Monday, April 2, 2012

Excerpt from letter to Lyndel

     This week I learned lots of things. First winter hasn't ended. Even though we get to go a week with no tights or coats or sweaters and even start sweating a little winter is still here and it snowed a little yesterday. Nice huh? Second, no matter how long your skirt is the wind will still manage to make you immodest. There has been like gale force winds this past week and no matter what we were wearing the wind would get under it some how. I had to pull out my Michelin man jacket again to keep warm. The third thing I learned, is that when you have two eating appointments in one day that's called you're a saint. Man talk about a food baby. Normally, Germans like you to eat when everything is gone on your plate and then a little more but our first appointment the plates were so huge the member told us we could just eat until we were full. Thats probably the nicest thing I have heard!
   General Conference was amazing! We will see the last session next Sunday during church. I LOVED Uchtdorfs talk as well. just Stop It! Too cute :)
  On Tuesday we go to Schwester XXXXX house and teach her temple prep. This past Tuesday when we went in she had a German version of like Little House on the Prairie on TV. It was hilarious. The pub lady in her typical German durdril was asked by the scruffy man if he could come over to her house that evening. It was really funny. 
Love you,
Ariel Nell

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