Monday, May 14, 2012

Letter to Lyndel

It was so nice to talk to you. I miss just being able to call you all up and talk!  (Ariel learned of the Girls Camp car wash fundraiser)Lyndel, I'm super proud of you and all the work that you guys put forth to teach these girls to work hard for the goals that the set. So many sister missionaries shared with me that the most influential person to them in the gospel was a Young Women's leader. Keep up the awesome work with them! 
   So at Presidents interviews I was standing the church pews waiting to talk to an Assistant about something and an Elder just went to sit down and totally sat on me. I'm so little even other missionaries can't see me. It was super awkward. Talk about feeling like people can't notice you! Sister Openshaw loses me in the store if I'm looking at a different rack than her cause they're too tall. That's my funny story for the week. Oh and our investigator accidentally got locked into the bathroom yesterday after church when everyone left. He was not too happy. 
   Sister Openshaw and I doored a random dorf on our way home the other day. The whole time we could her sheep baaahhing. It was definitely in the boonies. I'll attach some pictures.
Me and some chickens

a dorf

The scenery

Sign says "Drive Carefully. It could also be your child"

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