Tuesday, November 27, 2012

Taught the primary children about Christ's Ascension into heaven....​this was one of their drawings

(This is the picture that I sent Ariel, she thought was cute)

Thanks so much for your email. Man I really needed to hear from everyone. A week without contact makes me way homesick. I hate that. Thanks for being so inspired when you write me! I'm glad you and Ellen have been including Christopher in prayers for meals and things. If anything he will see that Heavenly Father has a hand in your marriage and he blesses you guys because you put him first. I'm glad the home is dedicated. I can only imagine the crazy experiences you had in Brazil. Sister Dean and I went into this ladys apartment the other night and it was interesting to notice the difference. Not that the spirit was completely gone but that it was different. It felt off. She told us she had done a lot of stuff with black magic and vodoo so that probably could add to it! I haven't really had an experience where I say something and I don't know why I'm saying it. Usually I know why I'm saying everything. I feel like the spirit just influences me in other ways. When I feel like I need to say something or a question comes to mind then I just say it or ask it because I know it was a prompting. One time in Halberstadt we were teaching this man and it was really hard to ever get a word in edge wise. Sister Openshaw had been teaching most of the lesson and the only time I piped up to say anything was to explain our relationship with Heavenly Father and why he has that title. Well the next lesson we had with him thats all he could talk about, my answer, and how interesting and logical it was. It showed Sister Openshaw and I that the things that we don't think are the most important are usually the thing that that person needs most and will walk away from the lesson with.

     Bremerhaven won't be shut to sisters but HALBERSTADT. Halberstadt was shut for sure. We have Christmas zone conference tomorrow in Hamburg so it'll be interesting to talk to the Elders who are there now. I have no idea who is serving there but I'm sure it won't be too hard to figure out. You are right, I need to practice the oboe and the piano. Its just hard to find time. Usually by the time we run all our errands on p-day we have no more time left. We have a ward christmas party on the 15th of december and they asked sister Dean and I to do something for it so I'm going to see if I can put something together for my oboe. 

    I look forward to coming to play at your house too! Its weird to think you all have your own homes. I had horrible dreams last night of trying to find an apartment at school. I don't know why my brain decided to freak out about something so far in advance even when I prayed before I went to bed that I could focus on the work and less of getting home. Time is flying like  space craft and I want to make sure that I continue to work hard up until the very end. 

   I love and miss you Andre.  Have a great week!
-Ariel Nell

Monday, November 26, 2012

Happy early Turkey week from Dad

Dad, Thanks for all the Pictures!

I loved seeing the one of my room. I love those kitty cats! I'm glad they're enjoy a good sleep on my bed :) Thanks for all the pictures from Thanksgiving. It's great to see that the whole clan was there. Glad you and Mumma had a great vacation just a few days before.

Bruder XXXXXX is doing great. He is in the hospital this week due to some stomach problems he has been having but he will be out on Wednesday or so. He really takes the gospel to heart. We left him to read the plan of salvation pamphlet before our next appointment and when we came back he had studied the pamphlet and marked it up and had questions for us and everything. Normally we have to teach the plan of salvation in two go's because the people just have a hard time swallowing all the information but we were able to teach Bruder XXXXXX everything. He had questions about if everyone would be resurrected. We said yes and he said that meant he could shoot me and that he would still be resurrected. Sister Dean told him he could kill all the little babies in the world and he would still be resurrected. I told him that was true but lets not do that. It was way funny but it got the point across. He used to be Jehovah's Witness and so this doctrine of resurrection is new to him. It's helped him see how much is made possible through Jesus Christ and how much love he has for everyone.

There was only old older lady in Halberstadt, Schwester Munke ( the one who loved raisinettes) , and Frau XXXXXXX was an investigator. Frau XXXXXXX is the blind lady. It's just very hard for her to let other people do things. She has a horrible fear of being controlled and so when she thinks that is happening or will happen she lashes out. The branch there has fellowshipped her a lot by driving her all over the place. She had only missed a few Sundays the whole time I was there but as soon as I left she kind of just stopped coming to church all together.

I'm glad you're all healed again! We also will be having our branch Christmas party on the 15th but we will be doing it in an old school because one of our members is the Hausmeister for the building so we get to use the space. It'll be in Cuxhaven, another city an hour north of Bremerhaven that we take care of. We also visit all the dorfs in between. I made sure to have Nana's birthday marked in my planner. I didn't forget, no worries. I haven't gotten your package but we have Christmas zone conference on Tuesday in Hamburg and then on the 12th of December Elder Richards will be visiting us in Hamburg. Those are the two dates that I can possibly receive any Christmas package so I'll let you all know when I get it.

