Monday, June 11, 2012

Closing Time!

Excerpt from Ariel's email to Andre

 That's really fun that you got to be the recorder for the baptisms on Saturday. I like the ''you don't have to be clean shaven to work in the baptistry'' slogan. You're a witness for the baptisms and you have to physically check it off. Yeah! Exactly! You just said that :) We're so smart. You're always a full-time missionary. Missionary work is temple work. The missionary work I do is for all the living people but there's a lot more dead.
Sister Openshaw said I say all the time if you want to talk to God Pray, if you want him to talk to you read the scriptures. I LOVE our study times too!! That's like my favorite time of each day.
No its not warm, I wore tights in church on Sunday I'm wearing a long-sleeve shirt right now.
German food that I can cook.... nada. I can make a bowl of GERMAN cereal with GERMAN milk, a pan of GERMAN scrambled eggs (they're orange inside) with GERMAN toast, on GERMAN bread. Basically everything we eat  or make is German :) HAHAHA! But really I can't make anything traditional. I can make abend brot if I wanted but I don't.
You two are too funny! I'm really excited about your house. I think its strange I'll come home and everyone will be grown up and in a house like a big person. I try to be bold often and not beat around the bush. It seems though its hard for people to sometimes be honest with us back or just that comfortable.
Anyways, this week was good. I'm hoping this next week will be better. We are working hard to find some new investigators. There are several less actives that have kids who aren't members so we're working with them to get them involved with church and activities here. Sister Openshaw and I are working on putting a youth night together so hopefully we can help them all want to take those steps to come closer to Christ.
I love y'all!! Have a fabulous work week and closing on your house and moving in and just being grown ups!
Love you
Ariel Nell

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