? President Monson! President Monson is coming to tour and meet with the saints here in Germany! He is holding two meetings within our mission so we all get to go to one and hear the prophet!! I may just wet my pants. And it's the week after conference. Poor man is going to be exhausted. He is so busy. Anyways, Sister Tidwell call it our birthday present from Heavenly Father :) Her birthday is the 1st.

   So on Thursday we went to hear Schwester Mußmanns choir sing at the Jagd Schloss here in Halberstadt. She told us 2pm so we got there on time but it seemed that wasn't the right time because some man was already giving a presentation. Not wanting to disturb the meeting, we just waited at the door. Schwester Mußmann saw us and came to get us and bring us in. As we walked in everyone stopped talking and Schwester Mußmann loudly announced we were from America. And then they applauded us. It was so embarrassing. Once we sat down then the man continued his presentation. I was trying to wish the red in my face back into my body but I don't think it worked so well. A lot of people did ask us what we were doing in Halberstadt during intermission so that was a great opportunity to talk to them about the church and missionary work.

   Its getting colder here. It was 4°C  (39 degrees Fahrenheit) yesterday. I don't think fall really exists here. I hope you all stay warmer this week! Love you Mumma :)

-Ariel Nell


    Our new mission presidents are really good but I think they're still trying to get settled in to missionary life. I think its more stressful for them than they thought. I definitely have a different relationship with these presidents as I do with the Pimentels. Its fun to work with them and see how they choose to run this monstrous machine of a mission. 
   XXXXXX was doing great this week. We taught him Tuesday about what it means to be a part or member of Christ's church and then on Saturday we picked up the Elders from Bahnhof to drive them to Thale where he lives so he could have his baptismal interview. Sister Tidwell and I were so nervous all morning because the last time we got a call early in the morning that cancelled his interview because of a health problem that popped up. Well, he did great and the Elders were really impressed with him. We were all set to go for his baptism and confirmation on Sunday and then Sunday morning at 8 am we received a call from his wife explaining that both his legs were numb and he couldn't walk. Saturday he was having problems with his arms being numb. So the baptism was cancelled and he is headed to the hospital today for 7-10 days or so. It was rough on Sister Tidwell and I and the rest of the branch here. We'll help him get back though. He is so ready and so excited! So that was a little set back.
    Sister Tidwell LOVED the yankee candle car freshener you sent us! (It smells like candy corn for Halloween). She tied it to the curtains near her desk and would sniff it periodically when I wasn't watching, or so she thought :) Then she moved it to her desk and now it doesn't smell anymore but she still has it as a keep sake. She says she keeps hoping its magically going to start re-smelling but it's not. 
   FHE this week we talked about Noah and how the rainbow is the sign of the covenant that God made with Noah and us that he would never flood the earth again. Thomas being silly said ,''God never made the covenant with me'' and Frau Görgens goes,''Doch! Were you bapized?'' ''Yes...'' ''Then God made the covenant with you.'' She is so fabulous! I love how she just dishes out the gospel like it's a piece of cake! So for our activity we all painted rainbows with water colors. The picture I attached is Frau Görgens rainbow she painted. (She's blind now). I asked her what color she wanted and as she help onto the brush I would rub it in the color and then she would paint. She also painted another lovely picture. It was just so amazing to me to see what she sees in her head or what she remembers. The picture of me is when I was helping her paint. This next week we'll be learning about Abraham and playing pin the sacrifice tail on the ram :) Best-idea- EVER! 
    For my birthday package you can send it to whichever one you think will get to me fastest. We will be having a meeting next Tuesday as a zone and will be getting mission office mail. So if you think it'll get to the mission office before then, then go for it. Otherwise send it here to me if it can arrive by the 7th. Our transfer is on the 9th. It'll be fine either way. If I miss it somehow I'll get it eventually. 
   Have a great week Lyndel! Love you bunches! Keep working hard :)
-Ariel Nell
Me at FHE

Frau Görgens rainbow she painted

Did you know that Ellen used to like Sailor Moon and has three Sailor Moon dolls?

Excerpt from Ariel's email to Andre

  Pictures are always good for a birthday present.