The weather has been okay. This past week its been really cold, rainy, and windy. I got really sick from Tuesday to Thursday, spending all day inside Wednesday but now I feel much better. Sick days on the mission are no fun. It just makes you anxious because you know there is something else you could be doing but you're too sick to do it. Congratulations on the new missionaries. Make sure to feed them and help them in any way that you all can!

Love you dad. Have a great week. Thanks for all your support and love and for writing me. Can't wait to talk to you soon!
-Arie Nell

Back to the grind

Hey Mumma!
   I love that Brother Maycock asked if you were expecting. That's too funny! (Mum told Ariel that Brother Maycock overheard her speaking with Brother & Sister Garcia about Ariel and heard her say that Ariel was going to be coming home in May. He said, "Are you expecting?" Mum thought this was quite amusing and said to him, "Haha, yes - I have 6 more payments to make and then I can get Ariel off lay away!")

No, I haven't heard any Christmas music outside of our apartment. Sister Dean and I lovingly listen to Christmas music everyday. This week I was home sick for a couple days and so we managed to get our apartment all decorated for Christmas. We found a baby Christmas tree and then later in the week we bought lights. I'll attach a picture. They are from last night and this morning. In Germany it's a BIG no no to sing Christmas music before its December 1st. So we have not sung any Christmas music, but I of course have it running through my head 24/7.

    I'm glad you and Dad enjoyed your getaway. I loved hearing the blow by blow of what everyone brought for Thanksgiving dinner. Especially the unidentifiable green food dye cool whip concoction. I don't think I would have eaten it either. I really loved that talk from Elder Eyring about mountains to climb. We read it with XXXXXX in Halberstadt because he has a lot of mountains it seems. I'm way proud of Heather for making that connection. She is right, that was a mountain for her but boy did she accomplish the hike! Thanks for sending me a Christmas package! I'll be sure to get one out to you guys as soon as I am able to. Honestly, I got to wait a bit for the weihnacht markts (christmas market) to get into full swing and then I will be able to get some very traditional German things that you all will enjoy.  The picture of your head board didn't attach so maybe next week. I'm excited to see what it looks like finished. oh, When did you buy that funny prop lamp in the big room? I saw it in the pictures Dad sent of Thanksgiving. 

   This week Sister Dean and I were way busy riding trains and our bikes all over captivity. We have a lot of contacts in Midlum and Dorum (baby dorfs in our area). We were able to contact a few, set up new appointments, give out some Books of Mormon, and give people our cards. It was way cold on Saturday when we were out there. I couldn't feel my feet. It's a 25 minute bike ride from Dorum to Midlum as the train doesn't go to Midlum. When we finally got off our bikes I felt like I was walking on nubs or something. We have had some AMAZING appointments with Bruder XXXXXX this week. He is really doing his part and studying the gospel and coming prepared to our lessons. It's a big difference compared to other people we teach. He had some concerns about what will happen after his baptism ( he said he wants to be an ''adult'' in the gospel) and we explained that we will continue to teach him and that he will receive a home teacher, etc. Sister Dean and I then announced in Relief Society that a way the members can help us with the hand off is to invite him to their homes for a meal without us so he can see that they love him and care about him. A lot of them had no idea he wasn't a member because he comes to church in a suit with a brief case. Super cool! Not good though that they didn't know, but we cleared that up.

    We are headed to Hamburg tomorrow for our Christmas zone conference. We will be having a white elephant exchange so it should be funny. I'm excited to see Sister Curtis, a Sister I haven't seen since we all split up 11 months ago. It's only going to be half the mission though so I won't get to see my other companions.

    I love you Mumma. Thanks for your love and support. I really missed you lots this week. I can't wait to talk to you soon!!!!

Me and our baby Christmas tree

Our baby Christmas tree!

-Ariel Nell

Home again, Home again

Hey Lyndel!

