Wednesday, January 18, 2012


(These are some excerpts from Ariel's email to Andre and Ellen)

Your weekend sounded like so much fun! I loved the picture of you two. Its so nice to see all the trees and the beautiful mountains.
All that food wasn't mine. They had a lot of left over treats from Christmas that I have slowly been giving away to homeless people here in Celle that we're friends with. Theres a Russian lady, who loves getting treats from us and says her grandkids love it too. Its fun to do little acts of service. Sister Stewart and I volunteer 3 hours a week at the city tafel. The tafel is where stores donate all their food that is expired or no one will buy it. We sort through the fruit and veggies for the good things and then the tafel feeds people who have no income, are poor, etc. The help them take a weeks worth of food home. Its fun to work there and to work with natives of Celle.
My German is coming but it is no where near perfect. For the most part I can communicate what I want but there is still so much vocabulary that i need to learn so i can be even more specific. Sister Stewart and I do a good job of teaching half and half. I need her help when i ask questions though because sometimes i don't understand the investigators response.

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