Monday, June 18, 2012

Happy Father's Day!


Thanks so much for the pictures!! I can't believe how big Eli is! And his 12 year old trip sounds like so much fun! Will you guys visit any friends when you're in LA? Sister Openshaw says those cities are really fun and that there are lots of things to do there as I'm sure you already know. I'm glad you like my letter! Sounds like you all had a busy week with people moving and funerals and things.

Your anniversary activities sounded fun! Did you enjoy seeing Casa Blanca in the Fox? That's neat you were able to get a wheel chair for Margaret from the company that you helped out these past years.

It's so neat you got to baptize Eli since you didn't baptize him when he was 8. I'm really glad that you and Mum went with him to the temple and got to share that experience with him.

Yesterday I spoke in church about repentance. Moroni describes repenting and putting off everything that is ungodly and loving God unconditionally. I taught that the way to do that is to make sure the desires of our hearts were focused on God and our ultimate goal, eternal life, and to be open to correction or chastisement. Well thing is the word for being addicted to drugs (Suchtig) is very similar to chastise (Zuchtigt). So it turns out I was telling everyone to be addicted to drugs to repent instead of being willing to be chastised. Oh well... speaking German is a work in progress.

I took my driving test again last Tuesday and again I got 12 negative points. I will be taking the test again on the 26th, the day before my 6 months in Germany are up. Throw some prayers in for me this week! President said the first two times were just practice rounds this next time is the real thing.

 We're headed to Hannover this week for zone conference since President and Sister Pimentel leave next week I believe. It's sad to have them go. I'm excited to visit them after the mission. I really respect both of them.

Have a fabulous week dad! I love you!

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