Tuesday, April 17, 2012

Happy Tax Day!

Excerpt from Ariel's email to Andre!
You know, I knew there was something special about yesterday but I couldn't remember what it was. Thanks for reminding me :)

This week we had zone conference in Hannover. From there we did exchanges and I went to Bremerhaven. I tried contacting this old couple on the street who were driving those scooters that people can drive in Walmart when they can't walk. Well the lady stopped and then kept going but her husband just blew his horn a bunch of times and kept driving off. It was super funny. Like, I can't hear you, my horn is going off...

Then yesterday we went to Hannover again for Stake conference. It was so lovely to see all the members from Celle. They remembered me! So nice :) Sister Stewart, or Priscilla, came back to visit since she is still in Germany for a bit before she heads back to the states. It was so exciting to talk to her again and see her.

So driving betweent Niedersachsen and Sachsen-Anhalt there are signs separating the two states. Well when entering the Niedersachsen side it says, ''Niedersachsen, immer eine gute idee'' (Lower saxon, always a good idea). Sister Openshaw and I have been collecting things that are always a good idea, like cereal. Well, a member told us this past week she lost her false teeth in her Bra, immer eine gute idee (always a good idea) :)

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