Monday, June 4, 2012

Post Memorial Day Blues

Excerpts from Ariel's email to Andre
  Work for us...its going. We're working hard on getting less actives to church. We are in the process of putting together a youth night for all our youth aged investigators since we don't have any young men or women in our branch. We also go and visit one less active lady pretty often. She doesn't think anyone does anything for her so we're working on just giving her some love and inviting her to church and activities.
 XXXX is doing good. We're trying to make church more interesting for him. He's 16 and seems to be distracted by things that 16 year olds are distracted by. He still hasn't come to church. But we committed him and his dad to pray every evening together and they actually have been consistent about doing it! His baptismal date is still set for August 26th. We need to make him a baptismal calendar this week so he does something in the scriptures everyday until he is baptized. On Tuesday we had a lesson about the armor of god and dressed him up in home made armor out of cardboard and tinfoil. It was funny :) He enjoyed it.
P-day today. We plan on going grocery shopping and eating lunch and probably writing some more letters.  We haven't gone to any museums here but we made it as a transfer goal to visit all the old things in Halberstadt like the Dom, Buchardi kirche, etc.
I feel bad for the birdies that Darcy just ruined their little family!
Its still cold here and has been raining lots. I finally understand why you can buy a cardigan here year round because it doesn't get warm enough to sweat yet. So enjoy sweating for me.
I hope you have a great week at work and doing some more fun activities together. You and Ellen seem to go on bunches of adventures! I love you two and will talk to you next week :)
love, Ariel Nell

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