Monday, April 16, 2012


Hi ya!
   The baptism of that man in the ward sounds awesome. I am so glad that the Aspers and the Goldens both were there to support him. It will help him a lot to be always surrounded by those who support him. Speaking of baptisms, Sister Openshaw and I set a baptismal date with XXXX , XXX (who has been a member for almost a year) son. That's the first baptismal date I've set on the mission! It is for August and Sister Openshaw and I are hoping that we can then help him to prepare for a mission and then be the first missionary from the Halberstadt Branch. I am so excited for him and to turn this little family into a gospel family. XXXX is a little worried about his father staying active but we told him it was up to him to set the example and raise his family in the gospel. I think it will be a great way for the two to come closer together.

   We almost set another date for baptism with Frau XXXX on Saturday. We were talking about prophets and she said it made complete sense to have prophets today because God is the same yesterday, today, and forever. We then taught her about Joseph Smith and the Restoration. When she learned that we have the restored preisthood authority of the earth she shouted ''Pries den Herrn'' (praise the Lord) and Halelujah, and Woo-hoo!! I agree Mum, everyone should have those kind of reactions to the gospel. Why don't they? This is the true church, we have the restored priesthood. Man, I'm right there with Frau XXXX saying ''Pries den Herrn''. Frau XXXX even told us the baptismal prayer and motioned with her hands of having the arm raised and then the person going in the water. It was so amazing! We then invited her to be baptized when she felt that everything that she learns is true. Then the tables turned. She got really upset and told us we needed to try being blind for 8 hours and try crossing a street. She thinks she needs to be healed of her blindness to be baptized so she can see it. It was so painful to hear her say these things and not understand us. She told us the Book of Mormon is important  and she wants to finish reading it before she makes a decision (she has listened all the way up to Alma by the way). I tried to help her know that she isn't blind spiritually and because she isn't she is more recepive to the spirit and to recognize truth. We have a lesson with her today so hopefully it goes a little better.

  I don't have any callings in my ward. I didn't have any in Celle either. As missionaries we really just fill in the void where ever they need it. We do a lot for the ward though since thats our job. Before Sunday School we always give a spiritual thought, every Tuesday we hold FHE, and if there isn't the normal pianist I play. On Sunday I have to give a talk, uh oh! I better get started!

   I did get the parcel on Thursday! Thank you so much for the dresses and the pillow case and the peeps and the pero! I get excited every night to sleep on my Easter pillow case. I wore the blue dress twice already, and the black one to Church yesterday. I'm going to take some of the peeps to XXXX this evening because he loves anything american :)

 The motherland is wonderfully cold. They say its spring time here but I think its a conspiracy theory. I was at a members house this past week and saw Spongebob in German. It was hilarious! Squidward sounds really weird.

      Dad ,Thanks for completmenting the Sister missionaries in your ward :) President always says at zone conference that the elders can sit on the front row when they do as much work as the sisters, ha! Really, we all do the same amount of work.

         Sister Openshaw and I are getting on lovingly. She makes me laugh a lot. This week I was crying because I was laughing so hard. That's always fun. Transfer call is this Saturday and we are convinced we will stay here until we both have to go home. I love this ward and all the silly people. The members love us dearly and look out for us all the time. XXXXX always prays for us and our families. This past week we had a Tausch. I went to Bremerhaven which is right on the west coast of Germany. I didn't get to see the ocean but I did see a giant huge cargo boat. It was interesting working in the west again and being able to make out new appointments like if you just asked someone if they breathe oxygen, Yes! I stopped one man on the street and talked to him. He was not interested so I gave him our card. He took it, tore it in half, and then threw it on the ground an kept walking. I told him to have a good day. It definitely was a sting to my heart to watch that and then I thought, I got 2000 more cards where that came from, no worries! :)

 -Ariel Nell
Me eating a bratwurst und brötchen in Innenstadt. It's only 1,60 euros

Our TaufTermin (Translated text says: There are new baptism dates in Halberstadt (Sisters) and Groitzsch. We see miracles...)

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