Monday, April 30, 2012

Excerpt from letter to Lyndel

 Yes, I've been counting down the days till I get to call you all. It seems like I'm the only missionary that knows mothers day was in two weeks from yesterday. It's weird how fast the time flies. I was looking at old journal entries and just laughing my head off at some stories. It feels like they just happened yesterday but they were four months ago. Everything that happens to us is just so funny but I always seem to forget to tell the family everything. I even write stuff down so I'll remember but I still forget some stories. That's why I'm excited to talk to everyone. I can tell you all things I forget all the time and answer questions you all have for me.

   This week we went to ASB and brought nail polish and painted all the old ladies nails. I painted Frau Klugers and I got a fabulous picture with her. There was a man there too who said he wanted his nails painted green so I painted two nails and then he obviously was done with that because he wiped the nail polish all over me to get it off. A bit strange. Sad story though, this fabulous picture of me and Frau Kluger will not be sent home to you because Sister Openshaw accidentally deleted all the pictures on my camera. Luckily it was only from my time in Halberstadt. So all the pictures I have sent home are the only ones I have so please keep and collect them for me.
   So we go door to door or tür zu tür and we get a lot of funny excuses. This week we got, '' I'm not wearing pants'' and ''I have to go to the bathroom!!'' haha :) 
-Ariel Nell

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