Monday, May 7, 2012

Helllllooo​oo Dear (like Mrs. Doubtfire)

Excerpt from Ariel's email to Andre

The last day of the transfer is June 3rd and Sister Openshaw and I decided we will stay in Halberstadt until we both have to go home. We don't want to leave here and we love each other too much to separate. Last transfer in her email to president Sister Openshaw said that the Lord wanted us to stay together and she was pretty sure that's what he was telling president. And guess what? We got to stay together. It was funny :)
 The meat we get here is interesting too. I think most of the time it was canned or cat food-ish. They rarely eat beef here. You can get  it at the store but it seems that a lot of people are afraid to eat beef from the mad cow scare or something. We haven't been blessed to eat chicken feet yet so that's good. I have heard that someone ate dog lung before. 
  I'm excited to see your picture book that Ellen just put together. You guys are really good about taking pictures. This week our work was good but stressful. Both of us have not been sleeping well at all which makes work a little more difficult than normal. We went finding this week and found the Beverly Hills of Halberstadt. These homes were homes! They had two cars and two car garages and a swimming pool! I can't even begin to tell you how ridiculous that is. Some homes even had video cameras on the outside where you klingel. We were able to talk to a lot of people, teach a few lessons, and bear our testimonies a lot. Whether people are interested or not I'm always grateful for the chance to teach and bear witness of something. One man we talked to said he knew about Mormons and that it was an American church and then said how he didn't like George Bush. We explained that George Bush has nothing to do with the church and that this is Christ's church, not an American church, and that it is set up all over the world. Then he said " yea, but I'm not interested." But at least he knows the truth now!
     Oh! So yesterday at our eating appointment I asked a member if he watched car racing and his two kids (the primary) piped up and started yelling about formula one racing. I asked if they watched the most recent race and they had. They recorded it for their boys and fast forwarded to the end to they could see who won. Mark Webber is the 6 year olds favorite. He was excited that a German won though :) So yes they all know who Vettel is and they do watch formula one. Aaron even pulled out his formula one calendar that he has. It was too funny. 

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