Monday, June 18, 2012

We got a house!!!

Excerpt from Ariel's email to Andre

Your house looks so pretty! And big! How many bedrooms, bath, etc?? Are you pooped from moving? Way to go Ellen for fixing up the cabinets! That sounds like way too much work!! Sorry I wasn't there to help.Do you guys have a basement? You and Jeff are like two kids at school eating your lunches together. Too cute! Poor Darcy!!!! Awww that sounds horrible! You're too good to him.
Thats cool that President Sullivan served his mission in Brazil! Did you speak portugese with him?
Weather is starting to warm up but its not going to get any better than it already has been since its pratically july. Wearing boots and tights in june is disconcerting. I've resigned myself to the idea I won't be warm until I come home. We had a really great week. Right now Sister Openshaw and I are in the midst of putting together Tauf calendars or baptismal packets that people do something each day to help them prepare and be focused on their baptism. We have three set for baptism, two in august, one in september. We are also preparing our ward for a temple trip that is set for July 28th. We are so excited and so is everyone else! Its so neat to see how prepared everyone is to go. Our district leader told us last night that in a ward that he served in they planned a temple trip and then held a testimony meeting afterwards. At that meeting the stake president came to shut down the branch since it was so little. When he got up to talk he said there was no way he could shut down a branch with the testimony they all had of temple work. I know that by getting everyone to the temple we can really help them strenghten their testimony of this gospel. 
 I gave a talk in church yesterday and ended up telling everyone to be addicted to drugs instead of being willing to be chastised. Oops. We were dooring a building this week and saw a lady lean out her window and dust her socks with a paint brush kind of like they did in the old days with rugs and a whip thingy but it was her sock. It was funny.
  We had a really great lesson with Herr XXXX. He is an investigator who is not all there. Its been difficult to know what or how to teach him. Last week we left him 7 chapters to read and we came back this week and he had read them all, understood them, and had lots of questions. It was really cool!

Anyways, Have a great week! I love you both and enjoy moving in more. Keep taking pictures please!
-Ariel Nell

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