Monday, May 21, 2012

Excerpt from letter to Lyndel

  This week was a lot of really big scary portions. I snapped a shot of some food that I'll be sure to email Mum and Dad. At church yesterday there were 7 members, 3 investigators, and 2 missionaries. The misionary work in this branch about doubles the attendance each week. Crazy huh? Could you imagine if that happened at home? They forgot the bread for the sacrament. Sister Openshaw and I ran out of bread, but we had a brötchen (bread roll) so thats what they blessed and broke up. Kind of funny :) 
   Well have a great week!!! Love you!! Time is flying by. I feel like I haven't been out long at all but we're at 11 months on Saturday!!! I love the work I'm doing but I'm excited to come home too! Love you!

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