 Did you have fun in the petting zoo Andre? Hahaha:) What were you going to do with the pot belly pig?

Our week was good but all our new appointments fell out :(

XXXX had his interview but his baptism fell out. The Elders were going to baptize him, But the morning of his baptism he woke up with numb legs and couldn't walk. He is in the hospital this week. I was going to give a talk about the Holy ghost at his baptism. 
Today we're probably going to stay inside because its cold outside and Sister Tidwell and I just need some naps.

  So Friday night we always have an eating appointment with Schwester Munke. Well this Friday her great-grand son was over so we played hide and go seek (verstecken suchen) with him (he's 4). Well, I hid fabulously in the bathroom once so then he wanted to hide in the bathroom so I left and counted to ten and then pretended to look all over the place for him: in the bedroom, in the kitchen, under the table, on the balcony, and then finally I went to the bathroom. I pretended to look in the washing machine right by the door and asked ''Where's Max?''. Then I see his little head pop up behind the sink and he goes ''I'm right here!'' The little guy was taking a poo on the toilet as I was looking for him!!! He jumps off and runs out of the bathroom with his pants at his knees. It made us all laugh so hard! It was just super funny.

  We're tausching (doing splits) this week. I'm staying in Halberstadt and Sister Olsen from Bielefeld will come and work with me for a day. It'll be good to learn how someone else works. I'm not the biggest fan of tausch but it'll be okay.

 Oh! I got a speeding ticket! I always know where the speed limits change and where the blitz boxes are but The senior Elder in charge of all our cars called me this week to tell me I got caught going 80 in a 60 and received a €30 ticket. My perfect record went down the crap shoot as I've been driving in Germany. I've gotten a parking ticket and a speeding ticket now! Buh!

  Well I hope you have a great week Andre and Ellen! Love you guys bunches! Be good :)
-Ariel Nell

Monday, September 17, 2012

Hey girl

Hey friend!

  I figure you are super busy so I just wanted to update you on FHE. We are working in the song ''Follow the Prophet'' and this past Tuesday was Adam. Sister Tidwell and I made paper pears and wrote "Adam fell so that we could have joy" on them and then hung them in a tree outside. We read in 2 Nephi about the Fall and how important it is to our salvation. We then all went outside and plucked the fruit from the tree and talked about the things that bring us joy in our lives. They all really enjoyed it and were super cute about it. The computer isn't letting me attach pictures :(   Love you!
-Ariel Nell

Rainy night in Georgia

Hey Mumma,
 You and Dad can save buying the bike now and we can all go together to get it when I get home. I was thinking something classic like Mini Drivers or like a real road bike just older. I think it would be really fun to ride around Louisiana and run to the store for groceries and things on my bike like everyone does here. EVERYONE rides bikes. I'm glad you really liked the postcard. I hope you liked the picture too. I thought it was a neat picture, one that Sister Tidwell took of me. It's fun to see all the different sets of scriptures on our desks. My desk always seems to be exploding with things but always good things (Liahona magazines, Books of Mormon, Bibles, lesson plans, Preach my Gospel books, etc.)

  I'm glad you and Dad got to see Lara and Greg and Julia. She is such a gorgeous little girl! I have a picture of Lara and Julia hanging up behind my desk here. I can't wait to meet her. It seems crazy that she'll be one by the time I come home. How are you enjoying the Elders? I'm really excited to see how our ward functions with missionaries and how you do. You used to never invite them over and now you do all the time! I'm so proud of you mum! :) Do they enjoy coming over? Speaking of helping missionaries, so two Fridays ago, we gave Schwester Munke  all the raisinettes you had sent. Well this Friday we asked her if she liked them and she said ''Oh stop! They were all gone by the second day, I had the first bag finished by that night!'' Oh man I was laughing so hard. She is such a cute little lady. Needless to say she absolutely LOVED the raisinettes and was very grateful for them. Thanks mumma!

   The analogy from President Sullivan does sound really neat. I get the gist of it so no worries. I'm excited to see him as a Stake President when I come home. Have you guys seen or heard from Elder Parker lately? I'm sure he is keeping way busy.

  I'm sorry your school schedule keeps getting moved around. I talked to Sister Openshaw this week and she feels for you and your case load. Did they change your students again too or did they keep them the same? Are you still working with Tammy?

