Wednesday, May 23, 2012

Week of May 21st

Excerpt from Ariel's Email to Andre
Transfer calls are june 2nd, we transfer the 4th. Except that we're not ever going to leave Halberstadt so no worries!
   Our week was good. We had lots of appointments. Our mission goal is to get 20 lessons a week and we set a goal to get 30 and we've been pretty successful at doing that lately. Frau XXXX and her friend came to church so that was really good. 
  I'm applying for my license this week. Cross your fingers I can pass the test! We have a ward activity coming up this next weekend where we will be running around playing games in a field and grilling so Sister Openshaw and I get to wear pants. I am so excited its not even funny!  
  We have zone conference this week in Hannover. I love going to zone conference. afterwards we will be tausching(exchanges) and I will be going back to Celle. That'll be fun :) 

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