Monday, February 6, 2012

NY Giants win the Super Bowl!

(Excerpt of an email from Ariel to Andre)

HAhaha!! You're hilarious! Why don't you use a computer next time silly??!! (Just told her that my thumbs hurt from emailing her on my iPhone.)
In Germany it's a bit different. In the MTC they taught us to invite people the first time we meet them but you really can't. We had one investigator with a baptismal date for this past Saturday but he said he still wants to think about it. It seems to be really difficult for him to understand what we are teaching even though he is really interested. It makes me wonder how much smoking really affects your brain. We started going through all the lessons with him. We will finish with the third and go back to the first since he has had it about 3 times now and still can't tell you about Prophets, Christs' earthly ministry, Jospeh Smith, or details about the Book of Mormon.
The Polish guy is doing way good. We had a lesson with him this past week. We planned on teaching the plan of salvation but he had so many questions. It was really good though. He is one of those investigators that really just needs to read the book of mormon cover to cover and he'll love it. He already likes the bits that he has read. He keeps asking us what makes us different than everyone else but we've already told him. When leaving our last lesson he asked us to give him a bit so he can read lots. We plan to go back to him maybe wednesday or friday. Its fun to teach him because he is so prepared and excited for this gospel he just doesn't know it yet.
I'm glad Ellen got my letter. Her email was just too funny. You can really hear Ellen through her writing. I really like that. I always feel like i sound like a robot or something. I think it was really neat that you, Dad, and Mike got to pass the sacrament with Eli. It is crazy to think how much he hs grown. Makes me feel old.

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