  It's so fun to hear from you. I love your idea to read through the scriptures with Michael and to discuss them. That's a great way to learn from each other. AKA comp study in the mission field. Comp study has probably been my favorite part of any companionship. I look forward to it every morning with all my companions and mostly because of the discussions we would have and the things we would learn from one another. Each one taught me something different. I'm really proud of Michael for getting such a sick DJ gig at the BILTMORE MANSION! way cool. I'm glad that you all still go antiquing and find wonderful treasures here and there. Way to go for making so much for Thanksgiving. I like your response to mums' comment about Thanksgiving dinner. It only tastes the right way because it's made her way. I made the squash recipe a month or so ago and you can tell mum it didn't taste like hers at all. But I would say that's cause of all the German ingredients and that we had to use zucchini instead of yellow squash.

     Our Thanksgiving feast on Monday was way fun. The senior couple that threw the party stopped at the commissary on their way home from one of their temple trips so we had a sweet potato casserole, and stuffing ( from a box), and mashed potatoes, and then they ordered two butterball turkeys. Those beautiful birds. It didn't taste like Mummas thanksgiving at all but it was the thought that counts. For dessert we had cherry and pumpkin pie. Mmmm yummy. Our entire zone was there, so thats 16 missionaries. After dinner we all sat around and had a discussion about our missionary work and how we can help one another. It was fun just to be with everyone.

    That's fun that you're the ward camp director again. It will be fun for you and the girls. You did such a marvelous job last time. Maybe I can tag along this time? :)

    Nothing too fun or new going on. Sister Dean is doing great. She has been taking good care of me as I was way sick this past week. It suck when you're stuck with a comp because that means you have to stay inside too. But she was really patient with me and then we were able to go back out to work and had a REALLY successful week. I haven't gotten my debit card yet and I'm seriously hoping its not in postal prison otherwise no one will get a Christmas gift from me until January or later.

     I love you big sister. Have a great week. LOVE YOU!
-Ariel Nell

Tuesday, November 20, 2012


Hey family,

We are headed to Bad Bentheim tomorrow for Thanksgiving lunch so Sister Dean and I will be emailing Tuesday. Love you all. Have a great Sunday!

Ariel sent the above email Sunday night... being the awesome family that we are, some of us forgot to email her again on Monday. Below is the follow up email her slacker siblings received on Tuesday.


Hey guys,
 I hope you all aren't dead cause I didn't hear from anyone. Please write me emails. It's my only way to hear from everyone. Have fun this week and be good.
-Ariel Nell
Don't worry. We all wrote her emails that she received today.

One more thing

Mum and Dad,

 I forgot to tell you all that we got a lot of referrals last week so we contacted half of them and told the family the results and then had a dinner appointment with them on Sunday and they gave us 5 more! Following up is probably the most important part of giving referrals. It was really neat. Now we have 8 that we need to contact this week!

-Ariel Nell

Greetings from Asheville from both of us!

Hey Mumma and Dad!
   It's good to hear that your vacation is going well. Make sure to take lots of pictures. I love pictures! Sister Dean and I had a really good time in Bad Bentheim with our zone yesterday. It was fun to sit down and eat a turkey dinner and just enjoy everyone's company. It's a family away from family. It took us 3 1/2 hours to get there and another 3 and 1/2 to get home, that's why we got permission to email today.  I've attached a picture of my plate. I won the drawing to receive a drum stick and so that's why I got the whole thing sitting on my plate. I also attached a picture of the thankful tree we made. All the leaves have things that we are thankful for written on them. One of the elders wrote ''girls'' on one of the leaves. Ha ha! And the last picture is me in front of a windmill built in 1857 in Midlum, a tiny dorf in our area. Sister Dean and I have been working hard on contacting all the less active or inactives on our ward list to find out if people still have interest in the church and if they mind receiving contact or visits from the church. Anyways we rode the train to Dorum and then biked the 6 kilometers to Midlum to contact 4 people and then went back to Dorum to contact some more people. It is such a lovely bike ride through lots of fields. We get to see lots of cows and goats and sheep and duckies. Not the most pleasant smelling as you could imagine but it's just lovely and fresh.

   Thanks for sending my packages. I'll be sure to call the office sometime next week and see if it came. I already talked to the office lady and she said she could forward it to me when it arrives. The Christmas package I will get on the 12th of December because half the mission will be coming together in Hamburg to meet with Elder Richards of the 70 and that's when mail from the office will be there. So thanks a lot! You all will get Christmas gifts, it just may be a little late but I'll do my best to get things there on time. I'm glad you didn't listen to Dad and bought a fatty turkey anyways. I missed your stuffing this year.

