Monday, March 26, 2012

Fast Sunday

Herr XXXXX came to church!!!! Do you know what that means?! It means he is on his way to being the strongest member in the gospel. It was such a reward to see him at church. We got him to fast with us because we did fast Sunday the week before conference. And hopefully he'll take the train with us to Braunschweig to watch Conference this coming Sunday. The work is slowly moving but its going. We do a lot of work with the members and supporting them and visiting them often but we manage to find time to go finding or follow up on contacts.

Since our ward is so small when we do fast and testimony meetings everyone is expected to share their testimony. When we don't have everyone at church then the meeting ends early. That's what happened this week, we ended 15 minutes early. It is still good to hear everyone's testimony. It is really humbling to hear all the members bear their testimonies of the Sister Missionaries and how grateful they are for us. It just re-emphasizes to me how hard I need to work and how strong of an example I need to be for the members. I like having the opportunity of bearing my testimony so much. Its probably one of my favorite things to do next to teaching people.

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