Wednesday, December 28, 2011

From the airport

Ariel was able to squeeze in a 45 minute phone conversation with us on Monday as she began her travels to Germany. She seemed in good spirits and said that the missionaries had the option of eating before their flight or calling home. Only a couple of the missionaries she traveled with opted to call their families. You can bet Ariel was the first one to the pay phones. It was wonderful to hear her voice and chat with her. She sounded anxious about her trip and just wants to "be in Germany already!" We're thrilled for her and this time seems to go by quickly but slowly. Ariel's travel time to Germany was extensive - travelling from Salt Lake City to Minneapolis, Minnesota. Then a connecting flight from Minneapolis to Amsterdam and then onto Germany. We haven't heard if they made it yet, but after a long phone call to Delta, they were finally able to confirm that Ariel's flight landed. An "in flight" status online for over 24 hours was kind of confusing :)

She thinks her P-Days will be on Mondays, so we're expecting to here from her next week. For anyone wanting to send letters, start using the Germany address!

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