    Well this week we had some fun experiences. On Tuesday we went to Hamburg and visited the dentist. Sister Dean had a cavity filled before her mission and it seems that the filling didn't do the best job because she had a cavity under the filling. The doctor couldn't see anything on the surface of her tooth and was going to send us home but then decided to take an x-ray just in case and that's when he saw something funny he said. So she got a big shot of novocaine and I got to see that big needle. It made me think of Michael's experience on his mission when he had to get a root canal without any medicine and both he and his companion were crying. Ha ha! Sister Deans tooth is all better. We had transfer call on Saturday and Sister Dean and I are both staying in Bremerhaven. Merry Christmas in Bremerhaven. We saw trees for €9,99 in Bad Bentheim so if we can find them like that here we're gonna buy ourselves a big real tree. Sister Dean also has never had a real tree and that just can't do. We got to get a tree of some sort. Halberstadt was officially closed to sisters. Sister Tidwell has been transferred to Dresden where Sister Dean started her mission. I think she will like it so hopefully all goes well.

    Sister Dean and I were doing doors the other night when we decided we probably needed to end soon because it was getting late and people tend to get angry so she said we had to go to the 1st floor and door it (we were on the 6th) and then we could go. I thought okay? But didn't really think anything of it. So we went to the first floor and met some interesting people but nothing really turned out. Well the last door we got to a mother and her daughter answered. We talked to them about their faith and the Book of Mormon. The mom said she wasn't interested so we asked if they knew anyone who was and the girl said, ''Yea, me'' so we talked to her longer, explained the Book of Mormon and got her contact information to pass along to the missionaries in her area. It was way neat and just a good lesson of how important it is to listen to promptings. I'm glad Sister Dean heard it and followed it.

    President Kosak announced that starting in March till May we will receive 36 new sister missionaries which means we will be opening 19 new areas. How neat is that!? He said all sisters that are in the field now will be training. That's crazy but so cool! It more than doubles the amount of Sisters we have right now. I'm glad there are so many sisters who are willing to serve.

    Well the tail end of this last week I seem to have come down with a cold of some sort. Today seems to be the worse of it so hopefully it'll go away soon. Do you guys know why no one emailed me? I only got one from you two. Thanks for emailing me. I hope everyone is doing alright. Enjoy your weekend and have a wonderful Thanksgiving. I miss and love you guys.
-Ariel Nell
Me in front of a windmill built in 1857 in Midlum, a tiny dorf in our area.

Thanksgiving dinner!

Our Thankful trees

Monday, November 12, 2012

November from Dad

Hey DAD!

I 'm glad to hear that you are trying to scare the willies out of people so they can commit to something. You're just too funny. The mock MTC day sounds good but a mock mission would be better. The MTC is no fun compared to the mission field. It'll be neat to get those part member families there and to have them all taught. Will the missionaries be there too? Did you guys get missionaries again? I hope you're feeding them!

 Sister Dean and I went to some members house yesterday for lunch. They are from Italy and it was so delicious! I love hearing them talk and yell at the table and their accents. Reminds me just of Nana. They said I have the Italian look in me too, haha! They had this first plate of appetizers of olives and cheese and salami and lovely Italian bread and then a plate of pasta and then a plate of meat with klöse and brussel sprouts and rot kohl and sauce and then for dessert: home made tiramisu. Oh man, it was heavenly and I probably don't need to eat until the second coming but it was lovely! Well we got stuck there for a long while before we could share our spiritual thought. Sister Dean and I are trying to visit families in the ward and teach about the plan of salvation, talk to them about it, and then ask them if they know anyone who just lost a loved one, who is expecting a child or just had one, who is new in the neighborhood, or who is having trouble with their kids. Well we laid out our plan of salvation puzzle on the table and asked the kids to put it together. That was funny. And then we asked everyone what the plan meant to them and how it helped them in their lives. Well two of the adults mentioned how they both lost loved ones and that prepared them to hear the plan of salvation and be converted to the gospel. It was the perfect set up for all our questions. After hearing their stories we asked them and we left with 5 referrals. Even the 11 year old girl remembered someone who just lost their mom and knew their address by heart. It was amazing. So although we were stuck there for 5 1/2 hours we came home with 5 potential investigators. It was really neat.

