Friday, March 9, 2012

Excerpt from a letter to Lyndel

Well for a funny story this week.... Every week we go to ASB, a place for old people and we serve on the floor with those that have dementia. We play really simple games with them and talk to them. Well this week, Frau Paets saw a larger lady walk into the room and she goes, ''uh, she's fat.'' Sister Openshaw could not stop laughing, and when Frau Paets noticed how funny she had been she has this cute little smirk on her face and this twinkle in her eye. She knew she said something rude but it was funny :) I asked a lady there, Rosie how old she was and she told me 25. She should be around 65. Its sad that she is stuck at the wrong age but at the same time it is such a blessing. How nice would that be to feel you are 25 for the rest of your life??
  Two weeks ago, Sister Openshaw and I were going door to door. There were some people on the street who happened to see us and one said to his friend that we were Hobo's begging. We were dressed up in our Sunday best so I guess Germany has really nice dressed hobos?? Ha.

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