Monday, March 26, 2012

Hey there!

   So this week has been good. We had Herr XXXX fast with us and come to church yesterday. It was amazing having him there. We got to talk to a lot of people so that is always good. It's interesting when we talk to people and ask them if they believe in God and they say no, they believe on the other side. Well, if you believe on the other side don't you think there is a God then? A lady told us that good things come from the other side and we explained good things come from God and Bad things don't. You would think if people could just read the Book of Mormon they'd see that Mormon wrote about that!
  Trends in Germany are very 80-90's. People wear fanny packs, they roller blade for exercise and have funky hair. It's funny and I love it :) 
   It's interesting how everyone's lives revolve around Christ even though they say they don't believe in him. For Easter everyone is doing hard core spring cleaning because they say their homes have to be clean for Easter. Hmmm...who makes us clean because of Easter? What are they preparing for? The resurrection of the Savior, that's what! It's cool but strange at the same time because people don't see how Christ actually plays a role in their lives.
  Every week we go to ASB to serve/play/hang out with these old ladies with dementia. There is one, her name is Frau Kluger, and she looks like Nana. I walked around and hung out with her this past week. She is my favorite. Maybe this week I can get a picture with her. Sometimes when I ask her questions she responds as if she is in the middle of a conversation. Its funny but kind of sad too. 
-Ariel Nell

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