Sister Dean and I are teaching a man, Bruder XXXXXX, who is planning to be baptized December 9th. We made him a baptismal calendar with questions each day to answer leading up to his baptism and then scripture references that answer the questions. Well, when we visited him this week he had not only answered all the questions in great detail but also written down thoughts and impressions he had while he was studying. He has had a rough past and struggles with not being so happy and he realized that as he studied the scriptures he found a lot more joy in his life and is a lot more happy. Its amazing that he has caught on that when we make the gospel and essential part of our lives its the cure to our problems and helps us have joy. It was so wonderful to meet with him and see all the progress he has made. He keeps asking if he is worthy of Christ but I think this week we made the break through and he recognizes just how important he is.

How is your eye and tooth and calf? I hope everything is getting slowly better. Send my love to Kristi Whitehurst. I love you Dad and glad that you, Mum, and Eli are having so much fun together. Love you!
-Ariel Nell

Gone With The Wind

Excerpt from Ariel's email to Andre

Hey Andre,

  Thanks for all the encouragement. Just when I think I don't need it, someone manages to say something that hits me right to the core and I needed to hear it. So thanks. No worries about last week. I know you all are busy. I just wanted you to know that I still was sending my love your way. :)

   I'm glad you and Ellen are doing well. The house will slowly stop having so many things that need to be fixed but it will always have something that can be done. Just like we could always be doing something better. I've taught people who love to argue and its frustrating and annoying. I always think how I don't like not being listened to but then think to myself maybe thats how the crazy person who likes to aruge feels. 

    I'm super jealous that you all are going to have thanksgiving together and go to New Orleans for Christmas! Who is going to take care of the doggies and kitty cats? Make sure to have a fabulous time down there and eat some spicy cajun food for me!

   My music skills seem to be diminishing. Its annoying. On the piano that is. The oboe is good. I haven't played it in a while but plan on pulling it out today. I usually run through all my scales and different techinical exercises and then I have a peice I found in Halberstadt that I've been working on. My endurance is most certainly out the window but It'll come back once I have more time to devot to practicing and bettering my talents. I have been playing piano every week in Bremerhaven for sacrament and relief society since I've gotten here. The lady who normally does it has been in the hospital but she gets out tomorrow so I shouldn't have to play any more. Sister Dean and I sang once together for a sunday school lesson about following jesus. We sang come unto jesus. We haven't gone around singing to people. I have sung in lessons. That worked really well with Frau Görgens since she can't see. I would really like to do some caroling around Christmas time. We did a street display once in Hammeln and the young women from the Hannorver stake sang hymns in the middle of the city while a bunch of us missionaries contacted people on the street. That was really successfull. 

   The work has been going really well. We have a baptism scheduled for the 2nd and the 9th but we are trying to move the other one to the 9th so that the Branch President can be there too. We just had a zone training meeting and president interviews on Friday. It was nice to meet with President. Our transfer call is this saturday and the new transfer starts on the monday. Crazy how much time flies! I only have four transfers left. President told us we will be going home on the 1st of May. Mark your calendar! Sister Dean did get her new bike so that has been nice being able to ride around a lot more. The weather hasn't gotten too cold yet but the best is yet to come. I think the thing I have the most trouble with right now is being understanding to someones problems when I think they're dumb ( see I shouldn't even think they're dumb but its just annoying!) and not being tired in the morning. I'm EXHAUSTED. I wanted to fall asleep yesterday in ward council. And poor Sister Dean wanted to at our eating appointment. No, I'm not perfect.

      I hope you guys have a great week and find more opportunities to ride your motorcycle around and enjoy the fall weather. All our leaves are almost gone. There are still some trees with their colorful leaves on them but lots of naked trees too. I miss you bunches and can't wait to talk to you guys soon!

-Ariel Nell

Präsident Monson: "Deutschland, ich liebe dich!"

President Monson: "Germany, I love you!"
The following pictures and captions are from the German news room website for the church but documents President Monson's visit to Germany... and Ariel :) 

Full article at this link below... or scroll past the pictures

President Thomas S. Monson speaks on 21 October 2012 in the Frankfurt Jahrhunderthalle.  

