Tuesday, February 14, 2012


Excerpt from Ariel's email to Andre

I like the thoughts of Jonathan Edwards. He is right. Being self-reliant doesn't mean not needing anyone else. We still have to rely on the gospel and Heavenly Father and those around us. Sometimes anwsers to our prayers come in the form of others help.
I am the primary pianist and I absolutely love it. Especially the sharing time lesson. Because it is simple German I can get something uplifting out of church each Sunday. Sacrament meeting is getting better, but i still am only getting the gist of everything. It'll come so I'll just keep learning bigger words :) Anyways, in primary we talked about Matthew 4:18-20 where Christ invites Peter and Andrew to be fishers of men. They had one of the kids be Jesus and all the other kids where given stuffed animals that all come from the sea. They ''swam'' around the primary room doing their own thing and then the kid playing Jesus said come follow me and all the fish kids dropped their fishes in a net and ran to Jesus. It was just a wonderful example to me of how many of the Lords fishes are swimming around the world without a purpose just going to and fro and sister Stewart and I are bringing the Lords words to the fish of ''come follow me''. We are herding fish! I am excited my plaque has been ordered. When it goes up make sure that you polish it like I polished yours every Sunday :)

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