Monday, June 25, 2012

Hi there!

Excerpt from Ariel's email to Andre

Andre, I scared the willies out of Sister Openshaw when you started talking, she was writing a letter and then when your voice came on she jumped and scribbled all over her paper! I want to wet my pants it was soo funny!
Oh man!! 90°F I'm jealous! I keep telling the members I want to sweat and miss the heat. Thanks Andre, I'm telling people to do drugs. I get the ''she don't make sense'' look a lot or maybe sister Openshaw gets it more and she tells me about it.
 Our Branch is doing well. Schwester Mußmann got her temple recommend to receive her endowment yesterday and she cried with joy when she realized what it was. The other three members are SUPER excited and two will be getting their Patriarchal blessings on the 8th of July. Our temple trip is buzzing news around here and everyone is really looking forward to it. It only takes 2 hours to get to the freiberg or Frankfurt temple. Since Frankfurt isn't in our mission we asked everyone if they wouldn't mind going to the Freiberg temple so we could come along. So we will be able to do it in one day. We plan to do the 10 am baptismal session and then have a picnic outsides afterwards. 
 The temple in the Amazon sounds wonderful. Is it Beautiful? How many temples does Brazil have?
   Is tripper going to start staying with you when Ellens parents come again and bring the dogs?
Yesterday we were dooring in a dorf and there was this one dog that ran out to meet us and didn't start barking at us until his owner came out. He was all smack and not bite. It made me think of your dog friend you had on your mission. There are two doggy friends I have here. They're super sweet. I miss playing with Darcy. 
  Our Stake President visited our Branch yesterday. He had a really wonderful message to share with everyone and he kind of looked like President Uchtdorf. I got my hair cut on monday. That was scary. Did you cut your own hair on your mission? We will be getting a new mission president on Friday. I'm sad to say good bye to the pimentels but excited to visit them after the mission. They live an hour from Sister Openshaw so we have been planning a fun trip for after the mission :) 

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