Monday, April 23, 2012

Chilly Spring Time

Email to Lyndel

  It's the little things in life that make us happy! I got your photo album this week! It came on the 20th, a month after you sent it! I'm not sure why it takes forever for things to get here. Letters can take anywhere from 4-7 days but packages is like getting a bomb in. So the way the mail system works here, if you get a package they'll leave you a note and tell you which post to go to. In Halberstadt we only have one post to go to. Anyways I got the slip that I got your package on Friday and we ran to the post only for the lady to tell me she had no package in the computer for my street which probably means the truck hadn't come back yet. So Saturday morning we go and the same lady says the package isn't in the system so then she actually goes to look for it and then finds it in the letters section. Silly post lady, packages are for me! Anyways, Sister Openshaw and I enjoyed reading all the commentary to the pictures and looking at them on our lunch break in Thale. Sister Openshaw loves the chandelier in the dining room. She says if you're going to throw it away she'd be more than happy to take it :)
   All the old ladies at ASB still are sick so no picture of Frau Kluger, good news is that I am staying in Halberstadt until at least June 3rd ( the end of this next transfer) and I'm staying with sister Openshaw. We are both very excited and so is the ward. Because the ward is so small transfer of missionaries is like someone is dying. They get really sad and it throws everyone off for a bit. Since our ladies weren't there we went to the other floor and played a German "Sorry" game with these two really fast ladies. It was hard to play with them they played so fast! And I felt dumb for having to count spaces because they could quickly move their pieces to the right spot. I tried doing that a few times but I usually counted wrong, oh well :)
   We had a branch activity this past Wednesday. It was games night and it went really well. We played soccer outside on the side of our building afterwards. It was so much fun. And I'm pretty good in a skirt! My shoe went flying with the ball at one point though and hit a member in the face. Oops! 
   Well I love you! Have a wonderful week! I love getting your emails and hearing all the random things you've been up to. This next Thursday I'll be down to a year. Crazy how time flies huh?

-Ariel Nell

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