Monday, January 9, 2012

Lagniappe (a little bit more)

(These are some highlights from one of Ariel's letters to Bryan)
There is a girl, the only young woman in our ward, Tabae and she wants to email you (Bryan) and write you letters. I told her no thanks :)
This past week Sister Stewart and I got proposed to by a man on the street as we were inviting him to church. She says that happens lots. We also did doors and got to go into two of them. One of them was the scariest experince of my life and the other was an old man named Dieter. We spoke to him for an hour about religion and then he said that he wanted us to come back and to teach him what we believe. Crazy huh!? He believes in God and in nature but not in Jesus Christ. A bit strange because he is not Muslim or Hindu or anything like that.
There is a mentally impaired member, Schwester Krupka, that we visit each week. She calls me the little one and Sister Sewart the big one. It’s funny. Sister Stewart and I have signed up to do service at the Celler Tafel, a place that distributes food that stores won't sell anymore but that is still good. They were impressed and surprised that we asked them. So tomorrow we get to go work for three hours. I'm excited!
I've been collecting pictures of all the gnomies I find and i'll be sure to attach the most recent one. Lyndel should have the other two.
-Ariel Nell

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