Monday, February 13, 2012

Excerpt from a letter to Lyndel

So we have a British family in our ward here because our ward takes in two British military bases. A little boy from the British family was baptized on Sunday. His Grandma came and spoke about Baptism and the Holy Ghost. She had this accent like Julie Andrews mixed with what everyone's imaginary grandma sounds like. You know, the one that reads you fanciful bedtime stories as she tucks you in? Anyways she was telling Joshua, that ''If Jesus Christ was baptized, you can bet your bottom dollar that you should be baptized too!'' It was just too funny. I truly loved sitting and listening to a talk in English but also to her lovely accent.
   Here's a story Mike will appreciate. In GroƟ Hehlen, a suburb north of Celle, we stopped and talked to two men sitting outside of a barn smoking. They asked us what we were doing and we explained. We asked how they knew each other and one of the men explained that they were 2 of eleven kids. He said their parents didn't have a TV so what else where they supposed to do in the winter time. It was just too funny and gave us a good laugh in the morning.

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