Friday, November 18, 2011

Excerpts from snail mail to Lyndel - 11/18/11

So Sister Pingree hid in Sister Stowell's closet last night. When Sister Stowell opened her closet she screamed and Sister Pingree was so startled that she screamed and then Sister Stowell grabbed her towel and ran! It was quite funny :)
The winter itch has kicked in and it's no fun. Everything is ashy, dry and itchy. The native Utahans think that me and Sister Noyes are strange for our bodies cracking, bleeding, and itching all the time now. I miss humidity.
I also seem to be the only one who showers after I work out. I didn't think that was odd, but needless to say, I shower the most! Some other people commented that me putting ice in a glass of chocolate milk was weird. You never realize the things you do that are considered strange until some Elder (usually) or Sister points it out! Ha :)

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