   It's crazy the ''fall'' is supposed to start. I am afraid we have past it or will pass it completely. It was 9°C yesterday morning. I think its just going to jump into winter soon. No I don't need anything else for winter. The scarfs and beanies you knitted me last winter are perfect. It really just has to do with layering up. My shoes are fabulous. I just need to polish my brown ones today. I haven't polished my shoes my whole mission = Clarks are the best shoes on the planet and super comfy too!

   We read with Frau XXXXXXX in 3 Nephi 1-11 this past week and then our Sunday School lesson was on 3 Nephi 1-11. Let me just say Frau XXXXXXX is a boss and answered all the questions in Sunday School like it was a piece of cake. She's AWESOME! :) We got to visit a less active this week that I had never visited before. It was really sad to talk to him because he is thoroughly convinced the Book of Mormon isn't true and he's not even sure if Jesus is the son of God. He got hung up in lots of anti-literature and it just completely changed his whole understanding. He has so many questions that can be answered by the Book of Mormon and honest to goodness study but I don't think he'll do it. He has to figure out the answers for himself so he can rely on his testimony and not on others. It was a really sad visit but was good to show me when we are busy in learning about the gospel we won't be strengthening ourselves and we will lose our testimony. The Book of Mormon is true and even though he said it wasn't he can't change my opinion because I got it for myself.

   I hope you have a better week this week! Please throw some prayers out for XXXXXX. His baptismal interview is Saturday and he is getting Baptized on Sunday. Love you! Thanks for everything Mumma!
-Ariel Nell

A British sailor tells a German radio man "We're sinking, we're sinking"..​.the German responds in a German accent "what are you thinking about" :-)

Excerpt from Ariel's email to Andre


    I love that Youtube video! (referring to the title of the email - Check it out

    Way to go Ellen! Andre, you're very lucky to have such a fabulously successfull wife! I'm proud of you Ellen. What does the promotion entail?

         I wish I could get sun tan lines...I have a pretty sweet tan line from my watch just so I can prove to myself that I actually am in the sun sometimes.

    Karma and Stefan came to the game? Thats fun! Hahaha! I love that Mumma is embarrassed to sit with you.

iphone 5? Woah! What does it look like? Well you got cut off after telling me about the new iphone.

   I'm glad you guys had sucha busy yet enjoyable week! We've been having a rough time keeping appointments. On wednesday all our appointments fell out. Thats always not fun but we were able to do some finding and get some new appointments this week. We were able to go to a bunch of different cities this week. We visited Quedlinburg, Wernigerode, Halberstadt (of course) and Thale. It was good to go to all the bigger cities in our areas. Especially Quedlinburg. I have only spent a handfull of hours there so it was nice to do a lot of doors, to walk around the city and get aquainted with it, contact old contacts, and visit with less actives.

   We got a new member in our ward on sunday. She is 20 and studying at the junior college in Wernigerode. She is a wonderful addition to our ward and is used to having 12 people in the branch because she comes from a small branch too. Its also nice to have some people start filling in the age gap between 7 and 55.

  XXXX is a boss and will be interviewed for baptism on Saturday and then his baptism is sunday. We got to meet with him this last week and talked about Lehi's dream and how he is holding fast to the rod now on his way to this tree. I told him about the activity we did in the peachtree corners ward with a tree of life full of white powdered donuts. Do you remember that? He thought it was funny :) I'm excited to see him accomplish his goal and work his way towards receiving the priesthood.

   Hey keep an eye out for your birthday package andre. I'm mailing it today. Thanks so much for your funny emails everyweek! Love you guys bunches!

-Ariel Nell

Monday, September 10, 2012

Hi sister!

Haha! I love that Mum yelled ''Push him Eli'' while he was playing football! I can totally hear her in my head saying that. Thats just too funny :)  The trampoline gym for your birthday sounds like so much fun. Andre sent me a picture of you and Ellen jumping. Did sushi and key lime pie not come up while you were all jumping? I DEFINITELY want to go there when I come home. I'm stoked!

