Monday, May 21, 2012

Hi again!

  It's now warming up but earlier this week it was really cold, to the point that I was wearing thermals. It makes sense why everyone gets colds here all the time. Its warm one day and then super cold the next. Every Tuesday we visit Schwester Mußmann. This past Tuesday it seems we caught her off guard and she wasn't quite ready. As we were waiting on her couch for her to get ready we noticed her teeth just sitting on her bookcase. It was too funny. I tried to get my camera out in time but she came into the room and goes,'' Oh, there are my teeth'' and left again. I love working with older people!

  We got to do a board display in Hameln this past Friday with the stake young women. Hameln is the city where the pied piper comes from. It went from 11-4pm. It was really amazing to see all the success the young women were having and how much joy they found from sharing their testimonies too. We brought a whole case of Books of Mormon and the girls were able to give the entire case away plus some. They said it was the best activity they had ever done and that it was more fun than anything they ever did with the young men. Lots of them expressed interest in serving mini-missions and going on missions. I'll attach some pictures of girls talking to people and Sister Openshaw too.

   We went to Schwester Munkes for cake and coffee this past week and she made us the most giant cake you have ever seen and gave us the biggest slices ever. I took a picture, don't you worry. Frau XXXXX came to church yesterday and she invited her friend! They both really enjoyed church and participated a lot in the combined Priesthood/Relief Society. Our ward does a really wonderful job of greeting people and being so friendly and loving. Everyone was so patient with Frau XXXX. I was really grateful.

   We have zone conference in Hannover again this week and then we will be doing exchanges after that. I'll be going to Celle for the day. That will be fun :) Thomas had us over for lunch last night and made sure to ask if I told you all that he said hi. He's too cute. His son in XXXX, the one who is planning on being baptized in August. I'm worried that he is losing his interest. We had a really wonderful lesson with his this week using a mason jar and rice explaining that when we put the important things first in our life then all the little things will fit. He promised us he would come to church for sure and then he didn't come and said that he wasn't ready. He also said that he wasn't sure if he'll be there at our lesson tonight because he'll be hanging out with his girlfriend. It's so frustrating! I don't understand how he can understand everything and then back away. I don't know what to do exactly with him. Sometimes, I think I'm ridiculous and just expect too much. But that's not true. If you set your expectations low you won't produce good results. High expectations leads to people finding and accepting the gospel. Why can' they see it? Bah! Sorry for that rant.

 Anyways.... I will be applying for my German drivers license today. I am required to take a theory test about road rules and have been studying this past week. Hopefully I can take the test sometime this week. President said he wanted me to try and if the Lord wants me to pass I'll pass, otherwise I'll try again in another city. Keep your fingers crossed that I can pass.

 Love you All!!! Have a great week.Talk to you all next week!

-Ariel Nell

Schwester Munkes giant cake!

Sis. Openshaw chatting with people

Young Woman chatting with someone, giving away a Book of Morman

Big scary portions of food!

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