Monday, March 12, 2012

Oh Happy Day...When Jesus Was Born!

Excerpt from an email to Andre

Everything is going good. We did exchanges this week and that was really stressfull. I was sooo glad to have Sister Openshaw back. Members mostly feed us lunch. Lunch or Mittags is the biggest meal here. Germans fast lunch to lunch so they can break it with Mittags. Most Sundays we have an eating appointment and friday evenings a member feeds us dinner because she loves us so much :) At every meal we eat some kind of potatoes. Mostly just plain boiled. I am not a fan of potatoes but that had to go out the window as soon as i got to Germany. We had chicken last friday for the first time in forever, it was AMAZING!! My body is craving good meat. I have found that I am not satisfied with eating anymore :( I think it may be because food is very bland here. I look forward to my bowl of cereal every morning :)

I could say the first vision before I left the MTC. When I call home for mothers day you should just remind me and I'll recite it for you. I think I am doing fine teaching lessons. There are times where it is difficult for me to express exactly what I want to say but I manage my way around it and the investigator or member can understand me. Talking on the phone is hard. I am still a very talk-on-the-phone-in-german person. I'm getting better.

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