"Germany, I love you!" President Thomas S. Monson (center) waves to the crowd in Hamburg. Links stake president Dr. Karl Schmidt, right Elder José A. Teixeira, president of the European region.
President Thomas S. Monson in October 2012 in Hamburg
The choir rehearses for the meeting with President Thomas S. Monson in Hamburg.
Participants at the meeting with President Thomas S. Monson in October 2012 in Hamburg.
President Thomas S. Monson speaks to members of the Church of Jesus Christ of Latter-day Saints in Hamburg.
President Thomas S. Monson speaks at a meeting of members of the Church of Jesus Christ of Latter-day Saints in Hamburg.
Stake President Dr. Karl Schmidt (left), President Thomas S. Monson (center), Elder José A. Teixeira (right), area president Europe, in Hamburg.
President Thomas S. Monson smiles into the crowd at a meeting in Hamburg in October 2012.
literal translation is: President Thomas S. Monson smacks a little boy in Hamburg. I think it means that he gave the boy a high-five :)
A choir with musical entertainment by the Assembly by President Thomas S. Monson in Berlin
Elder José A. Teixeira (right), area president Europe. With interpreters at the meeting with President Thomas S. Monson in Berlin
Members of the Church of Jesus Christ of Latter-day Saints gathered in the ICC to hear from President Thomas S. Monson.
President Thomas S. Monson speaks at a meeting in Berlin in October 2012.
President Thomas S. Monson speaks in Berlin in front of members of the Church of Jesus Christ of Latter-day Saints.
President Thomas S. Monson waves to the crowd in Berlin.
This framed photograph Elder José A. Teixeira, President Thomas S. Monson presented during his visit to Germany. It shows the place where President Monson on 27 April 1975, the former DDR dedicated for the development of the Gospel.
President Thomas S. Monson (second from left) receiving a framed photo of the exact location of the dedication gets overlooking the Elbe.Von left to right: Elder Manfred Schütze, Area Seventy, President Thomas S. Monson, Lynne F. Cannegieter, Secretary to President Monson, Maria Filomena Teixeira, wife of Elder Teixeira, Elder José A. Teixeira, area President Europe.
President Thomas S. Monson is pleased with the. The framed photograph of the place where he consecrated the former GDR for the unfolding of the Gospel Pictured (from left to right: Stake President Christoph Menzel, Area Seventy Manfred Schütze, Area President Elder José A. Teixeira, President Thomas S. Monson.
President Thomas S. Monson visits in October in Munich
President Thomas S. Monson on his visit to Munich leans down to a boy to shake hands
A young girl from Austria in Munich holds a self-painted picture of President Thomas S. Monson up to get it to him in person.
President Thomas S. Monson is a gift from the audience in Munich, the self-painted picture of a young girl, ready to collect.
The Frankfurt Jahrhunderthalle. Venue of the last meeting with President Thomas S. Monson during his visit to Germany in October 2012.
President Thomas S. Monson speaks at the Frankfurt Jahrhunderthalle.

For several decades, President Thomas S. Monson works in Germany. Here (left) in 1970, then as an apostle of the Church, at a meeting with the German president Gustav Heinemann.

For several decades, President Thomas S. Monson works in Germany. Here in 1970, then as an apostle of the Church. During a meeting with German President Gustav Heinemann From left to right: Walter H. Kindt mission president, Elder Thomas S. Monson, President Gustav Heinemann, Regional Representative Percy K. Fetzer.
For several decades, President Thomas S. Monson works in Germany. Here on 29 August 1982, at that time. As Apostles of the Church, in the foundation of the pile Freiberg From left to right: Stake President Frank Apel, Elder Thomas S. Monson and stake patriarch Rudi Lehmann.
For several decades, President Thomas S. Monson works in Germany. Here in June, then. As Apostles of the Church, at the dedication of the temple in Freiberg, Saxony From left to right: Gottfried Richter, President Gordon B. Hinckley, Elder Hans B. Ringger, wife Frances J. Monson, Elder Thomas S. Monson and President Henry Burkhardt temple.

"Germany, I love you," said President Thomas S. Monson smiling members of the Church of Jesus Christ of Latter-day Saints in Hamburg at the end of the first of four meetings in the context of a visit to Germany. The Global President of the Church met in October 2012 with believers in Hamburg, Berlin, Munich and Frankfurt.

