Monday, April 9, 2012

Hi there!

Ariel's letter to Lyndel
 Easter is huge here! Everyone gets a week out of school and then everyone gets off work Friday and Monday. Friday is called K Freitag for kruez (cross friday). And Monday, today, is easter Monday. We've been asking lots of people why they celebrate on Monday and no one can seem to tell us. Everyone puts out vases full of cherry blossom branches on their tables and then  decorates them with the Easter egg ornaments. Also, if people have plants or trees, or bushes outside they will hang eggs from them too, kind of like the Christmas ornaments Mum does on our trees in the front yard for Christmas. I took a picture of one for you. Today we have an eating appointment with a member to eat Falsches Hasen ( or fake rabbit). I really do hope its fake. It's some type of meatloaf is what we have understood.

  I saw Frau Kluger just as we were leaving Friday. She had gotten her hair cut and was wearing a fat huge orange necklace just like Nana would wear. I'll try and get a picture of her this week.

  Yesterday we decided to bake cookies and makes little Easter cards and drop them off by all the less active members in our ward who still allow contact. It was really successful and we were able to make out a lot of new appointments with less actives. One of the people is a man that works at the old people home we serve at every Friday where Frau Kluger lives. Small world! Hopefully we can help people get excited about coming to church. We had two investigators and a less active at church on Sunday. I can't begin to explain just how much of a difference that makes!


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