Wednesday, January 18, 2012


Ariel has requested that we not post any specific detailed information about the investigators she teaches the gospel to while on her mission. She wants to respect their privacy and their lives as they embark on a wonderful experience with the gospel. We will be editing sections in her emails about any investigators, so as to provide privacy.


Hi ya!
     We have three bike helmets in our apartment so no worries that I haven't been wearing one. I don't have any very good ideas of how the lord measures our worth. Only that he loves us more than most people understand and comprehend. Our worth to him is infinite. I really like that kids book ''you are special''. I think thats the best way to describe it. You are of worth because he made you and he loves you. Sister Stewart and I went into a book store the other day and i say that book in german. I really thought about getting it but didn't. Maybe another day.
     I'm not suffering riding my bicycle, so don't worry. It's just that I'm working harder than I need to but its good. It's a great way for exercise and gets my heart pumping. Sister Stewart and I are the only missionaries in our area. The next closest set of missionaries are our district leader and his companion and they are in Braunschweig which is an hour and a half train ride away. Every other week we go there for district meetings. The off weeks the meetings are held here in celle. We meet with our district once a week. There is us, a set a Sisters that are serving in Hauberstadt, and then the district leader and his companion. Every companionship has a cell phone and President texts us everyday with up dates and if he really needs to contact us he will call us. Each week we write him an email and he'll respond to that too. We don't see him except once a transfer for our zone conferences.
     So guess who gets to be the new primary pianist?? ME! I'm really excited to spend singing time with primary here. I got to play the opening hymn this past week but it was ward conference (Gemeinde konferenz) so they didn't do a singing time. After the ward conference we had Geminde Essen which is a Linger Longer. Let me tell you, Germans know how to do linger longers! No one ate until everyone was there. We set the room up all nice, we ate on real plates with metal forks and spoons and there was so much food we probably could have fed the stake. It was really impressive.
     Yesterday Sister Stewart and I chose two areas to do doors in that are about 40 minutes apart. It was surprising how successful we were. We came home with 5 new appointments and we were able to give a Russian and a German Books of Mormon away. Its really hard sometimes getting used to customs that are unspoken and trying to not offend or make people angry. This is something that I am learning everyday.
     So right now we are teaching a few investigators - a family and two men. One of our investigators is preparing for baptism in February. He is a really neat guy who has a deep love for the savior. We teach him in English. There are actually many lessons that we teach in English. Our other investigator right now is retired and loves to chop wood. In his home they have a wood burning fireplace that acts as the heater for the house so he loves preparing wood for that. We teach him in German. He has a really funny sense of humor and is quite interesting to teach. We told him last week we'd make him ''American cookies'' and bring them to our next appointment and he told us to write it down in our planners and not forget.  It was funny :) The family of investigators are wonderful. The Dad is in the military. There is a base here in Celle so there are actually a lot of military families. The kids are really interested and it's fun to cater the lessons so the kids can be involved as much as possible.The support from the members is good. They like to come out and teach with us and they love having us in the ward. 
    Thanks for all your thoughts on how full time missionaries can work with ward members. It's very helpful. In ward conference it was neat to be able to sustain the Prophet and the Apostles as Prophet, Seers and Revelators. I think anything I remember in English is neat to do it in German. When we sustain callings they literally ask who is for and who is against and to show it. I like it :)
   Thanks for your help with finding this man who repairs woodwind intruments. If we have time Sister Stewart and I will probably give him a call and see what he thinks. (Ariel's Dad searched for a woodwind repair person in Celle for Ariel after she wrote in her last email that one of her oboe keys were sticking. What a good Dad :)
-Ariel Nell

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