"For many weeks, I have longed for this curious visit to the country and people who I love dearly," President Monson known in Frankfurt Jahrhunderthalle on 21 October during the last meeting. This was transferred to the church parish halls in Germany, Austria and Switzerland. Overall, had gathered at the four venues over 10,000 Latter-day Saints, thousands more took part in the satellite transmission.
At the heart of his message to the German members of the church stood the invitation to follow Jesus Christ. "My prayer today is: have like we listening ears so we Him again hear him when he knocks, so we appreciate the invitation of the Lord and have wisdom to open the doorway to our hearts as well as the gateway to much to our mind, so Jesus Christ can come and stay with us, "President Monson said in Hamburg.
Those who feel the influence of the Savior experienced a change in their lives and feel a desire to serve others, he said in Berlin. President Monson reminded those gathered in Munich that Jesus commanded fishermen to leave their nets, and announced that he will make you fishers of men. All followers of Christ might be a fisher of men, he said. The faithful in Frankfurt he said, Jesus taught by example. He taught forgiveness, as he forgave, and mercy, he was merciful, added President Monson.
President Monson's special relationship with Germany goes back several decades.
On a cold November day in 1968, he met with members of the Church in an old warehouse in Görlitz. Whose faith touched him and he issued a emotive Vorausage that shaped his work in Europe sustainable: "If you keep the commandments of God faithfully, every blessing which the church members enjoy in other countries, also be your" promised President Monson.
Another memorable event for President Monson was the dedication of the former GDR for the unfolding of the gospel of Jesus Christ. In the early morning of 27 April 1975 on a hill near Dresden Prayer of Consecration. He brought gratitude for the church in the country to express described the faith of the members and prayed for the believers that they might visit a temple, a special sanctuary for Latter-day Saints. Back then there was the closest temple located in Switzerland, on the other side of the Iron Curtain.
During his visit to Germany in 2012, President Monson met with old friends and companions in Saxony. He also returned to Dresden, where he handed Elder José A. Teixeira, president of the European region of the church, a framed photo recording the precise location of the dedication, overlooking the Elbe.
"If President Monson visited Germany, we are all aware and we testify to that a prophetic prediction has been fulfilled. What a wonderful blessing it for all of us, him here among us and as a guest in Hamburg, Berlin, receiving Munich and Frankfurt. It is obvious that President Monson for the Germans harbors a deep-felt love and that this love is reciprocated by the people in Germany, "said Elder Teixeira.
President Monson's historic declaration in Görlitz turned out to be prophetic.
On 29 June 1985, the temple was consecrated in Freiberg, the first temple of the Church of Jesus Christ of Latter-day Saints on German soil. And even before the fall of the Berlin Wall were foreign missionaries to enter the GDR and missionaries from Germany were permitted to complete missions abroad.
Two years after the Weihnung the Freiberg temple, a temple was consecrated in Hesse Friedrichsdorf. Today, the Church of Jesus Christ of Latter-day Saints almost 38,700 members and operates 174 communities.

Hello Possum!

 Sister Dean and I both died laughing at your doctors experience. Sister Dean is planning on becoming a doctor. She has already taken the MCAT and aced it like a pro. Basically I'm companions with a genius. One time we were sitting down for lunch and I got her to explain to me the functions of different organs. It was so interesting! She is super smart. Don't worry Mum. I'm doing good. No worries.

   You getaway with Dad sounds like fun. I hope you guys enjoy it. Andre is very grateful that you are having Ellen's family to come to Thanksgiving. He prefers being able to spend it with everyone in both families. You Christmas plans sound great. I'm glad you took my suggestion to go to New Orleans :) That will be so much fun to be down there. Make sure to eat lots of wonderful Cajun food for me! Don't spend too much time on Bourbon street. Will Preservation Jazz Hall be opened? If so make sure to go!

      I like the topic Jeff Shill chose for his talk yesterday. I read an article in the July Liahona that said something like,'' Our Plan B is often a way of making Gods plan A a reality.'' I read that when I was having a really hard time in Halberstadt and that really helped me. I like Nephi's example of how the Lord told him to get the plates but he had to have three different plans before one was successful. It just goes to show the Lord expects a little effort on our part and that a failed plan is not a failure, rather something to learn from.

      Schwester Munke is a go though. She would love to hear from the family. Oh! I also am not sure if I told you guys but I thought maybe is one reason why my packages get stuck in postal prison sometimes is that the word ''gift'' in German means poison. So writing that on the outside of a package is probably not a good idea :)

   We got to meet with President Kosak on Friday and that was nice. President also told us that we will be coming home May 1st. So get excited! I only have 4 transfers left. We have transfer call this Saturday. Does it just seem to fly by for you? Cause it certainly is for me!

   I miss you Mumma and hope you have a great week and that your voice comes back soon!
Love you,
Ariel Nell

Check out the link!

This is a German news room website for the church but documents President Monson's visit to us. Sister Dean and I are in the choir picture! Soooo cool!

Red arrow points to Ariel in the choir!

