Friday, March 9, 2012


Hey family!
 I did get my valentines package - THANK YOU!!!! I got Claudi's package as well so I will write her a note and send it in the mail. Mum, I loved hearing about your experiences in a small branch and that you stayed with sister missionaries. I never knew you did that?! Were you staying with them to do missionary work or what?
 Dad, Christopher O'Reiley was LSU's artist in residence for the past couple years. He actually did a from the top recording in one of our theaters and performed many concerts by himself and with the LSU orchestra. It was so lovely to hear the description of his playing. Claudi sent me a CD of classical music and I about died. It is so nice to hear and listen to.
   Something that I have learned is that I LOVE the members here in Halberstadt. Like you said Mum, there is a lot less of a buffer so you get to know everyone really well. Everyone just has all their funny personalities. I love it! They're a bunch of fun crazies and I feel just at home ;) Everyone has THEIR spot in church. Should you sit in the wrong spot you ruin the whole set up and everyone gets pushed back a row. Yesterday we had sooo many people at church, it was wonderful. We met a girl who just recently returned home from her mission and asked when she could come on joint teaches with us. She is probably the only person right now who understands missionary work. We expected two investigators and a less active to come to church yesterday. Only one investigator came so we were a little heart broken but it was good that the one came. He is from China so we teach him in English because his German is not so good. A member was joking that they were going to fatten me up and then eat me and Sister Openshaw for the meal after our ward conference next week. Our investigator asked me if I could understand what the member was saying and told me I needed to be cautious. Haha! When learning a second language, jokes are not funny for a long time. You just translate them to literally in you head and it doesn't make  sense and you certainly don't laugh. I am slowly getting better and have actually started laughing at people's jokes. Although it's difficult because sometimes their jokes are demeaning. Its okay, We're working on teaching everyone about love for others and so far a lot of people have made some great progress. 
     So I got my first parking ticket last Monday. It was orange construction paper so everything was made better. We think it'll just be a warning though because when you get fined they normally put the amount on the ticket. I parked where we thought we were allowed to. Turns out, we're not :)
   We had 11.5 degree celcius weather the other day. It was fabulous! We walked around without sweaters on, HALELUJAH! But it has returned to cold weather. Hopefully it'll warm back up sometime soon. 
   I want to tell you all about another investigator we have. He is an amazing! I am not sure if I told you the story, but ten minutes before one of our appointments we saw him smoking. We planned to teach about the Word of Wisdom. We went in, had a fabulous lesson about the Word of Wisdom, committed him to live it, and guess what?? He HAS!! We had a fruit tea and cookie party Saturday night to celebrate. He is so in-tune with the spirit, its really amazing the ideas and thoughts that come to him. He loves to study the Book of Mormon, and even has a favorite scripture memorized! I haven't even done that in German yet (except D&C 4). Super cool.
   This week we have zone conference on Wednesday so we are headed to Hannover. After zone conference we will be doing exchanges. I'll be staying in Halberstadt but a Sister from Australia will be coming to me! I am excited to meet her and get to know her!
    Thanks for all your love and support. I pray for you all multiple times a day! I hope you all have a great next week! I love you!
-Ariel Nell

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