   FHE this week we finished the book of mormon stories song with the last verse about Christ. It talks about how he blesses the children and so we talked about how Jesus tells us to be like children and why he would bless the children. We got everyone to bring a picture of themselves as a child and made a little paper ornament with them and on top wrote seht eure kleine (behold your little ones is what Christ says in english) so that they could all look at these little pictures of themselves and remember what it was like to be a child and try to become like their little selves again. So how it says in Mosiah 3:19 meek, humble, patient, full of love, etc. I'll attach a picture of Bruder Lau's, its a gorgeous picture. 
   Did you get the letter with a bunch of pictures in it? If not then you should get it today. Saturday Sister Tidwell and I chased the sunset to the edge of Halberstadt so that we could get a picture of it. It was blood orange. It was so beautiful, I tried to take some pictures so hopefully they'll turn out when I get them printed today. We had lunch with Schwester Mußmann yesterday and we were sharing a little lesson with her and I pointed to something floating in the air and she couldn't see it and she goes,''What?! Is it Jesus?'' Oh my goodness I don't know if I have ever laughed so hard. She said she thought it would be Jesus because we were talking about him. Its was cute :)
   Well I hope you have a fun 5 day work week and I'm glad you had such a great birthday. Love you bunches!
-Ariel Nell
"Behold your little one"... picture of Bruder Lau as a little boy

I whistle a happy tune....

Hey Mumma,
 You're too funny. I'm sorry you locked the keys in the trunk of the car but I'm glad that you can have a good laugh about it now. Did you guys get apple cider too? I've been thinking about BJ Reece and Burt's pumpkin farm lately cause I know the time is getting close to go visit those beautiful farms. Did you all get some boiled peanuts? Mmm, those are yummy.

   Don't worry about our ward mission leader. He has made a lot of progress since I got here. And yes, I have stood up to him many times in the past so we have a good relationship of just saying how we feel. So that's nice. I'll save all the other stories though for when I come home because we're not supposed to write negative things :) I wrote the story last week just to demonstrate how we have to be willing to be taught by the spirit as we teach with the spirit.

   Mum, the school year will fly by, don't you worry. Just take it a week at a time and remember to find things to laugh at with Tammy. I think the more laughter I have had on my mission the faster it goes. Last transfer was just a blink.

   It's sad but wonderful to think of how much Eli has grown up since I left. Make sure to take lots of pictures of all his football matches! I love the pictures Dad sent this week. I just realized yesterday that this month I've got 3 months until we get to talk again. I'm WAY excited. Mission time is super trippy. I can't believe how fast everything is going.

   I think that was hilarious Michael thought it was his birthday because he had to much fun at the trampoline gym for Lyndel's birthday. I want to go there when I get home.

    Thanks for the package Mumma. I love the sports jacket and the cardigan. I wore the cardigan twice this week :) A faux pas in America but on a mission anything is game! I wear my jacket every morning and evening as I sit at my desk and study. P-days we don't ever get to dress out because we never do things that you can't do in normal missionary attire. I've only dressed out a few times in Celle. Schwester Munke LOVED getting the raisenettes and she said to give a big hello or shöne gruße (beautiful greeting) to the family.

   We did lots of finding this week and one man we ran into said he was Evangelist but believed God didn't answer his prayers because then he wouldn't have so many health problems. Why do people blame things on God when they're natural? EVERYONE'S body has wear and tear that over the years brings health problems. That's not Gods fault and that's not a reason to think he doesn't hear your prayers. We were able to teach him about the Book of Mormon and explain that God does answer his prayers but he wasn't interested. We talked to another couple who had no faith and told us about their family. We asked if they wanted to be with their family in the next life and they said no. That's just strange...

   At church we had so many visitors there were 27 people there! I've never seen our little chapel so full. It was great! :) We've got another busy week ahead, I'm excited. Have a great week at work Mumma and try not to get too stressed. Love you! thanks for all your support!
-Ariel Nell

Hello from Dad - September 9 2012

Hey Dad!
   Thanks for all the pictures of Eli. I love to see him in his uniform! I'm glad he is having so much fun and enjoying playing. How did his first couple games go? Has he gotten hurt at all? I hope not!

