Monday, January 30, 2012

Ariel's First Zone Conference

(Excerpts from an email to Andre)

    This past week we had zone conference in Hannover. It was so much fun to be with other missionaries. I really loved all the lessons given. We talked a lot about listening and listening for understanding. President gave a really awesome lesson about the Doctrine of Baptism which made Sister Stewart and I think about it for several days after. It's interesting how when you mull over things in your mind you can learn new things. Basically President taught that as we are baptized we become Christ's children. Mosiah 5:7 talks about it. Normally we think about becoming Gods' children but this specifically says Christ. President said that Christ is considered the Bridegroom and the Church is his Bride and we are their children when we are baptized. I found it really eye-opening and made a lot of sense to me how Christ is the father as well. Not just him being one in purpose with the Father (God) but that he is our Father when we are baptized. Cool huh?

     We had this one guy we went by to give a Polish Book of Mormon to and asked if we could come in for a few minutes and explain a little about it and that turned into a two hour lesson. It was incredible and really amazing how much he knew the scriptures. We're very excited to go back and visit him.

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