Almost Thanksgiving

Hey Lyndel,
 That's so fun that the family is going to New Orleans for Christmas! Be sure to eat some boudin and beignets and gumbo and jambalaya and visit preservation hall and just have so much fun on bayou. Man I miss that beautiful state of Louisiana! I'm glad Michael's birthday went well and that he got a new drill to play with.

   I liked the object lesson that you taught to the young women. That's a really great idea. I think it helps to really see what is most important in life. Yes - the influx of sisters applying for missions is crazy. Over 4000 applications are coming in each week and over half are from Sisters. President Kosak is super stoked to get more Sisters. He said he would like 30 more at least. Oh! President also told us that we will be coming home on the 1st of May. CRAZY! Sister Openshaw will be home next Tuesday so keep an eye out for her on facebook. She's amazing.

   Bremerhaven weather hasn't been too bad. Its been pretty wet and chilly but nothing too cold. The coldest it has been yet is 5°C which is not bad at all. There has been a few occasions of baby hail but nothing bad. I'm glad you all loved the pictures last week. Sister Dean bought a card reader and its incredible how much faster we can attach pictures now.  I have plenty of room in my album so you can send pictures whenever you want.

   This week was good and busy. We had zone training meeting and president interviews on Friday. It was fun to get together as a zone and learn from one another. We have been doing a lot more role plays lately like we did at the MTC. Members sign up to be ''investigators'' and allow us to door into them and teach them certain principles that we are focusing on that week. Its fun but can also get boring sometimes. We are planning to do a zone thanksgiving next Monday in Bad Bentheim. Everyone in our zone is American except for one Elder from Austria. The Senior couple went online and ordered a butterball turkey! Some of the Elders didn't know what that was and I told them how my Mumma buys a 23 pounder every year for thanksgiving and they thought I hit my head. The obviously don't understand the importance of a Butterball Turkey at Thanksgiving.

   We got a new bike for Sister Dean this week too so now we are back in business, both on girl bikes. Life is good. I miss you and love you! Hope you have a great week and enjoy life too! Remember to smile!
-Ariel Nell

Monday, November 5, 2012

Election Week

Hey Mumma,

Sorry you didn't get to vote and that this last week was crazy,. I think the idea of a turkey pumpkin is great! Make sure to take some pictures. Sister Dean and I carved Moroni tooting his trumpet in district meeting on Wednesday and really loved wearing our orange and black. I promised myself at the beginning of my mission if someone wrote me I would write them. Sometimes the letters are a little delayed but people always get a response.

   I'm glad that Karma followed up on your lesson. Was she grateful to teach on Sunday? New Orleans is always a great city for thanksgiving :) Why don't you ask Lyndel and Ellen to help with dinner preparations. Just cause I'm not there doesn't mean you still can't have a party! I'm glad you got my letters. I think Schwester Munke would love a shawl and Frau Görgens I'm not sure since she is a picky dresser but she honestly would love anything.

   I was able to mail in my ballot last Monday so It should have gotten there in time. I'll never know, but I at least voted. I'm sorry they're being such poopy heads and haven't gotten your ballot in order. I hope that it goes through soon. Everyone here in Germany is really anxious to see what happens in our American elections. It's kind of funny because the people ask us all the time what our parents think or who do we want to win. It's interesting that the whole world is invested in our election when they don't even have a right to vote in it. Why aren't we like that with the rest of the world?

     This week was busy with teaching. We had a really wonderful lesson with a new member who kind of flirts with the line of inactivity. We explained to him two weeks ago that in order to strengthen his testimony he has to read the Book of Mormon from cover to cover because he has never done that. Well this week he came into our lesson and had a list of questions for us. And they were all relative to the the first couple pages of the Book of Mormon. It was really neat to see that he took our challenge and understands that he has to do his part before we can help him.

   Sister Dean and I have had lots of lessons lately where we have been teaching people that God loves them. Its sad to me that it is so hard for people to accept sometimes. It's hard for them to believe us too. Its good though to help them realize all the ways they can recognize God's love for them in their lives. Its such an important principle of the Gospel, no wonder its the first thing we teach!

   Make sure to have a less stressful week Mumma. I love you and miss you! Smile!
-Ariel nell
Our church

our fabulous toilet seat

Speckenbüttler park


Fun pictures from Halloween

Sister Dean and Ariel

Our first fire for the season right after church

I wish we had a fire place. Heres a fire sister dean and I made on our balcolny :)