   Did you enjoy the king and I? West side story is always fun to see too. I hope you guys get to go to Louisiana to help out but at the same time I think it might be a little too much for everyone and all the work you all have to do. I really enjoyed the experience we had of camping on the church lawn and being able to help out after Katrina.

    Don't worry about Bruder Schwabe. He tends to be like that. It's a work in progress. He has gotten a lot better then what he used to be like when I first got here. He does offer German tips when we make mistakes its just hard when he does it in lessons because it distracts the other people in the lesson more then us saying something grammatically incorrect.

    Thanks so much for the package with the Raisenettes and my face wash. Schwester Munke told me to tell you all a big hello and thank you very much! She was so super excited to get the raisenettes and said that now she can get fat :) It turns out that the zone training meeting will happen every month so sending things to the office is just fine. The next zone training meeting will be the first week of October.

   Something you could share with the youth or the ward is how to prepare to receive personal revelation to questions or concerns through general conference. I'm super excited. General Conference is like spring break here. 6 hours to sit and just listen to the prophet and apostles. Way fun!

   Thanks for the love and support Dad. I love you a lot and hope that you have a great week!
-Ariel Nell

Moomoos are sexy!

   You should go and help clean up if you can? I remember cleaning up for Katrina with Dad. Its a neat experience.
   Bill Maycock is the Best Ward Mission leader hands down. I wish he was our ward mission leader. You have no idea how well he runs the mission program. I'm really grateful that I was able to be a ward missionary with him before I left. So many missionaries out in the field don't know how a ward mission leader is supposed to help the work or what they're even supposed to do. In Celle our frist one didn't really do much but the second one was on the ball like Brother Maycock. But Brother Maycock still wins. There really is no contest.
   The trampoline gym sounds so much fun! How did you guys find it? Did Mum and Dad go?
   What was the score for the LSU v. washington game? How was their game against north texas?
   Hahaha! Sister Tidwell said ''you don't even know dough'' about how sexy our moomoos are :)
   Well this week has been good. We've had a lot of ups and downs but we came out good. Yesterday we didn't get home till 6pm for a pee break from 6:30 am. I'm pretty sure I'll need to get my kidneys checked out when I come home. We were just running from appointment to appointment. Its always fun that way but way hectic. We're almost done with reading Helaman with Frau XXXX. She LOVES us reading. When I read Helaman 5 she loved it so much she got me to read it twice. And then later in chapter 10 or 11 Nephi gets the sealing power. I wish you could have seen her face, bug-eyed and dropped mouth she was so astonished. It was way funny and just neat to see how powerful the Book of Mormon can be when we listen and learn. When we were reading about the Gadianton Robbers she goes,'' Thats like corruption! That sounds like the mafia, mmm hmm!'' 
   Well Andre Nicholas, have a great week. Thanks for all the videos and memos. I love them! Be good and don't get too crazy. Love you!
-Ariel Nell

Monday, September 3, 2012

Hello from Dad - September 1

Hey Daddy!
  The pictures of your ride in Arizona  look beautiful. I'm glad you and Andre were able to have another amazing trip together and with all the men. You all look fabulous! 
  Well this week we didn't have any huge miracles but we definitely learned a lot of lessons for our selves. One miracle we did have was dooring into one of our ward members' daughters. I have met her already a few times before and so she knew who we were but she let us in and actually has a lot of interest. She was so open and friendly and told us if there were more people in the world of our faith it would be a better place. AMEN! Sister Tidwell and I haven't been able to bear our testimonies lots or teach a lot of random people because they shut the doors right after we say ''church''. With our ward members' daughter however, we were able to teach her about the Book of Mormon and share our testimonies of it. It was so amazing to hear her read from Moroni 10:3-5, it strengthened my testimony. She wouldn't set up a new date with us but she said she would tell her mother, our ward member, when we could meet again. It was just a really great Spirit meeting with her. 
   On Wednesday we had our ward missionary correlation meeting called GMKo in German. Our Ward Mission Leader can be a tough person to talk to but we have been working well together for the past little while. Anyways at the end of our meeting we left him with a little lesson from a quote Elder Busche said to a group at BYU in 1996. He said when its hard to love someone look them in the eyes and see their potential and divine nature as children of Heavenly Father. Well just as we had explained that, he went on to tell me how horrible my German is and how no one can understand me. And the thought just came into my head to look into his eyes and see his potential as a child of God. Sometimes it is really hard to love him but this GMKo taught me the principle I was trying to teach. Afterwards, Sister Tidwell said that we have to be willing to be taught by the spirit as we teach by the spirit. I think that is a very true principle. 
  We have a lot of finding time this week and a lot of chances to see little miracles. We're excited! Thanks for all your love and support Dad. I hope you have a great week and are able to get a little more rested from your travels. Love you!
-Ariel Nell

Hi Sister!

