Tuesday, April 24, 2012

A German, Sebastian Vettel, won the Formula 1 race today...yo​ur fellow German's should be proud!

Excerpt from Ariel's email to Andre

 I am doing fabulous! The weather is still cold and very rainy the past couple of days. We have been very blessed that every time it down pours we are inside. Every time we go out and see people soaked through but we're very dry :) Our investigators are doing well. We have a small family that is progressing and we just found the grandmother from this family yesterday. Hopefully we can bring them all to the church. Most investigators seem to have something they have to over come. We were supposed to have 9 investigators at church yesterday and two came. I am grateful that  the two came but I just feel like someone broke up with me. Sister Openshaw wants to text everyone who didn't come Mormon 6:17-20. Not really, but we would like to.
    Our schedule is going to be super busy this week! So tomorrow here is our schedule: 8 am personal study, 9 am comp study, 10:30 Schwester Mußmann, drive to Thale, 12 Holgar, finding in Thale from 13-15:30, drive to Halberstadt, 16 FHE for the ward, 17:30 Frau B and Frau B, 18:45 Herr S, 20 Language study.
    Our bathroom has our washer in it. We have a normal shower but it never drains so you're usually standing in a pool of water by the end. I think we have a water heater, I have no idea. Our sink in the bathroom usually has colder water than the faucet in the kitchen so we fill up our water bottles in the bathroom. We have a toilet and a heater in the bathroom and that's it. Pretty normal :)
   I'm starting to be missionary tired. You know where you go and go and go all the time so when you sit down for a few seconds you could pass out? Always tired. I've got lovely bags under my eyes all the time.
    Let me know how the Hawks, Les Mis, and the Symphony goes! I am quite jealous of you two! Love you! Thanks for the email and I can't wait to talk to you on mothers day!
-Ariel Nell

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