Tuesday, March 20, 2012

Hello, Hello, Hello (letter to Dad)


I eat potatoes ALL the time. Germans just love their potatoes. Being in the east is most definitely different than the west. A member told us this past week that Halberstadt was bombed with schratnel bombs and then fire bombs two days before the war ended. About 82% of Halberstadt was destroyed. I love the members here. They all feel like my family. Sometimes they're a little crazy but they love us too and really rely on us. We have been stopping by some less actives and it's really amazing how just a quick visit, spiritual thought, and they're inviting us to their birthday parties. Something the mission has taught me is to show love for everyone. I'm not perfect because there are those people who can get under my skin sometimes but as I show love for them they begin to have a change of heart and show love for others.

I can drive in Germany until June 26th legally. I can't get a license until I get my passport back and right now the Mission office still has my passport as they are trying to get me registered to work here in Germany and then they'll send it back to me. The mission office will help me in getting a license.  I don't plan on getting a hair cut anytime soon. From what I have heard from other missionaries they have had some pretty scary experiences here getting their hair cut. From what I have heard it is about 40-50 euros.

-Ariel Nell

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