Monday, June 25, 2012

Hi ya!

  ASB ladies are the bomb! I love visiting them. Frau Ulrich and Frau Kluger sort of got in a fight this past Friday. Frau Ulrich was being mean again and Frau Kluger told her to shut her mouth, haha! Its fun to visit with them and to hear whats been going on in their week. They get so excited to see us, its cute. 
   We did have luck this past week looking for new people. We spent a lot of time dooring and there was just a lot of not very friendly people open or ready to talk to us. Yesterday after our eating appointment with our Branch President and his wife we decided to door his dorf and there were a lot of people that were willing to talk to us.  At the last man we doored into, we introduced ourselves and the Book of Mormon and explained a little about it and told him that we invited people to read it and pray to find out if its true. We then asked if he was interested in having a Book of Mormon and meeting with us so that we could explain a little more and he said that he actually was interested!! So cool. I'm looking forward to going to visit/teach him next Sunday. I'll let you know how it goes. 
  The Investigators we have been working with are all progressing which is really good. Some are having commitment issues and others are having testimony issues. We've been preparing baptism calendars for the ones with baptismal dates this past week. It gives them something to do each day leading up to their baptism and then a little after. Our next transfer will start July 16th and we will find out on the 14th if we stay or not. I have no idea what will happen. I hope we both can stay together.
   I take the driving test again tomorrow. Third times the charm right? I hope so! Here is one of the questions that is on the test ( I have a program that I've been using to practice with): Driving at night to the next Discotheque is a car, a group of young men and women want to keep spirits high during the journey. They thus sing exuberantly, laugh, and turn up the volume on the car radio. How should the driver of the car react in such a situation? I thought this one was funny so I wrote it down. That's one of the easier questions. 
   So recently we've noticed we've been leaving our house on time to get somewhere and then as we're on our way we always have like 5 minutes to get there. Yesterday we figured out the Phenomenon. It's called: the clock on our wall was 25 minutes slow! Our job for today is to get a new clock because the one on our wall keeps getting slower and slower even though we reset it. 
  Love you bunches!
-Ariel Nell

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