Monday, April 16, 2012

Hello there!

I got the most hilarious picture for Schwester Mußmann. She is the one who gets bent out of shape playing  the game, Uno. The ASB ladies all had diarrhea so we weren't allowed to visit them :( Schwester Munke told us she didn't get a phone for her home until 1990, crazy communism. She also didn't have colored pictures until then. It's crazy what they lived with under the DDR.

  I saw a lady in church whip out  fan and fan herself for all of the meeting. I thought to myself, "Menopause is in Germany too!" We're in the process of cleaning out our area book. I've attached a picture of the mess. 
   We set a baptismal date this week for August with XXXX. He is 16 and the son of a member that joined the church a year ago. We are really excited and hope that we can prepare him to be a missionary too! Then he'll be the first one from our little branch. 
   We have to drive to Hannover tomorrow to get our tires changed. I'm getting tired of driving but luckily we found a Disney CD in our car so that helps to sing along to to stay awake. :) Thanks for picking out the dresses with Mum for me! I've gotten into wearing little belts with my skirts and i'ts quite fun. I like the belt with the dress. Very Snazzy!
-Ariel Nell

Mess from cleaning out our Area book

Schwester Mußmann

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