   It's fun hearing your voice! (Lyndel sent an audio recording email instead of typing one up this week)

   I'm glad you love your present :) You look super fabulous! (Ariel sent Lyndel a dress from Germany H&M  and a magnet created from a domino with the temple stamped on it for her birthday) I didn't make the domino magnet, an older sister missionary made them and brought them to give them to members as she visited with her family after her mission and then gave us the extras :) I can send one to mumma too!
    Where is Jesse and Stephanie's house? Karma must be super excited to have all her babies in the area.
Sister Tidwell has me laughing EVERY day. This past week Sister Tidwell accidentally decapitated a mannequin in a store so then we just had to buy moo-moos so as to pay for the decapitated mannequin . It was hilarious and we still can't talk about it without almost wetting our pants. I love the voice recordings you all sent, they're fun.
Eli's first football game!? Make sure to take lots of pictures!!!That's funny that Eli had to run around to stay at everyone else's house. Sister Tidwell said don't worry, we have a lot of fun :)
  So this week for FHE we talked about Samuel the Lamanite and for our activity we taped a paper picture of Samuel the Lamanite on the board and then we all made paper airplanes as the arrows and tried to get Samuel off the wall. They all LOVED it. It was soooo hilarious and Frau XXXXXXX loved the paper Samuel. She caressed him after we tried to kill him. And No, no one was successful in knocking him off the wall. Okay, I tried to attach pictures but its taking too long. I'll just print them out and mail them to you. 
  Anyways, I hope you have a fabulous next week! I love you bunches and I love that you look so gorgeous in your birthday dress :) Love you
-Ariel Nell

Return With Honor...For Girls!

I like how you boys have sleep over like girls and only sleep 4 hours when you have sleep overs :)
Hahaha, Tyrone and Brandon are too hilarious. Were they arguing about who was on whose side of the bed. Oh goodness gracious!!! Y'all are funny.
I'm not getting trunky.

What did Brandon say about 18 months? Love you too Tyrone and Brandon and I'm going to return with honor for myself, how about that?

 Goodness ya'll are funny. It fun to hear you all being silly. So this week was fun. We didn't have any success dooring but we got to talk to a lot of people. Thursday we had a music evening in the ward, so a ward activity where we sang a whole bunch of songs and I played the piano the whole time. At the end when everyone else left to go eat the snacks afterwards Schwester Munke and Schwester Mußmann rocked out with me and Sister Tidwell singing called to serve. Schwester Mußmann loved it so much she made us play it again.

  On Friday we got to work in the old peoples home called ASB and there was a 90 year old woman who said all the men there were manicans instead of men. Haha, too funny. And then on Saturday, speaking of mannequins. Sister Tidwell and I met with an old investigator who owns a shop in Wernigerode. We taught him at the pay counter in between customers. During one of our pauses Sister Tidwell went to look at some moo-moos hanging up and touched the  mannequins and it fell to the ground and the neck snapped off. It was so funny and so embarrassing. We bought two moo-moos and then left the store. Way awkward but hilarious. I attached a picture of us in our moo-moos. Probably the best purchase yet :)

 Saturday we climbed the Martini Kirche tower and got to see a really neat view of Halberstadt. I attached a picture of me in the spiral stairwell and then me with the Halberstadter Dom behind me.

 Well I hope you had a fabulous week at work. Enjoy some good sleep. Thanks for all your love and support Andre! Love you,
Ariel Nell
Ariel at top of Martini Kirche tower, Halberstadter Dom in the background
Sister Tidwell and Ariel in their moo-moos!
Ariel in sprial stairwell of the Martini Kirche tower