Monday, June 4, 2012

Hi sister! letter to Lyndel

Have fun at girls camp getting sweaty!! I'm super jealous that you guys get to sweat. So on June 1st this is what I wore: long socks, pioneer skirt (the black anthro one), undershirt, long sleeved-shirt, hoodie, scarf, and a coat. It was super cold and rainy. Welcome to summer! I miss you bunches Lyndel. I miss just running around doing things with you or have a sleep over and watching pride and prejudice. The good thing is is that this mission is moving fast! I'll see you before you know it! I'm glad that you can recognize the blessings of my service in your family. Sometimes its hard to see the blessings your family receives as you are serving. Other missionaries talk about their families being blessed since they were gone and I was never able to put my finger on how you all were being blessed. Keep reaping those blessings!

 We did go to Scwester Munkes last night for lunch and it was probably the yummiest German lunch I've had yet! Boiled potatoes, veggies, and some kind of meat with sauce. I told Schwester Munke that ya'll were all fascinated by her cake and she said you could have the recipe. It made her happy :)

   Transfers were on Saturday and Sister Openshaw and I will both be staying in Halberstadt. We are really excited and so is our ward! We told our ward mission leader that we were both going to stay before our transfer call and then after our transfer call we called him to let him know the results and he goes,''Man, what is it with your revelation, you're always right!'' I told him its because we have the spirit with us :) It is not common for missionaries to stay with one companion for 4 transfers so we're really excited. We're hoping we can go 5 or 6!
   We taught Frau XXXX this past week by reading Jacob 1-4. We asked her about her feelings and thoughts on what we just read and she said the spirit was telling her that she is coming into the light. That was super cool. On Sunday she came to church and loved fast and testimony meeting. She clapped after my testimony, Haha! And then she said, ''I have a testimony too!'' and then just stood up right there and bore her testimony. It was really neat!

 Well, I love you tons! Thanks for all your love and support and emails. Have a fun week at girls camp!
-Love ya, Ariel Nell

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