Monday, June 25, 2012

New week, New experiences

Hey Dad!

 I take the driving test again on Tuesday. The driving school man that has been helping me through the whole process said good things come in threes right, so hopefully I get it this time. President Pimentel said that the first two times were just practice and now this is the real deal. I didn't realize that you had two mission Presidents too. I'm sad the Pimentels are leaving because they both mean so much to me but I'm excited to visit them after the mission. They only live an hour away from Sister Openshaw so we're planning a trip to visit each other and the Pimentels when we're both done. President and Sister Pimentel are both great examples of sacrifice and hard workers. I'm excited for the new Mission President too. They're actually from Cottbus, a city that Sister Openshaw served in here in Germany. It'll be interesting to learn from his guidance and teaching.  Wednesday we went to Hannover to say good bye to the Pimentels since we will be getting our new mission President this Friday.
Last week I spoke in church about repentance. Moroni describes repenting and putting off everything that is ungodly and loving God unconditionally. I taught that the way to do that is to make sure the desires of our hearts were focused on God and our ultimate goal, eternal life, and to be open to correction or chastisement. Well thing is the word for being addicted to drugs  (suchtig) is very similar to chastise (zuchtigt). So it turns out I was telling everyone to be addicted to drugs to repent instead of being willing to be chastised. Oh well... speaking German is a work in progress.
   I got my hair cut this week and it was a scary experience. I felt like I was going to get a tattoo or piercing or something. The whole time I was thinking of Geoff and Jen Frost. I can't wait to have them cut my hair again! 

Schwester Mußmann got her temple recommend yesterday! She cried when she realized what it was. Sister Openshaw and I are so excited for our Branch to go to the temple. Our temple trip at the end of July is buzzing news around here. I'm really looking forward to being with them all as they attend the temple. I know it will really strengthen our branch. 

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