Thursday, March 1, 2012

Lil Sis


LOVED your experience on the motorcycle. It just goes to show that the Lord speaks to us all in an environment that we will best get the message. It shows that God loves and knows you. Thanks for sharing with me. I love hearing everyone elses testimonies. That's probably my favorite: Sunday, fast and testimony meeting. Since there aren't too many members here everyone has the opportunity to get up and bear their testimonies. I am really excited to get up and in butchered German share mine.

Our week was really good. Halberstadt is definitely a different area compared to Celle. We focus a lot on the members here which was a hard transition for me. President has instituted a 7 new appointments for the week so everyday we try to get a new appointment. We were really good at getting them in Celle because we actually had finding time. In Halberstadt our time is full but not so much with finding time, we find as we walk places. We had President Interviews on Thursday and it was really nice to talk to him. He specifically explained to me that in Halberstadt our priority is to strengthen and support this ward. I am so grateful for President Pimentel. He really is inspired and he is down to earth and understands each area so well. The church just recently came out with our new mission president. His wife's family is actually still in cottbus and Sister Openshaw knows them so that's pretty neat.

Sister Openshaw and I get along great. I love walking with her or driving with her because we always get into these Gospel discussions. I have learned so much just by talking to her about the Gospel. She is really great to bump ideas off of and I love studying with her!

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