Monday, April 30, 2012

Getting warmer

   This week started at 13°C and we finished at 32.5°C. I actually sweated yesterday!! No one in Germany has air conditioning so you're living like we do. Everyone just leaves their windows open and usually sit around in their underwear. It makes for interesting contacting when we go door to door. This week we had someone answer their door and say that they weren't wearing pants and another older lady answered and said she had to go to the bathroom and then shut the door again. Its too funny :) We got the bikes fixed on Monday and were able to pick them up on Wednesday. We've been riding them ever since and it is fabulous! I love riding bikes.

   We had probably the best lesson we've ever had with XXXX this past week. We taught the Word of Wisdom and Law of Chastity. We began by talking about a picture of the temple and what we would do to it, such as drawing graffiti on it or smoking inside. And then asked how our bodies were like temples and he sat there and thought for a minute and then goes, "Because it's Holy!" It was so neat to watch his understanding for a commandment go to a deeper spiritual level. He was really able to apply the concepts to his life and was really open with us. It was great! Frau XXXX is in Alma now. She told us she only got to listen to one CD last week. She has no idea that she is doing far more than most people. It's wonderful. Her face was so precious as we read to her 2 Nephi 2. She loved it!

  We get fed every Friday by Schwester Munke because she loves us and every Sunday their are five members that rotate feeding us for lunch. Dinner is not a big meal in Germany plus we just don't eat dinner in our mission so that we can get more work done.

  You said that you feel like you are receiving blessings because of me. How? Missionaries talk about all the time how their families are being blessed by their service. I just think you guys are wonderful, I think you are just seeing the blessings more because I'm gone maybe. What do you think?

   We went to ASB and painted the old ladies finger nails and they loved it! One old lady asked me how much she needed to pay me and I told her it was a gift. She was just too cute!

    We had 6 investigators to church and 2 kids. It was so wonderful having so many people at church. The ward was so very excited. Sister Openshaw and I bought some small candies for the kids that came and photo copied some coloring pages for them during the sacrament. I love talking to kids in German. They are non-judgmental and just love us for talking and being interested in them.

Have a wonderful day and I can't wait to talk to you in 13 DAYS!!!! I'm not counting or anything ;)
(Ariel gets to call home twice a year - Mother's Day and Christmas. We are very excited to hear from her)

-Ariel Nell

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