Tuesday, March 20, 2012

Hi ya!

Weather in Georgia just sounds fabulous! We had a glorious day on Friday, this past week but then it got very cold again. I've been told it won't get warm till the end of April. And there are probably only a few months where we don't have to wear tights and then they go right back on.
   So this past Saturday we had transfer calls and Sister Openshaw and I are both staying in Halberstadt this next transfer. This transfer is a 5 week one so it ends April 23. Tomorrow is the first day of this transfer. I am about to hit my five months mark on my mission and it seems so slow and yet so fast. I think Einstein should have written a theory on mission time. 
   So today we traveled to Braunschweig where our district leaders serve and the Celle sisters met us there. Sister Stewart goes home tomorrow so it was our last time to hang out and play. We just ran around the city, went to H&M, ate brötchen and bratwurst, and ice cream :) On our way home I saw this old man walking down the street so I went up to him and started talking to him and introduced us and the church. He was quite a funny man. He said he didn't believe in God and that God has done nothing for him and then he told us he prayed right before an operation he had recently that all would go well and all went well. He started crying when talking about his dad, got into an argument with a man that rode past us on a bike, I thought he was going to hit him with his cane, and then he hugged us. So strange and yet so very entertaining!

   I hope ya'll have a wonderful week this week! Love you!
-Ariel Nell

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