Monday, May 7, 2012


Hey Family!

  Yes, no air conditioning makes door knocking very interesting. You end up seeing a lot of people in their underwear. But no worries, it's only May and decided to be cold again. It was 6° C yesterday. We have begun wearing tights again and my wool dress is keeping me warm right now! Oh! I sent you a letter in the mail. I got my first grey hair! Talk about being stressed out! Man! I haven't been sleeping well at all lately. I've been dreaming very stressful dreams and Sister Openshaw said I've been moaning, groaning, and talking in my sleep. A prayer or two this way to help me sleep would be very appreciated. :)

   We visited Frau XXXX earlier this week and talked about how sometimes the Lord gives us trials or allows things to happen because we have something to learn from them. It's hard for her to see how the Lord is blessing her through her blindness. She prayed for all of us at the end to have a ''himmlische Einstellung'' or a heavenly or divine attitude. If only we could all look at life like that I think a lot more people would be less angry at God and more accepting of the trials that come into their life. Hopefully we can help her see how there can always be good in bad.

   On Saturday we visited Herr XXXX. We asked him about what he had read or studied the past week and he told us about his thought on Mormon 9:11-28. Then he brought up verse 23 and said that that is why people need to be baptized to show their faith and be saved. Sister Openshaw asked him when he was going to be baptized and he got really quiet. I suggested June or July and then he said September. So we picked September 2nd for his baptismal date. Thank you so much for praying for all our investigators. They all have made progress in their own way and for Herr XXXX to set a date is a huge step in the right direction for him.

   I'm working on being patient everyday. On Sunday we just had 1 investigator at church. I am so grateful he came but sometimes it's hard not to be upset at the other 7 that should have been there. WE will get through to them one day.

   This week we're headed to Hannover for Presidents interviews. I love getting to hear from President Pimentel and talking to him. I'm looking forward to it.

-Ariel Nell

Schwester Mußmann and Schwester Munke, two members in our FHE group.

The foot hills of where we live :)

Me and Frau Kluger. She reminds me of Nana. I showed her our picture and she said it was her mother.

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