Monday, April 2, 2012

General Conference

Excerts from Ariel's email to Andre

I got to watch conference in English, and Elders Uchtdorf'ss talk is not spoken by him in German it is someone else translating. I loved conference. It was such a great refresher and edifying experience to have after being the one who teaches all the time. I love to get taught!

Lyndel sent me a picture of the four of you after the color run. Ya'll look beautiful! Such a colorful family :)

This past week was really busy and there wasn't much time for finding. I am hoping we can find some new people this week who are interested in learning and who we can bring into this small branch to help support and strengthen everyone.

Have you ever read the talk, ''Lessons learned at liberty jail?'' Its by Elder Holland. Look it up some time if you never had. Our district leader spoke about this talk this past week and how we need to continue in the hope of our callings so that we can be the most successful. Its a wonderful talk.

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