Tuesday, March 20, 2012

Hotlanta Already (letter to Mum)

I have to say its absolutely hilarious that everyone is concerned about my hair. (Dad wrote her about needing a haircut) Y'all are funny!!! 
   This week, Thomas Göcking a member, gave us German flags and cups and Halberstadt pens and a book about Halberstadt. It was really sweet of him. He calls me the little one. It seems like this nickname will follow me all around Germany. Thomas is probably the only German that loves American things. He is always sure to update us on the news of things that happen in America like the tornadoes in Kentucky. He prays for us and our families all the time. He loves you guys too! 
   Transfer call was Saturday and Sister Openshaw and I will both be staying in Halberstadt for the next transfer. This one is only a five week one instead of a six week one.  President told us that our mission is the largest mission in Europe. I think that's just crazy! So because we live in the boonies it's planting season right now and some days we go outside and there is a horrible poop smell from the farmers fertilizing their fields. The fields are all a beautiful lime green :) 
   We ran into a lot of angry people this week who liked to yell but also people who believe in God. It is always such a treat to find someone who believes in God. It is a rarity here.

Try and see if you can find Thomas' apartment, look for the American flag...

We made Sister Stewart try on a bunch of clothes

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