Monday, June 11, 2012

New week New experiences!

I haven't heard any Germans talk about D-Day but the attitude toward the war here in Halberstadt is not happy (why would it be?). Halberstadt was severely affected by the war with 82% of the city being destroyed two days before the war was over. When we contact people on the street and ask them if they believe in God they usually respond with, ''If there was a God where was he during the war and there would have been no war.'' It seems difficult for others to understand that God was always right there beside him and that he never told us to fight with each other, that war is a result of the natural man. Sometimes when offering us food people will say they wished they had so much food on their tables before or after the war or when they were little they only dreamed of having so much.  Bitterness is the best way to describe it. Serving here in Halberstadt I've really been able to see how Satan played a role in the war in ruining peoples faith.
   Stake conference was always fun. My favorite part was when President Parker announced the missionaries and how long they had left and where they were serving. Make sure you stand tall and proud for me! :)
   I haven't sat my driving test yet. Hopefully this week. I didn't think I needed to reorder it but now thinking about it yesterday I think I need to. So sometime this week. I'm a little worried. Hopefully all will go well. I'm really excited for Eli to go to the temple for the first time. Are you and Mum going to go with him? I think you should if you weren't planning on it. Sister Openshaw and I are working on getting four members who have never been to the temple to go for baptisms for the dead. President gave us permission to go with them if we can get them already. We're both really excited. I had been wondering about Eli and if he had gone or not. Someone should go. 
  I think a relaxed couple of days at home will be a really nice anniversary. Way to go on 30 years!! I like all the random stuff you bought at the antique action. I miss antiquing :)

   Rejection isn't bad. We normally get that on a daily basis. The thing to remember about rejection is that we're giving people the opportunity to hear the gospel. If they're not ready they won't be interested and we're only helping them to prepare for when someone else approaches them. Schwester Munke was approached by missionaries before but she told them she didn't have time. Then another set talked to her and she was ready and now she is super active in the church. It all has to be on their time with their agency. Pushing people to accept it won't help them to retain their testimonies. 
   On Friday we went to a zone leader counsel that President invited us to. It was really neat to see the behind workings of the mission and how we work to get problems fixed or to put something new into action. It also gave us the chance to get to know President a little better. Our cat planners were a hit with all the Elders. One Elder told me it made him miss his cat, haha! We also kind of felt like Santa Claus. Everyone had to say hi to us and then they didn't talk to us.
   I got my package after that meeting! Thanks so much! I really like the necklace charm you got made for me in Mexico. Thanks sooooo much for the toothpaste. As soon as we got home Sister Openshaw and I brushed our teeth. It was a magical experience. I really liked Dads note and Eli's. Tell Eli thank you very much for my bracelet! I love it! Best two colors ever :)   (Eli made a bracelet for Ariel with purple and gold - LSU colors) 
   We got into contact with Herr XXXX! We have another lesson with him this week coming so I'll let you know how that all goes. I was supposed to give a talk in Church yesterday but when we got there they told me I didn't need to anymore. So I'll give it next week.  This week we had a lot of finding time but not so much success in getting return appointments. Hopefully this week will be different.
   I didn't take any pictures this week. I'll be better next week. OH! Mum, I almost forgot, I saw the movie ''What's Eating Gilbert Grape'' in the store last Monday. The translation in German is ''Gilbert Grape Anywhere in Iowa'' I thought it was pretty funny. Love you!

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